Versatile Mage

Chapter 1887 - Butchering the Commander-level Creature

Chapter 1887: Butchering the Commander-level Creature

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

The Scarlet Rending Demon was an agility-type creature, moving like a red dagger traveling atop the ocean. It would bring death upon creatures with an eerie blur before they realized what was happening. The Scarlet Rending Demon was fully displaying its cruelty and speed!

The Scarlet Rending Demon uttered a merciless cry as it moved in a deadly red flash. It left a trail of afterimages behind it, together with a fishy stench, intended to confuse its target, as if danger might come at the same time from several directions.

Mo Fan felt like he was being targeted by a strange power. He was surprised, as the Scarlet Rending Demon was stronger than he had thought. He knew he would struggle to get his Advanced Spells off after seeing how fast the creature’s attacks were!

Luckily, Mo Fan had come prepared. His Space Element was readily available. He knew he could not dodge the attack with his Shadow Element, nor could he strike first to secure the advantage. His Stars constructed a glowing silver trail, which swiftly combined into a complete Star Constellation. He vanished into thin air just as the creature was about to land its blow.

The Scarlet Rending Demon swept past like an evil red star. Its deadly bone dagger could not wait to taste the blood that was going to squirt out of the human’s body. However, it tasted nothing, apart from the whistling air disturbed by the powerful stab!

The Scarlet Rending Demon stopped at Mo Fan’s previous location. It turned around and tried to locate Mo Fan with its sense of smell.

The presence of the Space Element was extremely faint, like a little raindrop in the reservoir. Mo Fan’s Blink was constantly improving. A Commander-level creature would need to be extremely sensitive toward energy ripples to sense it. Otherwise, it would have no chance of predicting where Mo Fan was going to show up.

The Scarlet Rending Demon obviously was not capable of detecting Mo Fan’s whereabouts. He showed up in the Scarlet Rending Demon’s blind spot so the creature could not see him right away.


Mo Fan suddenly raised his hands. A cloudy energy in the shape of a snake rose like a mist between his hands.

Mo Fan was using the Chaos Element. As a matter of fact, he already established an energy field at his previous location to reverse the forces within it prior to using Blink.

The Scarlet Rending Demon was still looking for Mo Fan when the energy of the Chaos Element emerged under its feet. An irresistible force sent the Scarlet Rending Demon falling up into the air.

The force was different from a simple impact being applied onto an object. Mo Fan had reversed the gravity within the energy field, instead of applying a force to the creature. The Scarlet Rending Demon tried to jump to the side when it realized something was not right, yet it found itself falling upward endlessly as soon as the energy field was activated. It could only struggle to break free from the energy field!

The Scarlet Rending Demon fell into the sky, together with the raindrops that were initially falling to the ground. The Chaos Element had sent them back to the clouds.

“Lightning Grip!”

Dense lightning interwove below the clouds rapidly, like a cat’s cradle of strings, even as the Scarlet Rending Demon was approaching them. They eventually combined into a demonic claw made up of thousands of lightning arcs!

Unlike the Sky Lightning Claw that usually tore an enemy into pieces, the demonic claw grabbed the Scarlet Rending Demon tightly instead. The creature was fully bound between the rapid flashes of lightning, and the lightning arcs continuously dug into its skin and tortured it with tremendous pain.

Apart from the torture, the real threat to the Scarlet Rending Demon was the crushing force from the grip that was gradually tightening around it. The Commander-level creature was like a tiny lizard to the powerful spell. It had no chance of breaking free!

The Lightning Grip crushed the bones of the Scarlet Rending Demon in mid-air. The eerie cracks from its bones echoed throughout the reservoir. The brilliant flashes of the lightning shone upon the astounded faces of the Intermediate Mages who were looking up into the sky.

The flank attack from over a dozen of them was less effective than a single one of his lightning spells. The Scarlet Rending Demon was soon squashed into a messy pile before falling from the sky.

The scorched Scarlet Rending Demon no longer had a menacing appearance. It had turned into a burned corpse with all its bones broken instead. Meanwhile, the person who was strong enough to kill it seemed younger than most of the Mages at the scene!

Senior Brother Zhang grabbed the railing on the balcony, as if he was the one who had been struck by lightning instead of the Scarlet Rending Demon. He immediately recalled what the young man had told him not long ago.

“Did…did he really kill the Scarlet Rending Demon?” The man was dumbfounded.

It was already difficult for the man to believe Mo Fan was able to defeat the Scarlet Rending Demon. To his surprise, Mo Fan had killed the Scarlet Rending Demon with sadistic ease!

Shen Qing was also struggling to collect her thoughts.

How was the young man so ridiculously strong? Was he actually telling the truth, and he was actually holding back?

Mo Fan walked up to the Scarlet Rending Demon’s corpse while the Intermediate Mages were staring at him like he was the monster. He did a quick check on the corpse before giving it a kick.

“Your friend gave me a Commander-level Soul Essence, yet you gave me nothing even though you’re older!” Mo Fan snarled.

The burned corpse obviously did not have anything valuable. Mo Fan did not bother wasting his time on it.

“Se…senior, is it really dead?” a Donghai Mage around the age of forty asked as he came over in disbelief.

“I think I might have overdone it. I might have been able to find rare bones from its remains, but I think I’ve destroyed them too,” Mo Fan lamented.

Mo Fan did see a rare bone on the creature. It was the spike-bone on the creature’s forehead, the same bone it was using to execute its deadly stab!

“It still has its value. If senior doesn’t want to dirty your hands, I’ll secure it for you,” the Donghai Mage proposed swiftly.

“Keep it for yourself, I’m not interested in it at all,” Mo Fan sighed.

“Thank you, senior.”

Two other Donghai Mages were standing to the side. They felt a little embarrassed to be calling a young man who was only in his twenties Senior when they were almost in their fifties, yet they began to regret it when the Scarlet Rending Demon’s remains were given to the guy named Zhang Xin.

The rare bones had broken into pieces, but with enough patience and skill, they could still reassemble the pieces and use them as a material to craft Magic Equipment. The rare bones of an adult Scarlet Rending Demon were being sold at a high price in the market. It was actually worth risking their lives to fight this sea monster!

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