The Villain’s Face Slapping Counterattack

Chapter 7.2

Chapter 7.2

Face Slapping the Film Emperor and Empress (Entertainment Circle)

There was another reception at the end of the ceremony, which was a cocktail party only open to relevant personnel, but neither Zhou Xu nor Han Zikui participated. The two left in the same car. When the car reached a certain location, they got off and got into Han Zikui’s car.

While driving, Han Zikui jokingly asked, “Am I a good tool?”

Zhou Xu was not surprised, because he was using Han Zikui to achieve his goals. For example, at the award ceremony, he glared at Han Zikui, which he only did when the camera was filming him.

“Then you will let me use you?” Zhou Xu replied in the same teasing tone.

The two have known each other for more than a year. Although they had little contact and only occasionally went out for a meal, Zhou Xu knew how smart Han Zikui was, so he didn’t bother acting in front of Han Zikui.

At the ceremony, when the camera swept over, he intentionally said something in Zhou Xu’s ear. Zhou Xu naturally took advantage of this opportunity to express himself.

“Haha, yes, I would be willing.”

“Don’t worry, I’d love to.” Zhou Xu looked at Han Zikui who was driving, and repeated word by word, “I! Would! Love! To! This is my answer to your remark.”

Han Zikui’s Adam’s apple bobbed slightly and he suddenly jerked the steering wheel. The car pulled up to the side of the road, the sound of the brakes being slammed abruptly irritating Zhou Xu’s ears.

“Why, was it too much to bear?”

Han Zikui stared at Zhou Xu with burning eyes. With a low voice. he answered, “Yes.”

Zhou Xu’s lips were immediately occupied by Han Zikui’s. For the first time, Zhou Xu felt a lot of pleasure as Han Zikui’s tongue ravaged his mouth, and Zhou Xu was willing to admit defeat in this battle.

After he gave in, Zhou Xu gasped and said, “Good technique. Did you practice it?”

Han Zikui laughed, sat up straight, and then the car went on the road again.

Zhou Xu subconsciously touched his lower lip. A moment ago, Han Zikui’s passionate frenzy had made Zhou Xu infatuated.

“I’ve been waiting for our first kiss. Do you want to do some more?” Han Zikui abruptly said.

Zhou Xu laughed. “Yes.”

Han Zikui turned his head and he saw a young boy in the passenger’s seat laughing, with no hint of arrogance, scheming, or acting.

Han Zikui eventually sent Zhou Xu home. It wasn’t because the two didn’t want to stay together, but it was just that today was not a good day. Zhou Xu still had one more thing left to do.

The night breeze was cool. Zhou Xu, dressed in formal attire, said goodbye to Han Zikui. The wind ruffled the silver sequins on his collar, which faintly glimmered in the night. However, Han Zikui felt that nothing could have been more brilliant than Zhou Xu’s dazzling smile.

As Zho Xu pushed open the door to his home, the lights on both sides of the garden lit up at once. A soft sound of admiration escaped from Zhou Xu as he walked along the lights.

His garden was not very big. It was only 20 meters away from the villa. Zhou Xu had only taken three steps when he heard soothing music being played. This was his brother Zhou Yang’s piece. Zhou Xu recognized it because the player missed the note in the first measure, which was a mistake that Zhou Yang always makes when he plays this song.

Zhou Xu took a few more steps. The villa lit up, the glow from the lights outlining the building.

As Zhou Xu moved forward, a row of bright words appeared on the villa: You are our pride.

Zhou Xu finally reached the door to his house. The gardener and several aunties bowed respectfully and said, “Welcome home, Master Zhou.”

Dumbfounded, Zhou Xu said to them, “When did you start to call me Master Zhou and bow? Are you stupid? Why don’t you go to bed?”

Several servants looked at Zhou Xu with a smile and wanted to go and rub his head, but they didn’t dare.

In the living room, Zhou Guo and Zhou Qiang stood in front of the sofa in formal attire. When Zhou Xu came in, they both extended their arms. Zhou Guo said, “Xiaoxu, congratulations.”

Zhou Qiang also said, “Xiaoxu, you should act. Dad will definitely support you.”

Zhou Xu was stunned and his eyes were red in an instant. When Zhou Qiang saw his son like this, he felt guilty for a moment. He was really stupid. As long as his son was happy, he could do anything he wanted.

However Zhou Xu didn’t move or come forward. He didn’t say anything for a long time. In the silence, Zhou Guo and Zhou Qiang panicked, and Zhou Yang’s piano stopped.

The living room was so quiet that you could hear a needle drop.

Zhou Xu sobbed, and his sobs gradually turned into loud crying The other three people in the family were panicking. One by one, they embraced, comforted and reassured Zhou Xu.

As a result, Zhou Xu unexpectedly cried even more, sounding broken-hearted. When they weren’t paying close attention, Zhou Xu suddenly kneeled down, and he even slammed his head to the ground with a “bang!”. This frightened them, because Zhou Xu’s forehead reddened, and he looked like he was slightly bleeding.

“Xiaoxu, what’s the matter?” Zhou Guo asked worriedly.

“Grandpa, Dad, Brother, I have something to say to you. I hope you won’t abandon me when you hear it, but I am very afraid, because it’s a serious matter. I’m afraid you may even deny me because of it.” Zhou Xu tried very hard to suppress his crying. He said it so seriously and sincerely that they wondered where Zhou Xu with the bad temper went. In his place was the Zhou Xu who was afraid.

They were worried about the child, but they didn’t know that, in fact, Zhou Xu’s heart, at the moment, was yelling. Knocking his head was really painful!

“Xiaoxu, you get up quickly, then come and sit down,” Zhou Guo had Zhou Xu stand up and sit next to him. He took Zhou Xu’s hand and said, “Why would we deny and abandon you? You can tell me. Whatever it is, Grandpa will support you. Don’t worry, if your father dares to do anything, I won’t recognize him.”

Zhou Xu was still in tears and he didn’t have much faith, but some hope returned to him and he said, “Really Grandpa? You promise me that no matter what, you’ll still like me? I’m really scared, but Grandpa, I tried to change, but I couldn’t change anything. For so many years, I’ve been afraid that you will find out. And when I think about that, I’m afraid you’ll leave me.”

Zhou Guo embraced his grandson and raised his hands to pledge to the heavens. Zhou Xu then threw the boulder into the calm lake. He did not know whether the stone would cause ripples in the lake or set off huge waves.

“Grandpa, I, I’m gay, I don’t like women.”



Dark pupils stared nervously at Zhou Guo, waiting for the verdict. Zhou Xu silently shed tears which dripped down his face, but he didn’t dare to make a sound. He just kept watching until Zhou Guo finally sighed.

“Well, Xiaoxu, you really can’t change it?”


Then Zhou Yang whispered, “Grandpa, my brother is not sick. I’ll show you some information tomorrow. Anyway, whether Xiaoxu is straight or gay, he is still Xiaoxu. If you don’t want him, you don’t want me.”

Zhou Qiang pulled Zhou Yang aside, then wiped Zhou Xu’s tears and looked at him gently. “Xiaoxu, have you been afraid for so many years?” There’s nothing to be afraid of. How can Dad not want you? And Dad knows what homosexuality is. It’s OK. You can find a companion and adopt a child.”

“Go away, it’s time to show off. Xiaoxu, come here, Grandpa has a gift for you. Congratulations on your award.”

“Dad also has one, Dad has a gift for Xiaoxu.”

“Haha, Older Brother has prepared one too, but I don’t know if you will like it or not.”

Zhou Xu trembled and asked, “I’m gay. Are you really not going to scold me and drive me away?”

With that, Zhou Xu’s tears fell again.

Holding his little grandson in his arms, Zhou Guo said, “No, no, of course not. If they dare to bother you, you should look for me. Come see my gift, here!”

Then Zhou Xu’s hands were stuffed with something. He looked down and saw that it was a car key.

“A new SUV, I know you’ll like it.”

“Thank you, Grandpa. I like it so much.” At last, he stopped crying and smiled. Zhou Xu couldn’t help hugging his grandfather. “Grandpa, I’m so happy I can have you as my grandfather in this life.”

“Come to Dad now.” After that, Zhou Xu received another key, but this time it was the key to the house.

Zhou Xu was stunned. “Dad, are you going to drive me out?”

“No no that’s not it. It was bought long ago, originally for your marriage, but even if the other person is a man, it doesn’t matter. But you can’t move in before marriage, I still want you to stay with me for two more years.”

With a big smile, Zhou Xu finally laughed, the sound bright and clear. He was no longer worried and afraid. It was if the lost child finally met the waiting family, and his smile warmed the hearts of his family.

“Come here and see what Brother has.”

Opening the exquisite box, Zhou Xu found that inside was a watch. The dial was simple and stylish. The art style was dignified and subtle and the strap was made of comfortable cowhide. The only part of the watch that was extravagant was the bright diamond inside the dial.

“Well, do you like it? Brother spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy it for you. I’m going to eat dirt for the next month.”

“It’s so-so.”

Zhou Xu complained, but he wore it immediately, which made Zhou Yang happy. He turned to his grandfather and father and said, “Xiaoxu likes my gifts best. Ha ha ha ha…”

The noisy day finally ended, and the night was quiet. The family finally went to sleep in their separate beds.

Zhou Xu also returned to his room. The moment the door closed, his face instantly became expressionless. He had been pretending for an entire day, which was really tiring. Taking a deep breath, he thought that fortunately, his efforts had not been in vain. And now, the family was in harmony, and he had not let the original owner down with his use of the body.

The atmosphere felt comfortable, and Zhou Xu was satisfied. He was lying in bed, thinking that it was a great feeling being in control of his life. Suddenly, he was hit with the urge to share his good mood with someone.

When Han Zikui picked up the incoming call to his phone, he was surprised to see it was Zhou Xu. This was because he had known Zhou Xu for more than a year, and Zhou Xu had never once took the initiative.

“Han Zikui, do you dare to come out with me front of the camera?”

“Dare,” Han Zikui said with a faint smile, “but not now.”


“Because once you are strong enough, why would you accept criticism?”

Zhou Xu thought for a moment, then laughed and said lazily, “What are you doing now?”

“Getting ready to sleep.”

“D you know what I’m doing?”


“I’m thinking about you, to comfort myself.”

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