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The Villain’s Face Slapping Counterattack

Chapter 7.1

Chapter 7.1

Face Slapping the Film Emperor and Empress (Entertainment Circle)

Sun Yue did not go together with Zhang Hanshu. She was invited because of another movie, but that table was right next to Zhou Xu’s. The two groups greeted each other politely. Song Hui, the current film emperor was among Sun Yue’s group.

Song Hui shook hands with Zhang Hanshu, but when he got to Zhou Xu, he held his hands while smiling, and Song Hui didn’t let go. The result was Han Zikui quietly pulling them apart.

Song Hui smiled slightly and said to Han Zikui, “Why, Han Dao? Do you not allow other people to make normal friends?”

“Yes, but you’re not normal. Excluded.”

Zhou Xu didn’t bother looking at Song Hui and said, “Just now, were you trying to take advantage of me?”

Song Hui was once again stunned, but then he laughed out loud. He didn’t expect Zhou Xu would dare to say something like that on such occasion, but he didn’t deny it. He nodded and said, “Yes, because I like you very much.”

“Then you can just like it.” After that, Zhou Xu turned around and ignored Song Hui, who was sitting at the table next to him.

Song Hui was stunned again. The young man meant if he likes it, he just likes it. It was none of his business anyways.

“Hahaha, Han Dao, the person you brought out is really interesting.”

Han Zikui ignored Song Hui and turned back around. Song Hui was speechless, but with so many cameras taking pictures, he couldn’t lose his temper, so he could only helplessly sit down and chat with Sun Yue.

Zhang Hanshu saw the three’s performance, and his jealousy flared up again. The scriptwriter was like this, the lighting was like this, the actress was like this, the assistant director was like this, and the director was same. Now, even the film emperor, who they had met for the first time, was also like this. They all only had Zhou Xu in their eyes. What’s the difference between them? Why did they all regard him like air?

He clenched his fists until his knuckles whitened, and he harshly bit his lower lip. A crazy thought in his head grew, rising and spreading quickly, concealing the original bright world of Zhang Hanshu into an ominous cage, which was narrow and cramped, and was covered with the smell of decay.

Walking on the red carpet, for women, was basically a fight to be the most eye-catching. They dared to do anything to be in the limelight, including wearing see-through clothing, doing work to appear “genuine”, and pretending to fall. For the most part, the men took a look and move on. After all, this was a film festival. True winners did not think such tricks were worth doing, like Sun Yue.

Most of the awards had been given. Zhou Xu and the cast won Best Script, Best Sound Effects, and the Best Director awards.

It was almost the end of the film festival, and now it was time for the Best Newcomer award.

The award-giving guest was an old actor and former king of film Zhao Zhen.

Zhao Zhen’s three-piece suit complimented him, making his slightly crooked body seem much more taller. He was a famous old fox in the circle, but his acting skills were really good. The reason why he was called an old fox was actually because he was wily and sly.

“The winner of this year’s Jinmei Award for the Best Newcomer is…oh.” Zhao Zhen opened the envelope and saw the name and was a little surprised, which caught everyone’s attention. “This year’s Best Newcomer is really interesting. There are actually two. Do you want to guess who of the six people nominated?”

The host next to him laughed and asked, “Mr. Zhao, if I guess right, will there be a prize?”

Zhao Zhen laughed with a smile. “How about I give you a hug?”

“It’s better to give me your autograph. Maybe I can sell it for a lot of money.”

The camera captured the entire audience laughing, and also focused on some of the newcomers. Zhang Hanshu sat nervously, looking a little expectant but not too much. But when the camera swept to Zhou Xu, he unexpectedly looked down at Han Zikui, with an unwilling look on his face.

The camera quickly cut to something else. After all, the ceremony was broadcast live, and it wouldn’t be good to show that kind of expression.

The camera returned to the stage and after building enough anticipation, Zhao Zhen decided it was time to give the award. He opened the envelope again, took a look at it, then he leaned over to the microphone and announced, “The winners of this year’s Jinmei Award for Best Newcomer are…Zhang Hanshu and Zhou Xu!”

There was a loud applause as Han Zikui stood up and embraced Zhou Xu. Zhang Hanshu was waiting for Han Zikui to embrace him, but Han Zikui did not let go of Zhou Xu for a long time.

Zhang Hanshu could only look a little embarrassed, but the two actresses beside him, as well as the assistant director and the musician at the table behind him, gave him face by hugging him.

Zhou Xu pushed Han Zikui away, glared at him, then went to the podium. Because he was the winner, the camera naturally focused on him.

In fact, Han Zikui did not expect that the this year’s Best Newcomer award would be given to two people. It was fine either way, since he was able to benefit from it.

Zhou Xu and Zhang Hanshu stood at the left and the right of the stage. The host asked Zhao Zhen, “Mr. Zhao, have you seen the movies of these two people?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I’ve seen Han Dao’s film?”

“Whose performance do you prefer?”

That was a loaded question. The host was good, and he shot Zhao Zhen a sly look.

Seeing his look, Zhao Zhen couldn’t do anything but raise his hands and say, “Host, do you want to make me hate you?”

The host and everyone in the audience laughed, but they also waited for Zhao Zhen’s answer. As a result, Zhao Zhen, an sly fox famous for his tact, actually answered directly. “I like Zhou Xu’s.”

At this, even the host felt embarrassed, so how would Zhang Hanshu feel? He coughed a little and wanted to change the topic. Zhao Zhen said, “I like Zhang Hanshu’s too.”

The host secretly wiped away the non-existent cold sweat in his heart, then laughed and said, “Mr. Zhao, do you not breathe when you speak? Ah, I don’t know how to respond.”

There was another laugh from the audience, but Zhang Hanshu blushed with shame because he felt that Zhao Zhen really wanted to say just the first half of the sentence, and he wasn’t honest about the second half of the sentence.

They said their acceptance speeches. Zhang Hanshu spoke in a polite manner. Zhou Xu also talked with a mild manner, but he didn’t smile or show any excitement throughout the entire process.

After this award, there were only two awards left, which were the Best Supporting Actor and the Best Leading Actor.

Best Supporting Actress was won by an actress playing a supporting role in a literary film, and then the award for Best Supporting Actor followed. The screen displayed the list of nominees for Best Supporting Actor. Each of them had several scenes showed from their respective scenes, while the camera simultaneously recorded live footage of the four candidates.

The other three nominees were smiling when they saw the camera, while Zhou Xu continued to look proud. When the camera turned to them, Han Zikui said something in his ear. As a result, Zhou Xu blushed and looked a little shy. He even lowered his head to hide his face.

This scene was broadcast live and showed things as they really were, so the group of people who originally said that Zhou Xu was impolite instantly changed their opinion. His shy look made people think that he was actually a simple and proud little boy.

The award-giver was an actress in her sixties. She said a funny joke, and then she announced, “The winner of the Jinmei Award for Best Supporting Actor is…Zhou Xu! Congratulations, Zhou Xu.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Han Zikui rushed to hug Zhou Xu again, and the cast behind him followed his lead. The two actresses were waiting to hug Zhou Xu. But Han Zikui did not let go, it was really annoying.

Because the rest of the cast was excited, Zhang Hanshu had to stand up and look happy for Zhou Xu. But he was merely pretending to be happy using his acting skills, and so his expression felt a little superficial.

Zhou Xu was embraced by the entire cast before he could go on stage. Before going, he mumbled to the cast, “You are really annoying.” As a result, before Zhou Xu went on stage, the assistant director rubbed his head.

Zhou Xu hastily fixed his ruffled hair. He then took the trophy and was prepared to say his acceptance speech. As he was about to speak, the screen behind him began to play a recording.

In the video, Zhou Xu was shown in progress of finishing a scene. But when he was not acting on set, his chin was constantly raised all day, seemingly looking down on people, and he didn’t look at people properly. But after that footage, a female voice sounded.

“You all think Zhou Xu has a bad temper, don’t you? In fact, he’s not only bad-tempered, but also a little silly. What you don’t know, however, is that when we are half-dead, he will buy coffee for each of us.”

On the big screen, people were swaying side to side, clearly tired, while Zhou Xu quietly put a cup of coffee beside them. The shot was very blurry and it was obvious that it was taken in secret.

The actress who came up to the stage said, “When we stayed up late, Zhou Xu would secretly buy us a midnight snack, but when asked who bought it, he always glared at us and left. In other words, Zhou Xu, do you use “stare” to communicate with others?

After speaking, she received a contemptuous look from Zhou Xu.

Everyone was smiling and laughing, and even the audience watching in front of the TV couldn’t help but raise the corners of their mouths.

“Once, there was an accident at the studio makeup artist’s house. As a result, Zhou Xu helped them find a hospital the next day. He even contacted a doctor, and so the makeup artist’s father’s life was saved.”

On the big screen was the makeup artist and her father in the hospital. They said thank you and hoped that he would win the prize.

“Also, I would like to say that despite his prickly bad temper, this foolishly cute person’s acting skills are really great. After his last scene, I was very scared for several days, afraid that if he was in a bad mood, he would kill me if I was careless.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha…” Laughter broke out again.

“Finally, I want to say, Zhou Xiaoxu, we love you so much.” The actress gave Zhou Xu a hug and was pushed aside by Zhou Xu. But the actress put her hand on his head and ruffled his handsome hairstyle into a mess Zhou Xu was stunned, but then he glared at her. The actress ran off the stage under his glare. After escaping, she formed a heart with her hands and gestured to Zhou Xu.

This time, the host was not afraid of him. Zhou Xu looked angry and anxious. But instead of fearing him, the host was happy because Zhou Xu’s true nature had been exposed.

The award-presenting guest asked Zhou Xu to say a few words. Zhou Xu thought for a moment and said, “I am very lucky.”

After that, he took a deep bow. The audience waited until he straightened his body and bursting into a loud applause.

After the applause died down, Zhou Xu and the award-presenting guest stepped down together. However, Zhou Xu went back on stage after two steps. The host looked at him, and Zhou Xu said to the host with a tinge of embarrassment, “Can I say another word?”

How could the host refuse, this was being broadcast live after all. “Of course.”

Zhou Xu went to the microphone again and said, “Grandpa, Dad, Brother, I love you. Let me act, I really like it.”

The audience was quiet for a moment, and after a few seconds, there was another round of applause. Zhou Xu blushed and returned to his seat.

Then there was the competition for Best Actress and Best Actor. This was the most important moment of the awards ceremony. And because of that, Zhou Xu knew that the camera would not pay too much attention to him.

When people weren’t looking, Zhou Xu’s lips curled up into a sneer. He knew how many fans he would gain, and his family would become more supportive of him. Now it was time to take the next step.

As for Han Zikui, he watched Zhou Xu with amusement, and he did not miss Zhou Xu’s evil expression. But he liked Zhou Xu and Zhou Xu liked him, and Zhou Xu would be his boyfriend after today, and so Han Zikui was feeling good.

Like Han Zikui predicted, this year’s Best Actress was Sun Yue, and Best Actor was Song Hui, who had already taken the title of film emperor And so, the Jinmei Award Ceremony ended on a good note.

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