The Villain’s Face Slapping Counterattack

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Face Slapping the King and Queen of Film (Entertainment Circle)

As he slowly turned around, Zhou Xu’s smile on his face finally disappeared. He looked deeply at Zhang Hanshu and fell down.



“Clap clap clap clap…” At the sound of the applause, Zhou Xu stood up and looked extremely bothered. He said, “What is this applause, I am the one who had the killing, not the cast and crew.”

The assistant director gave Zhou Xu a bear hug and then rubbed his hair into a mess. “Baby, you played so well, come, give me a kiss.”

Zhou Xu, in disgust, pushed the assistant director’s face away, and then everyone else came up. Some touched his face, some hugged him, and then everyone was excited. Zhou Xu’s entire body was lifted up, and together they all threw him several times in the air before putting him down.

Han Zikui coughed aloud and said, “That’s enough. There are still three scenes of Zhang Hanshu’s that hasn’t been filmed yet. Don’t make any noise.”

Everyone put Zhou Xu down. Not far away, Zhang Hanshu tightened his hands into his fists, clenched his teeth, and blue veins were prominent on his neck. He was clearly the protagonist, but everyone was looking at Zhou Xu. He had such a bad temper and he was obviously a rich second generation, so why?

Zhou Xu went to a place where no one could see him and then the corners of his mouth hooked up. Everything was under his control, and the feeling was wonderful.

He had experienced more than a hundred worlds, and his acting skills could be described as perfect and top-notch. In addition, he had not forgotten at all the memory of more than a hundred worlds, especially his painful deaths, which were etched into his memory.

A few days later, Zhou Xu came to do three or four close-ups, and then the film was officially finished.

Before the banquet began, Zhou Xu was asked to say a few words. He stood up impatiently, raised his glass and said, “Eat and drink fast, then go home and rest.”

After he finished, he sat down, and the crowd burst into laughter. After the laughter died down, the assistant director couldn’t help touching Zhou Xu’s head. The crew was really tired during these few months. Sometimes they could only sleep for three or four hours a day. Zhou Xu’s concern, they already understood, they just have to bend backwards to understand.

The assistant director’s hand had not even touched Zhou Xu’s head yet before he was knocked away by Han Zikui with a “pa!” “Don’t touch him with your hands.”

After that, Han Zikui rubbed his own palm on Zhou Xu’s head and was met with Zhou Xu’s “pa!” “Your words also applies to you.”

Later, Han Zikui let Zhang Hanshu say a few words. Zhang Hanshu cried excitedly and talked sensationally. Thank you, I’m touched, very grateful. Several young girls were moved, but most of the older men were secretly thinking that he should finish speaking quickly before they starved to death.

When Han Zikui went up to speak, he picked up his glass and drank it. He said casually, “Eat and drink fast, then go home and rest.”

The banquet hall was filled with laughter again, and after that, the film’s post-production and publicity period began. During this period, Zhang Hanshu’s reputation continued to rise, and Sun Yu used Han Zikui’s reputation to increase Zhang Hanshu’s reputation. Although the practice was disgusting, Han Zikui didn’t say anything.

Zhou Xu quietly followed Han Zikui’s lead. Nothing else was done. There was an entertainment program that wanted to invite him to be a guest, but he refused. Anyway, he had no shortage of money. Han Zikui’s money was enough for him to use for a while.

The film was released on New Year’s Day. Before the release, the original cast joined a big variety show, which took place on Saturday night and was the highest-rated program. It would greatly promote the film, so Han Zikui participated with the male and female protagonists and Zhou Xu.

During this time, Zhang Hanshu was already the most anticipated newcomer, so the opening program was Zhang Hanshu leading a dance troupe to dance, When he came on stage, the audience shrieked.

After the opening dance, the third host began to introduce everybody one by one. But when Zhou Xu was introduced, he paused for a moment. Following the script, Zhou Xu smiled and said, “Hello everyone, I am Zhou Xu. I play Dr. Su in this movie. I am abnormal.”

At the end of his last sentence, both the host and the hostess laughed, and the audience laughed. Zhou Xu helplessly explained, “I meant that Dr. Su in the play is abnormal, I am not abnormal.”

He was so anxious to explain that everyone laughed more cheerfully. He looked helplessly at Han Zikui who raised his hands and said that he could do nothing. Finally, Zhou Xu could only bow his head and look depressed.

It was that small piece of content that was spread crazily on the Internet that day, because Zhou Xu’s manner was too funny. He was undoubtedly good looking, but he was actually a little foolish. This type of meng caused him to gain more than 100,000 fans overnight after the program aired, which was unexpected.

Zhou Xu himself predicted that outcome. Hee was trying to create an image of being a bit foolish, but when he was acting, he was an entirely different person. That kind of shock would allow him to compete and have an impact on awards with his convincing acting.

On New Year’s Day, Zhou Xu was sleeping at home, and when he got up, he received a phone call from Han Zikui. “Let’s go to the movies together?”

“Are you going to give me a good luck gift?”

“I will cook for you. It’s spicy. “

“I suppose I’ll go.”

During the filming period, both of them were busy, so even though they met every day for nearly half a year, they had never been alone together at all. Now that the film was going to be released, naturally, some factors in the body began to stir. The feelings that have been suppressed for a long time could finally be released. Zhou Xu examined himself in front of the mirror. He was as pretty as a picture and his skin was like jade. As long as he continued to maintain his proud personality, everything would be perfect.

Han Zikui’s car had long been parked outside of Zhou Xu’s house. Han Zikui leaned against his car, and he could see a figure in a room on the second floor.

Zhou Xu stood up. He changed his clothes, tidied up his hair, and then he looked out the window.

Han Zikui waved his hand and mouthed a word. “Hi.”

The cinema was overcrowded, especially for the film directed by Han Zikui, which was hard to get a ticket to.

At such an important time, other directors or crews would be anxiously waiting for the box office on the first day of release, but Han Zikui never worried about it, because all his films never failed to sell tickets, and so earning hundreds of millions of dollars was no problem. His own position was the boss of Huaxia Entertainment, so he was open-minded about money.

They went to into a private room showing the film, which Han Zikui had already seen. So, while Zhou Xu looked at the screen, and Han Zikui was watching Zhou Xu.

Zhou Xu did feel Han Zikui’s eyes on him, but his attention was caught by the film, and he even forgot that he was one of the actors. This was because the plot design was very exciting, detailed, and full of suspense. Even though Zhou Xu knew the script, he was afraid to not pay attention or otherwise, he would miss the important clues.

Zhou Xu finally returned to his senses when the movie ended. He turned around and found Han Zikui close to him. The two moved towards each other, and like that, they kissed.

The lights came on and Han Zikui smiled, “I did that on purpose.”

“I know.” Zhou Xu responded with a smile. That smile was so beautiful and could make the ice and snow in winter melt.

Han Zikui took a breath and felt his heart was about to jump out. He could clearly feel a fire in his body and it wanted to rush out.

Neither of them got up. Han Zikui leaned close to Zhou Xu and said to his ear, “The Jinmei Award for Best Supporting Actor and Best Newcomer, they are yours.”

Zhou Xu leaned back and Han Zikui took this opportunity to lean onto his body. Zhou Xu did not push him away but in this position, he asked, “Did you enter my name?”


“What about Zhang Hanshu?”

“Reportedly, Best Newcomer and Best Actor. But there is Song Hui this year. Zhang Hanshu won’t get the title of film emperor, but he should be nominated.”

Zhou Xu smiled indifferently. “Are you so sure?”

Han Zikui stood up and held out his hand to Zhou Xu, who was lying down. “Of course. Let’s make a bet. If I guess right, how about you become my boyfriend?”

Zhou Xu took Han Zikui’s hand and stood up. He raised his chin and answered, “OK.”

In fact, Zhou Xu knew that the film would sell well, but what he didn’t expect was that after he played the villain and Zhang Hanshu played the protagonist, the box office on the first day was unexpectedly one third more than the original world. The original world’s first day was 1.2 billion in the box office, and in the current world, the box office had reached more than 1.6 billion on the first day.

Zhang Hanshu and Zhou Xu both became famous overnight. Zhang Hanshu’s Weibo fans reached tens of millions in a few days, and Zhou Xu’s fans were more than eight million.

However, the difference between the two was that most of Zhang Hanshu’s fans were young, while Zhou Xu’s fan base was relatively mature. Their acting skills had also received a lot of praise, especially Zhou Xu. His fans in the circle were several times more than Zhang Hanshu, because it only took a little bit of understanding to see that Zhou Xu’s acting skills had been honed to perfection, and Zhang Hanshu’s, although good, was not superior to Zhou Xu, as Han Zikui had previously said.

Zhang Hanshu’s overnight fame made him feel that he had won over Zhou Xu, so he was in a good mood. His relationship with Sun Yue was also exposed, and so, both of them admitted their love. This intentional publicity made Zhang Hanshu’s Weibo fans increase to 20 million in a few months.

In April, Zhou Xu and Zhang Hanshu met again at the Jinmei Award Ceremony.

Zhang Hanshu walked on the red carpet just before Zhou Xu, but when he saw that the person who came with Zhou Xu was Han Zikui, his face darkened.

Zhang Hanshu was told to attend because the film he starred in was selected. But, accompanying the director was a person who only played a supporting role. One can imagine the importance of that person in the director’s mind.

Because they were the same group, the three were assigned to the same table. On the surface, they were naturally harmonious and happy. But underneath Zhou Xu knew that Zhang Hanshu must be feeling uncomfortable.

There were actually two female leads at their table, but because the film was mainly a male drama, they practically faded into the background.

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