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The Villain’s Face Slapping Counterattack

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Face Slapping the Film Emperor and Empress (Entertainment Circle

“Great.” Han Zikui replied, clapping his hands twice in agreement.

The two looked at each other, the things in their eyes only understood by the other person.

Han Zikui felt that it was getting harder and harder to resist. When Zhou Xu raised his chin and narrowed his eyes, he even had the impulse to gobble him up.

The two ate in a high-end restaurant and they didn’t talk much. Fortunately, the two were like-minded. Communication between smart people was sometimes only a matter of a few words.

After dinner, Han Xikui sent Zhou Xu home. Zhou Xu didn’t say anything. In any case, Yuan Wu hadn’t come to accompany him today, so he felt happy and at ease.

Sitting relaxed in the passenger’s seat, Zhou Xu watched the lights rapidly disappearing behind the car. He asked, “Are you in a hurry?”

Han Zikui managed to respond, unable to resist the burst of joy in his heart. “No hurry.”

“Then drive slowly.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Han Zikui slowed down. He really was not in a hurry, but he was just used to driving fast. Since Zhou Xu was willing to stay with him for a while, that was all he could wish for.

The night air was very fresh. The slightly dim street lights and the stars in the sky joined together with the crescent moon to emit a yellow light, illuminating the dark night. The atmosphere was good, and ambiguity spread in the car.

“Shall we do this again next time?” Han Zikui parked his car in front of Zhou Xu’s house.

“If you invite me and it happens to be something that I want to eat, then yes.”

“Then I can only hope that next time, my taste and yours will be same like today.”

Zhou Xu smiled faintly, and the usual gorgeous face was, at the moment, bright, fresh, and as breathtaking as the crescent moon. Han Zikui stopped breathing. He felt that the was going crazy, driven mad by Zhou Xu and they’d only known each other for a few weeks.

“I like to eat spicy food.” With that, Zhou Xu turned around and opened the door to return home.

Han Zikui looked at the door that was slowly closed in front of him. He leaned against the car door, bowed his head, and chuckled.

The film began shooting three months later. During the three months, Zhang Hanshu began to get a little famous due to the leadership of his agent Sun Yu. Zhou Xu did not pay any attention to that at all, because if the force was very low in the beginning, your status might rise because of your dedication, otherwise it would be very difficult to rise unless you had been popular for 30 or 40 years. Zhou Xu’s plan was that from the beginning, he would use a lot of momentum.

In fact, momentum was very important in the entertainment circle. No matter how much money you made or how good your character was, the movie class was higher than the TV class, and the TV class was higher than the entertainer class. That was the reality.

Actually, this phenomenon was not only in China, but also in different countries. This was a common phenomenon.

It’s true that many people want to do a clean flow, but in this life, it was not enough to just drink water, and eventually these so-called “clean streams” flowed into the muddy river, and then into the ocean called “entertainment circle”.

Zhou Xu was the biggest villain in the film, so there weren’t a lot of scenes at the beginning, and he faces off with Zhang Hanshu in the last few scenes.

During the filming process, Sun Yue accompanied Zhang Hanshu almost all the time. She taught him how to move more reasonably and how to act with dignity, and she even paid attention to many small details.

At this, Han Zikui said nothing. After all, Zhang Hanshu was an artist under his company. As the director of this movie, Zhang Hanshu could be instructed by someone else, and he was happy to have the chance to take it easy.

Sun Yue did not dare to show her face in front of Han Zikui because of the last incident. Zhang Hanshu also understood his place, so he could only do his best.

Zhou Xu never gave Zhang Hanshu any face from the beginning to the end. Anyway, the original owner had this kind of character. Now the whole crew knew that he had a terrible personality. But sometimes after filming, he let his agent buy food and drinks for everyone. After several months, everyone knew that Zhou Xu, who behaved badly, was like a stone in a dunghill. In fact, his heart was very gentle.

There were even a few little girls who were bold enough to ask Zhou Xu for an autograph. In front of them, Zhou Xu had a cold face, but he still signed.

Later, Zhou Xu’s reputation of “hostile mouth, honest body” spread throughout the cast and crew. Finally, even the assistant director was not afraid to see his cold face. He even dared to rub his head and say, “Don’t do that, laugh and I’ll give you candy.”

“Go away.”

“Look at this, you’re still acting.”


“Well, don’t laugh, my little heart can’t stand it, baby, you’re very beautiful.”

“Get lost!”

Before Zhou Xu’s last scene was even filmed, he had become a treasure of the group. Although everyone liked Zhang Hanshu, he did not have Zhou Xu’s loveliness. In addition, they were newcomers. Naturally, everyone had a desire to protect them, and almost 80% of that protection was given to Zhou Xu.

Several of the more experienced actors in the cast liked Zhang Hanshu. After all, he was polite and hard-working. But after watching several of Zhou Xu’s scenes, those old actors instantly shifted their sight. Zhou Xu’s acting was really good. They themselves were not even sure that they could perform to this extent. The horrible laughter made people frightened and his cruelty and viciousness were carved into the bone instead of being superficial.

At this point, Zhou Xu had won the hearts of all the crew members, including, of course, their chief director, Han Zikui.

Zhou Xu’s last scene in the film was with Zhang Hanshu acting as the policeman. After being caught by Dr. Su, he watched him divide a corpse into many parts, and then smiled and chatted with him. During the chat, the police officer secretly broke away the rope tied to him, and finally shot Dr. Su in the head.

Thus, the murderous madman finally paid the price.

After that scene, Zhang Hanshu had a few more scenes to do. However, that scene had an effect on his character. Because he saw the whole process of Dr. Su’s autopsy with his own eyes, a huge shadow was left in his heart, and he even needed the treatment of a psychologist. Little by little, he recovered from the shock of his mental trauma and returned to being a policeman.

They started shooting the scene. Zhou Xu stood in his basement in a white coat under a dim light, as if the whole world had lost its light.

With a scalpel in hand, he walked casually to Zhang Hanshu, who was sitting against the wall. The dark space and his bright white clothes formed a strong contrast. The depressing atmosphere and the smile on Dr. Su’s face also made contrasted sharply, which made the shot very shocking.

Han Zikui quietly looked at the camera screen in front of him and slowly stood up. At the scene, all the staff members were nervous and did not dare to move or even swallow. They were afraid of interrupting the atmosphere or carelessly saying something for fear that doctor Su would kill them because they weren’t careful.

Zhang Hanshu stared at Zhou Xu with horror. He couldn’t say anything, and he even forgot his own lines. Although Zhou Xu in front of him was smiling on the surface, his inner madness had broken through everything and overflowed.

Zhou Xu crouched down in front of Zhang Hanshu and asked gently, “Police officer, are you hungry? Don’t worry, you won’t be hungry later.”

Both of them had two lines before this scene where Zhang Hanshu told Zhou Xu not to be too arrogant and said that the battle between good and evil had come to an end. Zhou Xu answered that it didn’t matter to him. There were only two lines, but since Zhang Hanshu forgot his words, and the director did not say stop at all, Zhou Xu continued to act.

Zhang Hanshu’s hands were not actually tied, just pretending to be placed behind his back. In order to ensure the scene’s consistency, the shot of Zhang Hanshu’s hands breaking free of the rope had been shot in advance.

Only then did Zhang Hanshu remember his lines. He glared at Zhou Xu. By that time, his police uniform was ruined, and he could only sit by the wall. His dry lips showed that he had been abused for several days.

In a hoarse voice, Zhang Hanshu said with righteousness, “Good will always prevail over evil, this battle has come to an end. Su Yu, did you think I didn’t leave a clue for my teammates?”

Zhou Xu stood up straight with a bigger smile and spoke in a cheerful voice, but there was a clear chill in his tone. “Oh. But ah, it doesn’t matter.”

After that, Zhou Xu turned around and drove the scalpel in his hand directly into the neck of the dummy in front of him.

Then he began skillfully cutting the corpse into pieces. Seeing this, Zhang Hanshu was shocked was almost driven insane. He shouted angrily, “Su Yu, stop, she’s dead!”

“But it’s too big, I won’t be able to pack it ah. It’s easier to carry when it’s divided into small pieces ah.”

With that, Zhou Xu stroked the dummy’s face slowly with tenderness in his eyes, and seemed to have a conversation with her. Zhou Xu said, “Xiaoli, I really love you, but why do you like that useless police inspector? Alas, you hurt my heart, ah.”

Xiaoli was the heroine of the film. The actress who played Xiaoli was also on set while the scene was being shot. She only had a few scenes, but at that moment, she was really happy. It was only acting, but imagining that dummy was her, she had not been calm for a long time. Zhou Xu was really terrible.

Zhou Xu’s knife did not stop. While moving his knife, he said, “Xiaoli, in fact, if you had agreed to my proposal, I might not have done these things again. You said you would always accompany me, but why did you break your promise? You changed in a few years, alas. Do you remember when you said before that you would love me no matter what I looked like, but how could you be afraid of seeing the photographs of my corpses and then don’t like me anymore? You know, I am also very sad.”

“And you even called the police, I was so sad that I almost cried ah. But I’ve accepted it anyway. You don’t love me, then what is the meaning of my love?

“By the way, Xiaoli, your cousin was killed by me, because I know that you like her best. I am so sad, I want to make you sad too.”

Zhang Hanshu yelled madly in the background for Zhou Xu to stop. Zhou Xu didn’t hear him from beginning to end. He just talked to Xiaoli blindly until Zhang Hanshu broke the rope, pulled out his gun, and “bang!”. Zhou Xu stopped moving.

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