The Villain’s Face Slapping Counterattack

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Face Slapping the Film Emperor and Empress (Entertainment Circle)

Zhang Hanshu’s eyes instantly became red. He embraced Sun Yue and began to kiss her before they finally rolled into bed.

At the same time, Zhou Xu and his grandfather began a never-ending chess game.

Because his grandfather had no sense of shame, he took back bad moves as easily as eating and drinking. The matter was not really serious, but his opponent was Zhou Xu. Zhou Xu, dead or alive, would not let him do over his moves, so the house became a battleground.

Zhou Guo was the most stubborn person in his life, so he had to win. Zhou Xu, as his grandson, refused to let him win in the least. They were in the living room doing their best to win, and their faces grew red with anger. Zhou Qiang, who was watching TV, finally got fed up and picked both of them up and tossed them into their rooms.

After throwing them, Zhou Qiang laughed. He felt like the family was somehow becoming more and more like a real family.

“Dad, what are you laughing about?”

“Zhou Yang, what are you saying, who is laughing foolishly?”

Zhou Yang took out his cell phone with a blank expression, snapped a picture of his father, and then showed it to Zhou Qiang, saying, “This is called a foolish laugh.”

“You little bastard!”

Zhou Xu, who was locked in his room, supported his forehead with a gentle smile. He had given the original owner a happy and stable home, completing one third of his goal. The other two thirds were to be their pride, which depended on the success of his acting career, and to come out of the closet to them sooner or later and get their blessings.

Through the wall, Zhou Xu heard his father Zhou Qiang say, “Dad, Xiaoxu seems like he still wants to act, ah.”

“Stop sighing. I didn’t support it at first, but acting is a job that our family’s child is capable of doing. Look at how happy Xiaoxu has been the past few days, ah.”


“That’s enough, stop it. If acting can make Xiaoxu this happy, I will support him.”

“I don’t support it. The entertainment circle is too messy. I know the circle is filled with dirty things. There’s too many to count. How can I be willing to let him be subjected to suffering? You see it too, that especially with Xiaoxu’s temper, how can he not be bullied?”

“Son, how about if we change his agent using our money? And while we’re at it, we’ll find two bodyguards, so that if somebody dared to plot against him, we can know in advance.”

“I’m afraid Xiaoxu won’t be willing to go along with this. He’s stubborn. You see, we said some time ago that we won’t let him act. How long was he noisy and bad-tempered ah?”

“So then we have to exchange it secretly. Is his company called Huaxia Entertainment?”


“There’s someone I know that’s on the board of directors for Huaxia Entertainment. Maybe I can ask him a favor.”

“Dad, who do you know?”

“Han Kun. Wasn’t Xiaoxu picked by Han Zikui a few days ago? Han Kun is Han Zikui’s father. No matter what, that old bastard would still give me face.”

Zhou Xu adjusted his posture then leaned against the bed and laughed.

Because the original owner always confronted Zhang Hanshu, he became the biggest villain in the world. If he had known a little about the ways of the world, he would not have died so miserably. Even his grandfather and father who loved him so much were guilty of a crime. They were blind, heartless, and didn’t think.

Sun Yue finally saw Han Zikui again a few days later. Han Zikui didn’t have a good opinion of Sun Yue. Of course, he couldn’t say he was disgusted with her. After all, Sun Yue’s acting skills were worthy of praise.

“Han Dao, I want to bring another person in.”

Han Zikui’s originally indifferent face became a little colder in an instant. “Who do you want to bring in?”

“My junior brother, Zhang Wen. His qualifications are very suitable for the role of Dr. Su. I will make an additional investment of 50 million yuan.”

Rubbing his temple with his index finger, Han Zikui leaned back until his back rested on the back of the chair. One leg was on top of the other, and his jaw was supported by one hand. Han Zikui smiled, but his smile was cold, just like the northern winds blowing in the bitter winter scratching people’s faces.

“Sun Yue, do you think I can’t find an investor?”

Sun Yue was shocked. Han Zikui continued, saying, “Or do you think I’m going to be obedient to you because of your investment?”

“No, no, Han Dao I didn’t mean that. If you don’t agree, I’m sorry.”

Sun Yue rushed to fix it, because she felt as if she had touched Han Zikui’s reverse scale.

“Yes, I am also a businessman, but when I am a director, if anyone dared to threaten me with business, the sale would not have been done.” Han Zikui pressed a button to call the secretary. He said to her, “Secretary Zhang, come in and help see the guests out.”

“Yes, Chief Han.”

Sun Yue was so confused that she could only pull out her trump card and said, “Han Dai, I’m sorry, I’m really wrong. For the sake of my father and your father being old comrades, can you just pretend that I wasn’t here today?”

At that moment, Secretary Zhang came in. Sun Yue looked at Han Zikui until he nodded and said, “Just this once” before she sighed with relief.

After Sun Yue left, Han Zikui sat as before, his index finger pressed against his temple. He didn’t know what to think.

The spring breeze woke up the earth with warmth. Zhou Guo invited his old friend Han Kun out to play golf. Han Zikui came along, and so did Zhou Qiang.

Zhou Guo laughed and said, “Mr. Han, your son is a promising young man ah. He’s the most powerful director and he has raised many film emperors with his movies.

Han Kun smiled and answered, “You flatter me, it’s nothing.”

Han Kun couldn’t hide the pride on his face, which made Zhou Guo feel upset, so he said, “My grandson (Zhou Yang) is very powerful too, ah. He already entered Zhou Shi, and his performance is very good.”

“Well, you don’t know, but my eldest son is very good too. In Country A, he started a small company. It just went public and made billions in US dollars.”

“Really, that’s amazing. Oh, by the way, the last time my grandson went to Europe, he oversaw a project in Germany, and now it’s being implemented. It’s a five star hotel. When you go to Europe, if you don’t have a place to stay, I can go to my grandson and give you a 20% discount.”

“Hehe, my son is so outstanding that he can use your grandson’s hotel?”

“Hehe, your son is brilliant, do you have a grandson? Your son and his wife married in their forties. Oh, hehe, that was in response to the government’s policy of late marriage and late childbearing.”

“Are you proud to have a grandson?”

“Yes, much more than you.”

Zhou Qiang and Han Zikui:……

Zhou Qiang hurriedly tugged his father’s clothes and whispered in his ear, “Dad, we are here to ask for help.”

When Zhou Guo heard this, he quickly put on a smiling face and said, “Aiyah, what is there to debate about? Come come come, let’s play a game. Watch out for my hole in one, hehe, you might get embarrassed General Han.”

“Come ah, who is afraid of who? I am more confident than you.”

The two old men went to play golf. Han Zikui and Zhou Qiang looked at each other and followed after their fathers. There was no way out. The older they became, the more childish they were. When they acted like children, they could only coax.

On the green golf course, the two old men played in a cheerful mood, shouting and yelling, and did not eat until after noon.

Several people chose a farmhouse nearby. During the meal, Zhou Guo told Zhou Xu about their business. Only then did Han Zikui realize that the two were Zhou Xu’s grandfather and father. Zhou Xu had not even mentioned that he had such a strong backing.

Han Kun and Zhou Guo had been friends for decades. Although they were friends, they naturally didn’t want to harm the younger generation’s affairs, so Han Kun pointed at Han Zikui beside him and said, “Huaxia Entertainment is under my name, but in fact, he is in charge. Rest assured, he will not let Xiaoxu suffer, otherwise I will skin him alive.”

In order not to be skinned, Han Zikui quickly said, “It’s best if I changed the agent. You can rest assured. As for the bodyguards, it’s better not to. I’ll give him an assistant for his daily life.”

Zhou Guo nodded and said, “Thank you, nephew. Ok, we’ll have refreshments later. You won’t be wronged.”

A few days later, Zhou Xu was informed that his agent was going to be changed, and the new agent assigned to him would be Sun Yu. Zhou Xu sneered. This Sun Yu was the agent of Zhang Hanshu in his previous life. With his smooth and ingenious methods, it was only because of his existence that Zhang Hanshu was able to develop so smoothly.

However, Zhou Xu refused Han Zikui’s arrangement. In his office, Zhou Xu said, “If I have the ability, what kind of agent can raise me well? The agent is just the icing on the cake. If I were a rough linen cloth, no matter how strong he is, he can’t turn me into a brocade of clouds.”

Han Zikui stood up and leaned against his desk, his arms crossed in front of his chest, tall and thin legs fully exposed, a little indifferent but also a little interested. He asked, “Who do you want to be your agent?”

“Just for now this Yuan Wu. But I only want him to be my own agent, he must not be the agent of five or six others.


“I don’t want assistants or bodyguard. Yuan Wu is enough.” Zhou Xu went on to say that he had a headache whenever he thought about his grandfather and father, who wanted to arrange a bodyguard team to be by his side at all times.


Zhou Xu faced Han Zikui, who nodded. “Han Dao, is there anything else? If not, I will leave first.”

“Yes.” Han Zikui put down his arms and walked to Zhou Xu step by step until they were very close. This distance seems aggressive to other men, but it was just right for two people who were mutually attracted to each other. “How about having a meal together?”

Zhou Xu stretched out his hand and pushed Han Zikui away. Zhou Xu haughtily asked “Why?”

The corners of Han Zikui’s mouth tilted up and said playfully, “As director and actor?”

Zhou Xu raised his head slightly, revealing enchanting neck lines and a delicate collarbone. Eyes narrowed, voice was languid and enticing, he corrected, “How about a man and a man?”

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