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The Villain’s Face Slapping Counterattack

Chapter 25.1

Chapter 25.1

Trigger warning: mentions of abuse

there’s also suggestive content, but it’s not really NSFW

Face Slapping the Original Leaders of the Military Base (Apocalypse)

“You, who are you?”


“Did you hear that?” The eyes of middle-aged man changed. In them was panic, fear, and also darkness.

“Loud and clear,” Zhou Xu said with a faint smile, his bright appearance seemed to make people feel that he was a modest gentleman. Unfortunately, that was all an appearance. “I’ll warn you that if you want to have a private conversation in the future, don’t go to the balcony, because the balcony’s sound insulation is the worst.”

“You…” The man pointed at Zhou Xu, and he “you”ed for half a day and still couldn’t come up with anything.

Zhou Xu spread his hands out and laughed, “What’s wrong with me? I’m fine ah. By the way, your son and I are lovers, although we haven’t gone to bed yet.”

The facial expressions of the man and woman changed quickly. Zhou Xu was overjoyed. He was very fond of watching people’s faces change, especially these kinds of red and white bursts, which were the most interesting.

“You… You…” This time, the woman pointed at Zhou Xu and “you”ed for half a day.

Zhou Xu pushed the woman’s pointing finger away and smiled, “Aunt, it seems like you had a twin sister ah.”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Of course it’s my business. I said that your son and I are lovers now. Although we haven’t gone to bed yet, the fact is, he loves me to death.”

“You must’ve seduced him, you scourge, you vixen!”

“Yes I seduced him.”

“I’ll kill you!” The man picked up an old stool on the balcony and moved to smash Zhou Xu with it, but Zhou Xu raised his hand and blocked it.

The stool hit his arm. Zhou Xu regretted that he had not blocked it with his powers, because it hurt too fucking much.

His eyes instantly reddened because of the pain. His fear of pain would probably never change.

Zhou Xu didn’t bother continuing to smile. With red eyes, he said coldly: “You hit me, so nowk2026;bang!”

A water bomb shot out and exploded, causing the man to suddenly lose feeling on one side of his body. By the time the pain hit, his left hand and foot were gone.

“Are you a power?” The man gasped. The woman didn’t dare do anything, not even move, merely huddled against the corner of the wall.

“Yes, I am a power, but as I said earlier, I am your son’s lover. What do you think I will do?”

“Thud!” The woman knelt down and pleaded mournfully for mercy, “I’m sorry, at that time we had no other way or else we would have starved. You see, we also raised Xia Qingfeng. There wasn’t any merit and it was hard work. You spare us and we can go, we can leave, please.”

Zhou Xu smiled coldly. No wonder Xia Qingfeng was so cold. He had a father who abused him like this, and an emotionally abusive mother. It’s a miracle that Xia Qingfeng didn’t turn into something else. It was no wonder Xia Qingfeng never talked about his parents.

This dog blood plot made Zhou Xu want to vomit, but he still didn’t want to do it himself. After all, these two people were the adoptive parents of Xia Qingfeng. No matter how garbage they were, they should be disposed of by Xia Qingfeng.

“It’s no use begging me. I’m only responsible for beating you up. Your lives are not in my hands.” After that, Zhou Xu sent out countless droplets of water. In mid-air, the droplets turned into small pieces of ice and hit the two people on the opposite side.

They didn’t dare to yell and could only hold back, because if more people found that that they killed Xia Qingfeng’s parents, they might die on the spot. After all, this was the apocalypse. The powers were respected, and Xia Qingfeng was the strongest power.

“Ah? Why don’t you scream? Doesn’t it hurt?” Zhou Xu tilted his head as if confused, and said, “Let me turn the ice cubes into ice needles.”

As a result, countless ice needles shot out, and all of these needles were inserted in non-lethal but painful areas of the two people. They finally couldn’t hold back and cried out in pain.

Zhou Xu smiled. Yes, thi was it. Let them taste what it’s like to be abused.

Being hated and tortured, but that man was so strong that you couldn’t resist. You had never tasted the pain, but Xia Qingfeng should have always lived in such despair all the time as a child.

Looking at the the people bleeding from head to toe in front of him, Zhou Xu suddenly felt very eager to embrace Xia Qingfeng. If he came back soon, Zhou Xu decided to do it with him.

However, Xia Qingfeng did not return, and so Zhou Xu’s torture didn’t stop. They almost died several times but Zhou Xu rescued them with his healing power. He was professional about how to torture people.

When Xia Qingfeng came back, his parents, no, it should be his adoptive parents, no longer looked human.

Xia Qingfeng looked at the blood on the ground and at Zhou Xu, who was calm, and he was speechless for a moment.

“Yes, I did it,” Zhou Xu said, “because I wanted to do it, and they weren’t pleasing to look at. Yes, even if they’re your parents, I didn’t like them, so I beat them up.”

Zhou Xu looked at Xia Qingfeng and saw that he didn’t have an angry or sad expression on his face, so he continued, “I didn’t kill them right away to give you face.”

Xia Qingfeng nodded and then asked, “Why?”

“Because they said they killed your biological parents, and so I got angry.” Zhou Xu said indifferently.

The air solidified in an instant. Xia Qingfeng was silent and then suddenly, he laughed. The laughter sounded like a wolf’s roar. “Hahahahaha, no wonder. Since it’s like this…”


Blood dyed the balcony red. Xia Qingfeng’s adoptive parents finally died in his hands. Zhou Xu laughed. “You’re not afraid of others saying that they raised you after all, what kindness they had to raise you, you are unfaithful and unfilial? ”

“I was four years old when two of my ribs were broken. I was six years old when he broke my leg and I was in the hospital for ten days. I should have stayed longer but they didn’t let me. I was nine years old when he burned my arm with a cigarette butt. I was ten years old when I was beaten to the point of vomiting blood. I almost died. I was eleven years old when he hung me up and took out a whip and whipped me for one night. Who wants this kind of kindness? I wanted to kill him since I was a child. When I grew up, they didn’t dare beat me. I still don’t recognize them as my parents. Now, they are my enemies. What should I keep them?”

Zhou Xu smiled softly and said, “I didn’t expect you to say so much at once. That’s good.”

Zhou Xu told Xia Qingfeng what he heard on the balcony. Xia Qingfeng listened but didn’t respond. In the past, Xia Qingfeng had a trace of gratitude towards them. After all, they did raise him, but now that he knows that they killed their own parents, and kept him because someone was infertile, his only trace of gratitude was wiped out.

If the laws still governed society, Zhou Xu and Xia Qingfeng’s actions would have been criminal. But this was the apocalypse; don’t even talk about killing someone, even if someone ate someone else, no one would care.

The next day, when Zhou Xu opened the curtain on the balcony again, the other side was clean. Zhou Xu was too lazy to pay attention to how Xia Qingfeng cleaned up. He was in a good mood anyway.

Zhou Xu looked at the sky and the clouds. He felt that he was still living well in the apocalypse.

“Would you like to come over?” Xia Qingfeng asked, opening the curtain.

Zhou Xu smiled, got up, jumped onto Xia Qingfeng’s balcony and said, “Yes.”

Xia Qingfeng made a simple breakfast and they sat opposite of each other. Zhou Xu looked at Xia Qingfeng’s wheat-colored skin and beautiful facial features. Then he rubbed his foot on Xia Qingfeng’s calves under the table.

Xia Qingfeng paused and looked at Zhou Xu. Zhou Xu acted normal, but his foot slipped slowly along Xia Qingfeng’s calves until he reached Xia Qingfeng’s big thighs.

Xia Qingfeng’s throat knot moved up and down several times. He said, “You’re stirring the fire, you know that?”

Zhou Xu intentionally bit his lower lip, looked at Xia Qingfeng with coquettish eyes, and then said, “I did it on purpose.”

Xia Qingfeng suddenly stood up, reached across the table to hold Zhou Xu’s head, and kissed him.

Zhou Xu didn’t show any weakness. The kiss between the two was like a war, avoiding, fighting, and attacking. Finally, the war ended because they could not wait for each other to give them something.

At the end of a kiss, Xia Qingfeng walked over to Zhou Xu and looked at his wet eyes from the kiss. His “lower regions” were getting hotter and hotter.

Zhou Xu looked at Xia Qingfeng with a faint smile on his face and said, “Remember what I said when I saved you?”

“Of course I remember.” After that, Xia Qingfeng carried Zhou Xu on his shoulder.

Zhou Xu didn’t resist and let him carry him, but Zhou Xu said with a grin, “As long as it is not a mission, neither of us are allowed to use our abilities.”

“Of course.”

Xia Qingfeng threw Zhou Xu onto the bed, and then plastered himself on top of him. Yet in the end, Zhou Xu snatched the initiative away. Zhou Xu kissed his lips, shoulders, waistline and even bit a part through his trousers.

Zhou Xu felt Xia Qingfeng’s rapid breathing and knew that he had already endured to his limit.

With the corner of his mouth hooked up, Zhou Xu easily took one side of the belt and tied Xia Qingfeng’s hands and feet together. In fact, Xia Qingfeng could directly tear his bindings if he used his power to do so. But Zhou Xu said that he couldn’t use his power, so he didn’t.

Xia Qingfeng, who was tied up, looked at Zhou Xu and said, “Why, do you want to fuck me?”

Zhou Xu shook his head and maliciously rubbed that part of Xia Qingfeng. When he felt that the part had become more swollen, he got up, put on his shoes, tidied up his clothes and said, “I said I’d let you go on top, but I didn’t say when. This time, think of it as the price you pay for being so cold to me.”

With that, Zhou Xu turned around and left.


Zhou Xu’s still bitter~

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