The Villain’s Face Slapping Counterattack

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Face-Slapping the Film Empreror and Empress (Entertainment Circle)

“Brother, are you kidding?” The informant wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and began to get nervous.

“Do you think I’m joking? I’m very serious, Big Dragon.”

The informant was silent for a long time. Then, he gritted his teeth and pointed his gun at his head. He just looked at Stone and said, “Brother Stone, you have to take good care of my mother in the future.”

“Rest assured.”

“All right, then I’ll die.” Then the informant closed his eyes, trembled, and put his finger on the trigger.


The informant waited for the pain after the gunshot rang, but didn’t feel any. He looked at Brother Stone with the expression of being alive after being robbed. To his surprise, Brother Stone laughed and said, “Hahahahaha, Big Dragon, Big Dragon, you are so single-minded that you actually shot yourself, hahahahaha…”

The informant felt wronged and couldn’t help but say, “Brother, are you kidding me?”

“Hahaha, Big Dragon, OK. Follow me later and don’t go out of line.”

The informant dropped down onto his knees and said, “Big Brother, I will do well, and never let you down.”

“Cut, very good.” Han Zikui’s voice sounded.

Zhou Xu looked at Sun Yue, not far behind him, but he only saw Sun Yue leaving in a hurry. A corner of his mouth slightly tilted upwards. Even though she wanted to kill him, Sun Yue had no brain.

Zhou Xu turned around and looked at the photographer, who made an OK gesture at him. Zhou Xu bowed his head and his eyes were cold and detached. He didn’t want to move Sun Yue now because the movie was going to be released. But that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t. Anyways, the evidence was in his hands. If he does do it, it will be fatal, but for now, it’s easy to intimidate Sun Yue.

Zhou Xu discovered Sun Yue acting abnormally before the shooting of the scene. How could it be that a leading lady went to the prop group without any intentions? And even when she was not acting, nobody else in the crew went, so why did she go to the prop storage specifically?

After discovering Sun Yue’s plot, Zhou Xu could only sneer. Sun Yue found someone to lure Zhou Xu into getting addicted to drugs in his life. Was this the so-called heroine in the world? It’s ironic.

Zhou Xu had changed Sun Yue’s gun. What Zhou Xu didn’t know was that before that, when Zhang Hanshu bought the gun, Han Zikui had already known about it. At first, he wanted to wait and see, but then he found out that Zhang Hanshu had given the gun to Sun Yue. At that time, Han Zikui had asked someone to switch it for a fake.

Neither Zhou Xu nor Han Zikui knew that they (ZX/HZ) had both seen through the other party (ZH/SY) as usual. However, Zhou Xu began to pay more and more attention to protecting himself, while Han Zikui paid even more attention. He even hired two bodyguards for Zhou Xu, using the excuse that “You are now the film emperor, and the film emperor is bound to have fans. While the movie is being filmed, you have to take them wherever you go, otherwise you’ll suffer the consequences.”

After his provocation, Han Zikui looked at Zhou Xu and continued, “I’ll take responsibility for the consequences. Don’t blame me if you can’t get up. “

In the autumn, the air was cool and the wind was mild. Zhou Xu sat at his desk without any expression, sorting out everything the photographer had taken.

“Ha-ha.” Zhou Xu sneered. Sun Yue went to great lengths in order to deal with Zhou Xu. Every kind of means were used, but most of them were cracked by Zhou Xu. However, seeing what she did with his own eyes was different than just being in it, and so now Zhou Xu was angry.

He didn’t feel that he had done so a lot of despicable things in this life. At least for Sun Yue, Zhou Xu did not use any means. It’s ridiculous that just because he was reluctant to do anything, Sun Yue would actually go as far as to kill him.

After editing the video, Zhou Xu checked it again. It was good enough for her to see how shameless she was, and enough to frighten her, because if the video was sent out, Sun Yue’s reputation would be destroyed overnight.

Then Zhou Xu opened his newly registered email, hid his address and his ID, and sent the video to Sun Yue.

Staring at the computer, Zhou Xu imagined Sun Yue’s expression when she watched the video. It must look interesting.

“What are you doing?” Han Zikui came out after a bath.

Zhou Xu looked sideways at Han Zikui’s figure.His figure was really good. His shoulders were broad, his chest was thick and his waist was thin. Even the mermaid line talked about how sexy the man was.

“Good figure.” Zhou Xu commented.

“It looks good enough to hook you.” Han Zikui rubbed his hair and sat down beside Zhou Xu. He kissed Zhou Xu on the forehead. Han Zikui asked, “Look at your expression, what interesting things did you see?”

“I made a video myself. It’s very interesting, do you want to watch it?”


Zhou Xu opened the newly edited video, and Han Zikui’s face became more and more ugly. He didn’t expect Sun Yue to be so despicable. It was no longer appropriate to say that the little woman was acting because of her temper. She was clearly trying to mess with Zhou Xu. At the beginning, it was just a little fuss. Later, it endangered Zhou Xu’s body and life.

“Don’t be angry, I’ve already sent her the video. I don’t think she’ll dare to do anything for the time being. I’ll wait until the film comes out.”

“I can change people at anytime.” Han Zikui’s voice was cold and low.

“It’s inconvenient. It’s useless for me to keep the video after the film has been released. It’s up to you to deal with it, how about it?”

Han Zikui was silent for a minute and nodded. It was true that Sun Yue didn’t dare to make any big moves for the time being, but she might go against Zhou Xu in the future. With this in mind, Han Zikui made up his mind to let Sun Yue suffer.

Han Zikui had actually collected evidence of Sun Yue. The last prop incident frightened him. He did not know whether Zhou Xu would have been really killed by Sun Yue if he hadn’t been paying attention to it. Even if Sun Yue didn’t do it at that time, she would still do it. Once she did, he would have never let Sun Yue come out of prison again.

With both of them coming to an agreement, Zhou Xu sent the video to Sun Yue. On the other hand, Zhang Hanshu had signed a contract with a TV drama crew. After all, he must work if he wants to live. The film circle did not want him, but he can still enter the television circle.

After signing the contract, Zhang Hanshu went to the South to shoot scenes. What he didn’t expect was that about one third of the entire crew were drug addicts.

At first, Zhang Hanshu wasn’t aware. Later, after production, several actors and two or three actresses said they wanted to go and have a good time together. As a result, when they went to the private room, some people began to pull out and use syringes. Zhang Hanshu was startled at first and immediately saw that they were a group of drug addicts.

But since Zhang Hanshu came, he naturally couldn’t just walk away, but he didn’t want to take drugs. However, a group of people were tempting him. At last, he could only nod his head, saying that he would try a little.

What drug addict was not like this in the beginning? At first, people were curious or didn’t believe that the drugs could actually be addicting. As a result, after the first time, there will be a second time, then they slowly become addicted.

Wasn’t Zhou Xu the same in his last life? Sun Yue and Zhang Hanshu got him into this drama group, and then he was tempted, got addicted to drugs, and finally died in the streets.

Now if the person had been alone, the addiction might not be the same. Zhou Xu had been thinking that if the villains were not mentally retarded, how could the hero and the heroine succeed? It was nonsense, not all of them were slags.

After Sun Yue received the video, she was frightened all day. She was afraid of the photographer, afraid of Zhou Xu, and Zhang Hanshu was not at home. She could only have her assistant accompany her constantly.

But an assistant was only an assistant after all, not her nanny. After refusing Sun Yue again, the assistant asked to resign.

Sun Yue called Zhang Hanshu, but Zhang Hanshu was immersed in the sea of drugs, unable to extricate himself.

Zhang Hanshu came back to accompany Sun Yue at the banquet, but at that point in time Zhang Hanshu had already lost a lot of weight. The high-spirited Zhang Hanshu in the beginning and the Zhang Hanshu now seemed like two different people.

Sun Yue leaned into Zhang Hanshu’s arms to comfort her heart.

The banquet lasted three to four hours. Halfway through, Zhang Hanshu went out to find a corner to “replenish energy” for himself. As a result, he saw Zhou Xu and Han Zikui kissing in a dark place.

Zhang Hanshu laughed. He finally knew what method to use for revenge.

After secretly adjusting the mobile phone camera to night function, Zhang Hanshu quietly took pictures and sent them to Sun Yue.

A few minutes later, Zhou Xu rebuked and hit Han Zikui a few times, and then returned to the banquet. After that, Sun Yue found Zhang Hanshu, and they were discussing something in a dark place.

In the past, both of them hid behind a veil, and they showed only the best side to each other. But now they had clearly defined their target, which was Zhou Xu, so now they no longer had any problems talking about what malicious methods they were going to use.

However, Sun Yue and Zhang Hanshu also decided to report it after the film was released. After all, it affected the film and did no good to Sun Yue. It also gave them more time to collect more evidence.

On the day of the film’s release, the box office reached a new high, and the online evaluation of Zhou Xu’s acting skills was getting higher and higher, with almost no sign of stopping.

By this time, Zhou Xu’s fans had reached 50 million, 20 million more than Zhang Hanshu’s, and Sun Yue’s fans were only over 40 million.

Zhou Xu’s video was also sent out when he was filming. The discussion about his “dishonest mouth, honest body” was stirred up online again. Zhou Xu’s fans called him Zhou Mengmeng, and claimed he was a “Mengwa”.

Two months after the film was released, the Jinmei Awards began to be advertised again. At that time, Sun Yue posted on the internet the news that Zhou Xu and Han Zikui were gay, and began to publicize that Zhou Xu relied on the unspoken rules and slept all the way to Han Zikui’s bed, getting his favor. Because of his appalling actions, he played the villains in Han Zikui’s plays, and even directly played the leading role in two of his films. He even won the crown of the film emperor through the second film.

At the same time, Sun Yue hired a large number of navies, criticized Zhou Xu’s character, spread some fake rumors, and at the same time, blackened Han Zikui.


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