The Villain’s Face Slapping Counterattack

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Face Slapping the Film Emperor and Empress (Entertainment Circle)

Zhou Xu made a phone call to his family at home, then followed Han Zikui to his house.

As soon as the door was closed, Han Zikui pressed Zhou Xu on the door and trapped him between his arms and the door. Han Zikui, with evil intentions, pushed his groin forward and said, “Zhou Xu, I want to do you until you die.”

Met with Han Zikui’s very hard “words”, Zhou Xu raised his chin and narrowed his eyes. He deliberately lengthened his tone and said, “I’m waiting.”

A burning fire rose from the lower abdomen and rushed straight to the head. Han Zikui’s entire body was feverish and kissed Zhou Xu on the back of his head.

Han Zikui had been waiting too long. At this moment, he did not want to endure any longer.

After a thorough, hearty sexual affair, Zhou Xu fell asleep. Han Zikui carefully cleaned up his body and then fell asleep beside him.

After the Jinmei Award Ceremony, the number of Zhou Xu’s fans increased dramatically. Within a few days it had reached 38 million, exceeding Zhang Hanshu. There was more and more discussion about Zhou Xu on the Internet. Zhou Xu was indifferent, hardly paying attention to any of it. Anyway, he was now supported by Han Zikui. If anything happened, Han Zikui could solve it for him easily, meaning that there was no more trouble. As a result, Zhou Xu had spent a few months living like a pig. He ate and slept, and slept and ate.

On the third day after he had done it with Han Zikui, Zhou Xu brought Han Zikui back to his home. Although Zhou Guo and Zhou Qiang felt a little awkward, they still gave their blessings. After all, they had already prepared themselves, and Han Zikui was very good in all aspects. They were relieved and felt comfortable enough to give Zhou Xu to Han Zikui.

Of course, Han Zikui also brought Zhou Xu to Han Kun. Han Kun looked at Zhou Xu for a long time and finally, he felt that his son had abducted the new film emperor. Han Zikui laughed and said nothing, and Zhou Xu did not say anything as well, so Han Kun suddenly felt very sorry for Zhou Xu. He immediately waved his hand and sent Zhou Xu a boat.

Zhou Xu did not refuse, bowed, said thank you, and accepted.

At this point of time, it was already summer. Zhou Xu was lazily playing games. Han Zikui held his shoulder behind his back, kissed him on the side of his face and said, “Three months. Come and act when you’ve had enough.”

Zhou Xu was currently fighting a person, his movements not stopping at all, but his head turned to Han Zikui and asked, “What film?”

“A film about cracking down on drug trafficking. You’ll be an informant, how about it?”

Zhou Xu thought for a moment and felt that it was a breakthrough. He nodded and said, “Yes, as long as you direct it.”

At this time, Zhou Xu turned back to look at the screen, and his opponent on the screen was killed by his attack.

Han Zikui was speechless. Zhou Xu could blindly play games, and his lover was still able to rise to the sky.

A few days later, Zhou Xu went out after being “shut in” for so long, and after reading the script, Zhou Xu asked, “Who is the female lead?”

“Sun Yue.”

Zhou Xu frowned, but the did not object. Just like Han Zikui, they both knew Sun Yue’s acting skills were really good, enough that she could be re-elected as film empressfor two years. As for the others, Zhou Xu and Han Zikui did not want to take care of them. Of course, if someone was not honest, they would never be soft-handed.

At the same time, Zhang Hanshu took on two youth movies. When Zhou Xu heard the news, his lips hooked up. Zhang Hanshu’s path to “death” was self-inflicted. It would be difficult for him to change and recover later on. In the entertainment circle, it was necessary for new faces to be willing to work hard. If they couldn’t adapt to the changing entertainment industry, it would be difficult for them to survive.

Sun Yue had actually opposed Zhang Hanshu’s two consecutive youth films, but the directors of the two films were internationally renowned, so Zhang wanted to win the next Jinmei Award. He didn’t want to lose to Zhou Xu.

In addition, Han Zikui was hostile to Zhang Hanshu and Zhang Hanshu understood that clearly, so he could only find another way. Coincidentally, this year, two internationally acclaimed directors were making youth films. He worked hard on the auditions, which paid off. Zhang Hanshu didn’t want to miss any chance.

Seeing Zhang Hanshu’s efforts, Sun Yue felt distressed for him. They embraced and hugged each other tightly. Zhang Hanshu said, “Sister Sun, I refuse to give in. Where can I not compare with Zhou Xu?”

Sun Yue’s heart tightened, and she hugged Zhang Hanshu even harder.

When Zhou Xu and Sun Yue first did a rival play with each other, Zhang Hanshu came along to visit the set. Zhou Xu did not look at Zhang Hanshu and went directly to his car. Zhang Hanshu clenched his fists and thought, you were disrespectful to me, so don’t blame me.

Zhou Xu was surrounded by four strong men when he arrived at his car. Zhou Xu was stunned, but he suddenly laughed out loud. Somebody was starting to lose control of their emotions, but it’s too bad the means were low-grade.

Zhou Xu had always disliked using force to deal with the enemy. But in this case, there was only one enemy. The best way to solve this problem was to let him fall, let him feel more and more inferior, let him gamble, let him take drugs, let him destroy himself!

The four men in black attacked quickly, but what they didn’t expect was that Zhou Xu had a powerful explosive force in his thin body.

What they didn’t know was that Zhou Xu had experienced too many worlds, where the villains usually had superior combat skills. And so, naturally, he was proficient in close combat Whether it was strength or speed, Zhou Xu could use his current body to reach the limit. These people couldn’t compare with Zhou Xuat all, so in a minute or two, all four of them had fallen to the ground.

The noises from the fight could not be concealed, so the crew rushed over once they heard the sounds. Zhou Xu clapped his hands and pointed to the people on the ground and said, “Alert the police.”

When Han Zikui came over, Zhou Xu had already fallen asleep in the car, and so Han Zikui was reluctant to wake him up. Han Zikui asked the crew what happened. After finding out the situation, the expression Han Zikui’s bright, handsome face became cold, past the freezing point.

He didn’t want to get angry, but there was always someone who angered him.

Dialing a number on his phone, Han Zikui said in a cool voice, “Seventh Brother, help me find out something…Yes… The man was so smart that he didn’t leave any evidence about the last thing…Well, thank you. I’ll invite you for dinner later.”

Han Zikui’s “seventh brother” was the owner of a private detective agency. He basically did things like finding mistresses and uncovering what went wrong. But this person really did have the ability to investigate. If he wanted to find something, he would eventually discover it.

Zhang Hanshu followed the crew to see what had happened. It turned that all four people had been defeated, but Zhou Xu was still safe and sound, and he was even leisurely leaning against the car watching the commotion.

Zhou Xu’s eyes met Zhang Hanshu’s halfway. Zhou Xu’s eyes narrowed slightly. His expression held unspoken words, which made Zhang Hanshu’s heart tremble. His meaning was obvious: he knew it was Zhang Hanshu’s doing.

Zhang Hanshu quickly looked away and regretted his impulse.

After that day, Zhou Xu continued to eat, drink and sleep. The only thing he did was to contact the director of a TV series, who was preparing an idol drama. However, Zhou Xu did not contact in his own name, but instead, in the name of the company.

Others wanted to take one step at a time, while Zhou Xu had already thought ahead to the tenth step.

A few days later, Zhang Hanshu was dismissed by the two movie crews he had signed with. Zhou Xu just smiled because he knew it was Han Zikui’s doing. Although Han Zikui seemed indifferent, he could become totally opposite when it came to him. Zhou Xu thought that Han Zikui even wanted to tie himself to his belt and watch him every day and every second. Now that some people wanted to hurt him, he estimated that Han Zikui had already exploded, so Han Zikui began to retaliate without hesitation.

Zhang Hanshu had already terminated his contract with Huaxia Entertainment a few months ago, so Han Zikui could not block him, but as long as Han Zikui was willing, Zhang Hanshu could not play a movie.

That’s what Han Zikui thought, and that was what he would do.

Zhang Hanshu did not know why he was inexplicably blocked by the film circle. Of course, he certainly didn’t think that Han Zikui and Zhou Xu were a couple. He could only push the fault onto Zhou Xu again.

Without any films to shoot, Zhang Hanshu’s life sunk to its lowest point. Sun Yue could only accompany him with heartache every time she comes home, persuading him, hoping he cheered up.

When Zhou Xu was acted against with Sun Yue again, he felt that her hostility towards himself had become more serious. He sneered at in his heart, thinking about the last life. Didn’t you treat Zhou Xu like this? Say Zhou Xu was a villain, change positions and a few things, aren’t you the same?

Who was not selfish, but you did not encounter things that made you selfish. Now it seemed that the character of the protagonist had become just like this.

No matter how rough the dark tide was, the play still needed to be filmed, but Zhou Xu did not expect Sun Yue to start using filming to deal with him. However, Zhou Xu would not allow her to do whatever she wanted.

There was a scene in which Zhou Xu quarreled with the female lead. The female lead let Zhou Xu break away from the gangs. At that time, Zhou Xu had become the informant for the police, so they had a fierce quarrel. In the original script, there was no mention of the female lead slapping the informant. As a result, the play was performed. Sun Yue was angry and slapped Zhou Xu’s face.

Zhou Xu’s eyes turned red instantly after he was hit, especially because he was very afraid of pain. Sun Yue had actually managed to achieve a good result.

This time, Han Zikui was not happy and got up. Han Zikui angrily denounced Sun Yue, but Sun Yue only replied, “I think this has more tension.”

Han Zikui was still angry but he was pulled back by Zhou Xu. Looking back, Han Zikui saw Zhou Xu’s slightly red eyes, and he couldn’t help the pain in his heart. His lover was most afraid of pain. But now, he had been subjected to a slap, the thought of which made Han Zikui burn even more.

Zhou Xu whispered to Han Zikui, “Don’t make trouble. You don’t need to stand up for me.”

Han Zikui seemed to be pacified.

He touched Zhou Xu’s hand and said, “Do you want to slap her back?”

Zhou Xu smiled. “I’ll deal with her. You don’t need to help me now, otherwise it would look like I’m stingy.”

After they finished talking, they went on filming. Sun Yue used more methods but she could not get to Zhou Xu. Zhou Xu accepted it silently, not because he wanted to, but because he was preparing for the next big game of “chess”.

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