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The Villain’s Face Slapping Counterattack

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Face Slapping the Film Emperor and Empress (Entertainment Circle)

The second game was purely about physical strength. Zhou Xu appropriately showed his weakness, so this time Zhang Hanshu won. After two rounds of games, the show came to an end. However, Zhang Hanshu had a surprise for the audience, which was that he had prepared a song to sing.

The song was an OST from his movie. Although he wasn’t the original singer, because his voice was relatively low, the song sounded like feelings of being brave while facing a century of sadness. These were human feelings, and combined with grief over youth passing away, helped Zhang Hanshu give a wonderful performance.

At the end of the song, the hosts were praising Zhang Hanshu, and of course also helped publicize his movie. At this time, Zhou Xu said, “I’ll sing a song too. Since they are all here to promote their movie, how can I not give any effort?”

After he finished speaking, the host was stunned. The director held up a sign saying that he could, but the program would be edited later. If it wasn’t good, it would be cut out. Right now, they decided to give Zhou Xu face.

“Of course, what do you want to sing? Do you need a music teacher to prepare it?”

Zhou Xu nodded, then went to the music teacher and said, “Is “The Strongest Dancer” OK?”

The music teacher said ok. Zhou Xu said, “Here’s your microphone. I can use this microphone.”

With that, Zhou Xu gave the microphone to the host, then slightly adjusted his microphone. At the same time, all the other people had left the stage, and the only one left was Zhou Xu. The lights dimmed.

The first syllable sounded. Zhou Xu’s back was to the audience. One leg was crossed over the other, and he slowly lifted one hand up, the momentum like a rainbow.

Then loud music sounded. Zhou Xu slid, jumped, and turned with the music, all movements explained the name of the song, “The Strongest Dancer”.

The first section was a solo dance. The dance was strong and explosive, and made people feel as if their blood was boiling. Even with a simple crotch twisting action, Zhou Xu had people feeling a burn.

At the beginning of the second section, Zhou Xu slowed down his movements and opened his mouth. What did his voice sound like? The sound was so pure and very stunning. That’s what the host said when he recalled it. Like a ray of light in the dense mist, it broke through all obstacles and went straight to his heart. It purified the haze that lingered, sweeping away the haze of the bottom of the heart, leaving only the desire to worship Zhou Xu.

At the end of the second section, there was another dance feast, but this time the dance and the song were delivered together. The rhythm was strong, and the host and the audience couldn’t help clapping their hands together to the beat until the end of the song. The host was surprised, what the fuck, his hands are red.

The host disregarded the director’s sign and went up and held Zhou Xu in his arms. Finally, he let go and then said, “Zhou Xu, you should be a singer, really. I promise I will buy all your albums.”

The other two hosts tore him off Zhou Xu, and then Zhou Xu was hugged again. The episode would be edited anyways, so they went ahead and hugged him. In the future, they might not even have the opportunity to invite Zhou Xu again. They were sure that Zhou Xu would be very popular and famous.

In fact, the three hosts were veterans and they had a good eye for people, which is why they were so excited, especially when they knew that Zhou Xu is self-taught. They were even more shocked, because Zhou Xu’s dance level and singing level were comparable to the top dancers and singers.

The director was in a hurry, not because of program matters, but because he also wanted to hold ah, but he couldn’t, which annoyed him.

Zhou Xu was embraced by three people for a long time, and he finally awkwardly said, “You are really annoying.”

As a result, his head was petted by three people. Zhou Xu glared at them and said, “Don’t do that. Cut it out. I’ll never come to your program again.”

The three hosts repeatedly promised that they would publicize Zhou Xu’s movie “Soul of War” again. After they had a good talk, the three hosts said their concluding remarks.

Two weeks later, when the program was broadcasted. More than half of Zhang Hanshu’s singing was cut out. Zhou Xu’s singing was not cut at all, not even for one second. It was obvious that both the director and the editor loved Zhou Xu and wished that all his scenes were kept.

After the show was broadcast, Zhou Xu’s Weibo fans exceeded Zhang Hanshu’s within a few days, reaching 30 million, and Zhou Xu also had a new nickname: Zhou Mengmeng.

When Han Zikui saw the program, it was already two weeks later. When he saw Zhou Xu enduring the pain from the first game, he suddenly felt a pain in his heart. He smiled and thought that this guy was really afraid of pain.

When he saw Zhou Xu singing, Han Zikui was shocked. He didn’t know that his lover was so versatile. However, he was so dazzling that he really wanted to hide him and let no one else see him.

The two competing movies had only been released for a few days. The first day of “Soul fo War” grossed 1.9 billion in the box office. It remained strong in the following days. After a week, the box office for “Soul of War” reached 3.5 billion, while the box office for “Flowers of Sophora after the Wind and Rain” finally reached 1 billion.

In fact, Zhou Xu did not expect this result. He remembered that in the original world, the total box office of “Soul of War” was about 2.5 billion, while that of “Flowers of Sophora after Wind and Rain” was about 1.3 billion. Zhou Xu smiled. It seemed as if he landed another heavy punch on Zhang Hanshu.

Zhou Xu, who was in a good mood, went shopping. He was going to give a gift to his family. After all, this time his grandfather, father, and brother went to see his movie together, and for the first time, they felt from their heart that it would be a real loss if Zhou Xu was not an actor.

Good mood, want to spend money, no cure for that.

After buying a bunch of Buddha beads for Grandpa, a delicate pottery bottle for Dad, and a razor for Brother, Zhou Xu thought about it and bought a pair of simple platinum bracelets.

He and Han Zikui had known each other for more than two years. Zhou Xu had never given him anything, but Han Zikui had been very affectionate. He took him out for a walk when he was free. He often surprised Zhou Xu when he came back. When those were no good, he often invited Zhou Xu out to eat.

When he thought about it, Zhou Xu seemed really cold in their relationship. He always had to give Han Zikui a sweet treat. Otherwise, Han Zikui might have really retreated. Zhou Xu felt that he may also had to be nudged to do something.

Zhou Xu packed up the gifts, but he didn’t send them right away. There were still a few days left before the Jinmei Awards. He was going to give it to Han Zikui on that day.

In fact, because the box office of “Soul of War” was so good, Han Zikui even sent Zhou Xu a house as a reward. Of course, several of the supporting actors were also given a reward, but most of them received a red packet, which had a lot of money inside.

Zhou Xu and Han Zikui were really satisfied when they looked at the house. Zhou Xu liked both the decoration and the location, and the house was not too big. It was more than 100 square meters, so it was convenient for them to live on their own.

There was also a small garden outside, which was very rare. In this city, it was a luxury to buy a villa with a yard.

Han Zikui pushed Zhou Xu to the French window, hugged him from behind, and licked his earlobe. Han Zikui asked, “Do you like it?”

“You gave it to me, so of course I like it.”

Han Zikui bowed his head, put his head on Zhou Xu’s shoulder. He whispered, “If you win the Jinmei Award and become the Film Emperor, don’t forget to fulfill your promise.”

Zhou Xu could feel a hard thing pressing against his butt.

Turning around in Han Zikui’s arms, Zhou Xu replied, “Of course. I would be happy to do so.”

The year entered spring, and the Jinmei Awards came in April, as scheduled. Both Zhou Xu and Zhang Hanshu were nominated as Best Actor.

Before presenting the award, the host smiled and asked them, “You both come from the same company and debuted at the same time. You even won the Best Newcomer Award last year. This year, you were both nominated the Best Actor at the same time. Do you not have any bad feelings towards each other?”

Because they were not allowed to go on the stage yet, Zhang Hanshu took the microphone handed by the host and said, “No, that is not the case. If I have a strong opponent, it will only make me stronger. Because of this, I should thank the talented Zhou Xu.”

After speaking, Zhang Hanshu looked at Zhou Xu, but what he didn’t expect was that Zhou Xu actually ignored him while in front of the camera. His indifferent expression was so glaring in Zhang Hanshu’s eyes that he wanted to tear up his face and force him look at himself.

The host handed the microphone to Zhou Xu, but Zhou Xu did not stand up at all. Instead, he quietly clicked his tongue and said, “Who has the time and effort to compare with others? I wish I had won by myself last time.”

After that, Zhang Hanshu’s face became even more ugly. Fortunately, the camera was not in front of him. Otherwise, the expression would have been seen by the audience. It was estimated that he would be given a reputation of being intolerant of others, which would spread throughout the country overnight.

The host also felt Zhang Hanshu’s unhappiness, so he hurried to let the honored guests announce the results.

“This year’s Jinmei Award for Best Actor is dong dong dong… Zhou! Xu!”

Applause sounded, Han Zikui and Zhou Xu embraced, the entire “Soul of War” the group boiled, and finally Zhou Xu rushed to the stage, escaping from being surrounded.

After accepting the award, Zhou Xu said his acceptance speech, “I won’t say much, other than I am very grateful in my heart. By the way, and to my lover, thank you, and I have not forgotten our promise.

After that, Zhou Xu stepped down and the host behind him asked a question for gossip, “Who is your lover?”

Zhang Hanshu looked at Zhou Xu, who was shining brightly on the stage. All his patience was deteriorating at the moment. Yes, Zhou Xu was so arrogant. Why did he want to be friendly to him again? In this case, it’s better to go head to head.

The host gave a final closing speech. Zhou Xu pulled Han Zikui’s hand under the table and slowly passed a bracelet to his wrist.

Han Zikui bowed his head and Zhou Xu smiled. He shook his wrist that had a bracelet on it, which was exactly the same as Han Zikui’s.

“It’s for you.”

When the camera turned to them, Han Zikui once again said a word in Zhou Xu’s ear. As a result, he received a contemptuous look from Zhou Xu, but he smiled, thoroughly happy.

The next day, just like last year, there was another online guessing campaign, but at this time, Han Zikui didn’t care about that at all, because he had use all his strength to stop him from immediately looking at Zhou Xu.

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