The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 494: The Ultimate Good Guy Cooks

Chapter 494: The Ultimate Good Guy Cooks

Ever since Lin Jiayu fell pregnant, she had a particularly good appetite. Not long after eating with Yu Gangan, she returned home with Lu Xuechen and felt hungry again after watching television for a little while.

Lu Xuechen was used to it. As he looked at her, he asked, “What do you want to eat tonight?”

“I will eat whatever’s in the fridge.”

“OK, wait,” Lu Xuechen got up and went to the kitchen.

He took out some vegetables from the fridge, rolled up his sleeves, and slowly washed and cut them. His exquisite beauty did not match the kitchen, but his movements were clean and smooth like someone with experience.

These last few nights, whenever Lin Jiayu was hungry, she would tell her ‘roommate’, Lu Xuechen, to cook for her. Although she felt he had a bad temper and bad personality, he had good cooking skills.

She once asked Lu Xuechen, “Why are you so good at cooking?”

Lu Xuechen replied, “Because Fang Zhihan can’t cook.” He was referring to the pitiful way he was treated as a slave when he was studying abroad with Fang Zhihan and they lived in the same building.

Back then, the black-bellied Fang Zhihan didn’t like to eat takeaway, so he found multiple ways to force him to cook.

Even now, when he thought about it, it made him mad!

But, Lin Jiayu misunderstood. She thought he cooked for Fang Zhihan because he was pursuing him.

However, her belly wasn’t even big yet and her child was only 3-4 months old. If she already had such an appetite now, she was afraid she would turn into a fat lady by the time she gave birth.

Soon, Lu Xuechen finished cooking several nutritious but light and delicious dishes.

Lin Jiayu liked it so much, she couldn’t stop. Lu Xuechen had cooking fumes and oil on him, so he went to have a shower. But, when he came out, he discovered all his dishes were actually finished.

Lu Xuechen looked at the empty bowls and dishes on the table and froze. His wife sure knew how to eat.

The beautiful woman was actually a pig. Her big appetite really ruined her image.

With a sneer, he said, “If you eat so much at night, you will get indigestion.”

Lin Jiayu was a bit unsure. As she looked at Lu Xuechen, she realized she had eaten too much.

“Your dishes were too tasty. If I didn’t eat it all, it would have been rude,” she said awkwardly as she stood up to clean the dishes. “I’m full. I should wash the dishes and move a little.”

“No, sit. Let me do it.”

Lu Xuechen pressed down on Lin Jiayu as he picked up all the dishes and headed into the kitchen to wash them.

Lin Jiayu leaned back on the sofa and touched her full stomach. As she listened to the sound of water coming from the kitchen, she began to feel a little tired.

Her eyelids grew heavier and she began to get drowsy. Just as she was about to fall asleep, she shook her head and sat up straight. She then walked into the kitchen, said a few words to Lu Xuechen, and returned to her room to have a bath.

By the time that Lu Xuechen finished washing the dishes, Lin Jiayu was already asleep. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was steady as her arms strung outside of her blanket.

He gently walked over and tucked her arms under the blanket.

He lowered his eyes and looked at Lin Jiayu. Her long eyelashes were tempting to touch, but he was afraid of waking her up, so he resisted.

Gradually, his eyes descended and finally fell on Lin Jiayu’s stomach. He slowly leaned forward and placed his ear against the blanket as he listened quietly to the movement inside.

He did not hear a thing.

Was there fetal movement at 3-4 months? Probably not. What was he doing? Lu Xuechen smiled and left quietly.

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