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The Sinful Life of The Emperor

Chapter 719 - Confimation Bias!

Chapter 719 – Confimation Bias!

“Richard was a good fiancé!” Eva said with a bit of melancholy. “The best a woman can ever hope for!”

Kiba smiled. Her words revived good memories.

Richard would often wait for Eva to shower, not knowing she would use that time to have sex with Kiba1.

But he never suspected as he believed she was naïve and pure.

“I can’t believe he thought you were innocent until the end!”

Kiba couldn’t help but laugh.

“Well, I’m naïve!”

Eva replied with a shy expression, her face blushing.


Kiba smirked. He thought he was a great actor, but she was even better than him. If there was some acting award, she would surely beat him to it.

Smiling, he grabbed her face and kissed her. It wasn’t a sexual kiss, but it was passionate, building on their mutual respect and fondness.

“You did miss me!” Eva said after the kiss broke.

“See? I wasn’t lying,” Kiba replied.

She had been there for him when he needed her the most. And so was he. So how could they not miss each other?

Eva smiled at those fond memories.

She then grabbed a seat and took out a cigarette. Kiba lit it and sat across her.

“So where were you for the last two years?” Kiba asked.

She took a whiff before replying, “Here and there, trying to gain what I always wanted.”

“My offer still stands, you know.”

Eva nodded and took another whiff.

“I will use your help, but I want to achieve what I can on my own.”

Kiba nodded and took the cigarette from her.

He knew her thinking. She wanted to achieve her dreams independently; otherwise, there would be no fun for her. He respected that thought.

“I researched on what I found in the ruins of White Angel Corporation,” Eva said, her voice serious. “Especially the White Angel.”

Kiba’s eyes narrowed.

When he defeated Eva’s father two years ago, the latter used his trump card – White Angel. It was an alien lifeform he summoned through some unknown means. That lifeform had the power of a borderline Level VII Alpha. If not for the restrictions holding her, she could have been an equal match for Kiba from two years ago.

Kiba was curious how Hank could have such a powerful being as his backup. Alas, with Hanks’ demise, there was no one to answer him.

“I don’t know father got it, but I know from where it is.”


“Paradox Dimension.”

Kiba’s face turned solemn.

Paradox Dimension was not only the most dangerous location on Earth. It was also the place where his future-self emerged from.

The time loop that his future-self created to save Hope began from there.

“I can know Paradox Dimension’s secrets if I use the Legacy Orb… but that would harm me in the long run.”

Kiba was in a dilemma.

He had a treasure of memories of his future self, but he couldn’t open them. After all, knowing the future meant he would try to change the unfavorable events. But that would further divert the timeline and strengthen the time loop.

In a way, having those memories were as good as not having them. But he knew Cosmic Emperor must have a good reason to give him those memories.

“Only at the right time can I activate the memories….”

So far, he only activated the memories that dealt with events that have already occurred, like what happened to Agatha in the original timeline.

“What are you thinking?” Eva was taken aback by his serious look.

The Kiba she knew was always cheerful, even in the most dangerous moments. Hell, danger would increase his lust, and he would use it to think of ways to cuckold his enemies.

“Oh, nothing much,” Kiba replied, his face solemn. “Just that it would be so great if Paradox Dimension can help us in reviving Richard. We can then recreate those beautiful moments in the shower.”

“…..” Eva was speechless.

Surely that can’t be the reason for him getting all serious.

Or maybe it can!

He was Kiba, after all!

All he cared about was cuckolding!!

“Well, we don’t need Richard to recreate those moments.”

Eva retorted, her eyes flashing with a naughty glint.

Kiba grinned and jumped on her. Rays of light enveloped them, and they disappeared in a blinding flash.

All that left was their clothes…

An hour later, on the twenty-first floor.

The entire floor was an advanced laboratory, its design similar to the main lab where Kirstie and Rebecca were.

Kiba created it as a backup in case something happened to the main lab.

Claudia – in her loli form – was studying Genetic Degradation Cells Zed extracted from Kirstie.

Through the study, she was trying to find a way to undo the damage Zed suffered when he was a child. The damage was naturally related to the Genetic Inheritance from his father’s side of the family. Due to this, the ability he inherited from his father was limited to sensing danger.

Claudia wanted to fully restore the ability.


Fresh from the shower, Kiba teleported into the lab and appeared behind her. Resting his head over her shoulder, he said, “Any luck?”

“No,” Claudia replied. “You spent all the luck before getting here.”


Kiba flinched.

“Do you never get tired of making such comments?”

Kiba asked after some time.

“Do you never get tired of screwing?”

Claudia asked in response.


Kiba shook his head. Simultaneously, she also shook her head, making her answer clear.

Kiba could only sigh and look at the data on the virtual screen. He waved his hand, and another screen popped up, projecting genetic data of Zed.

“Sensing danger must just be an elementary use of the ability… what could be its real use?”

He wondered aloud.


At the same time, the door to the lab opened, and Agatha stepped in. Claudia sensed her presence and took her leave.

She wanted to give the couple some privacy.

Kiba didn’t turn, though. He continued to watch the screens.

Agatha also observed the screens for a long time before glancing at Kiba.


“Yes?” He turned to her.

“You said your father saved you when you were a newborn, right?”

“Yes…” Kiba nodded.

He has first heard that from Rebecca and confirmed it from the memories of Ksitigarbha – the monk from Dharma Chakra1.

His father did so by acting as a decoy and attracting the majority of the forces that wanted him dead. That brought Rebecca time to give him birth in Solitary Snow Island.

“And he then got imprisoned in Stormseal Island, right?”

Kiba nodded and said, “Well, yes. Why are you saying all these?”

“Nothing, but I think there’s something amiss.”

“?!” Kiba was taken aback.

“I mean, the reason people wanted to kill Zed as a newborn was due to a prophecy… something about you changing the world order and bringing an era of chaos.”

Agatha continued with a serious look.

“But two years ago, when everyone learned the child of Rebecca and Zerenski was alive… just how many people seriously tried to kill Zed?”


Kiba’s eyes widened, and a chill raced down his spine.

Suddenly, he was having a bad premonition, and he thought of one of the most common psychological phenomena.

Confirmation Bias!

The tendency of people to favor information that confirms their existing beliefs or hypothesis!

“And based on what I know, the ability you are trying to gain back is at least related to seeing future… so….”

Agatha was saying, but just then, Kiba disappeared in a flash and appeared before her like lightning.

He grabbed her face and sealed her mouth with his.

He kissed her like his life depended on it.

The words she wanted to say disappeared under his magical kiss, and she became as light as a feather.

She lost all her thoughts and kissed him back.

God, it felt so good to kiss him!

Slowly, she then ran the tip of her slippery tongue across his upper lip, glistening it, teasing him.

“Never ever say what you were going to say.”

Kiba said telepathically as she took his lower lip between her lips.

“And always act like you never thought of what you just said.”

Agatha was shocked, but she continued to suck his lip, acting like he never said anything.

She raised her hands to the back of her neck to unbutton her dress…

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