The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!

Chapter 747 - One-Stop Service (5)

Chapter 747: One-Stop Service (5)

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Director Mu Si, who had finished six plates of meat, finally walked with his hands on his waist.

Before he left, he was especially reluctant to part with her.

The way he addressed her changed from Madam Xiang to “Sister Yi.”

“Sister Yi, your house is so nice! I love this place so much! Oh, I really love China, I love Chinese food so much! Although my body is overseas, my heart will always belong to China!”

She was very polite and not only did she send a lot of hand-holding gifts, she also smiled and said, “When you are on vacation, you are welcome to come and play anytime.”

Looking at the hot pot seasoning, mu Si’s eyes were wide open. She was even more excited than the previous movie, which had a global box office of over two billion!

“Is this the magic seasoning? Sister Yi, you are really a super, super good person!”

In the live broadcast room, the audience was already used to the process of Mu Si’s fragrance.

——[ director mu: wearing a dress, my heart is still Chinese/Dog Head ]

——[ as expected, as long as I have a bite of sister Yi’s rice, I can’t escape the law of true fragrance ]

——[ when will this hot pot seasoning be served? I want to mobilize all my friends and family to help me snatch it! ]



After bidding farewell to director Mu, Xiang Yi and Shu Xinglan exchanged sword blows again, and the young man left with satisfaction.

Just as he left, Xiang Yi received a notification from Li Jianyu.

“The guest has arrived early!”


And, unfortunately, the car broke down on the road.

Shi Sui: “Shall We go over and pick her up?”

Xiang Yi: “Sure, I’ll drive.”

In the live broadcast room:

——[ A dumbass appears ]

——[ Can a female driver do it? Don’t get into an accident ]

——[ Are you sick? Do you have to add the word ‘female’ as the prefix? Go and check the ratio of men to women in traffic accidents yourself! ]

The comments section was filled with chaos, but when the camera switched to the garage, the atmosphere instantly changed!

The sports cars, SUVs, and motorcycles were dazzling, and many of them were limited edition models from around the world. They could be said to be a paradise for car lovers!

Li Jianyu was extremely surprised. He asked the audience what they were thinking, “Sister Yi, are these all your cars?”

“They’re my brothers’ cars.” Xiang Yi did not understand why everyone liked to leave their cars with her. Little did she know that this was a childish comparison between a few men in front of her sister. “And my little uncle’s car.”

Everyone understood.

Upon a closer look, from the style and color, one could basically guess whose car it was.

For example, the black and stable design should belong to Big Brother Xiang Chen.

For example, the red and flashy design should belong to third brother Xiang Chen.

As for the various toy cars, children’s trolleys, and cartoon bumper cars in the corner, other than the overbearing CEO Xiang Shi Feng Feng, whose car could it belong to?

Of course, Xiang Yi also had a few cars. Most of them were given to her by her family, which was more like a young girl’s car.

For the convenience of picking her up, she chose her big brother’s business car.

It was just to look for the keys, which took up some time..


Ah, this damned, enviable trouble!

The young girl skillfully reversed the car like flowing water, using her strength to break the prejudice.

She jumped out of the car and opened the passenger door for Shi Sui. With a straight face, she said, “Boyfriend, you go in first.”

Shi Sui chuckled. “Thank you, Girlfriend.”


Isn’t it just dog food?

I don’t care! I don’t care at all!

Our hearts are already numb! !

The staff also drove a car and followed behind.

Li Jianyu warned, “Sister Yi, try to be faster. Don’t let the guests wait too long.”

Xiang Yi tilted her head. “Faster? Okay, understood.”

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