The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting

Chapter 633 - Are You That Fond Of Her?

Chapter 633: Are You That Fond Of Her?

So Uncle Chu was confused.

“Young Master…”

“This is where she wants to work. What she needs isn’t for me to issue orders and restrict others. Instead, she needs to have the ability to shut them all up. I can help her out once but I can’t help her forever.”

Chu Ningyi was very aware that once he gives the order, those doctors and nurses would not have the nerve to say anything. However, that would not be the best choice for her.

He wants an outcome that was the best for her.

Even though the process caused his heart to ache.

This was not the first time Shui Anluo was in Qiao Huihe’s office but this time, they were alone.

“You’re not suited to be a doctor. You becoming a doctor is no different from completely disregarding human life,” Qiao Huihe said in a grim voice as she leaned against the table and scanned Shui Anluo from top to toe.

Shui Anluo clenched her fists. If Chu Ningyi had been the one to say these words, she could still fire back with a retort. However, Qiao Huihe’s words to her were a form of injury.

Shui Anluo looked up as her eyes filled with determination. “Director Qiao, have you denied all the hard work I’ve put in simply based on my school results?”

“Hard work?” Qiao Huihe sneered. “So failing every year is a product of your hard work?

“But grades alone don’t prove everything. Before you knew me, you once said that I give good suggestions. Besides, you even acknowledged my report, isn’t that right?” Every word Shui Anluo said was spoken with resonance.

“Very good, your teeth are as sharp as ever. Show me your hard work then. Your office is at the end of the hallway, you have half an hour to clean it up. At nine sharp, come with me to do the house calls,” Qiao Huihe said calmly as she looked down to check the time.

Shui Anluo pursed her lips. “Alright,” she replied as she turned around and left the office.

Qiao Huihe watched as her office door closed and the iciness on her face relaxed. “She’s quite similar to me in my younger years but this temper of hers will be a disadvantage to her sooner or later,” said Qiao Huihe as she turned around and began to make preparations for the house calls.

Shui Anluo arrived at the office at the end of the hallway. The door was slightly ajar but a simple peek inside was enough to show how dirty it was. This was an abandoned office.

Shui Anluo opened the door and found a desk, a hardback bed probably for examining patients and two stools. She took one step in and actually left a footprint in the dust.

Shui Anluo shuddered, she knew that it would turn out this way.

Shui Anluo cleaned a space for her to stand and put her bag down to begin sorting everything out. No one in this hospital would help her anyway.

Meanwhile, as Shui Anluo was cleaning her office, Chu Ningyi opened the door and entered Qiao Huihe’s office.

Qiao Huihe lifted her head and looked at him. “What? Is your heart aching? If it is, just take her home. Don’t leave her here and obstruct my view,” she said with a cold smile.

Chu Ningyi made an obvious display of heartache but he did not get angry. “Grandmother, that office used to be yours, right? Are you that fond of her?”

“Heh, you’re overthinking things. That office has only gotten too dirty so she came in just in time to clean it up.” Qiao Huihe continued to smile icily.

Chu Ningyi walked over and sat on the corner of her chair. He put his arm around Qiao Huihe’s shoulder. “Grandmother, that room contained all the joys and sorrows of your life from the day you had started as an intern to where you are today. Even though your room’s had a facelift, that’s still your office. That’s a fact.”

Furthermore, Qiao Huihe had actually allowed Shui Anluo into the office that no one had dared to use for more than ten years. That clearly showed what she really thought.

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