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Supreme Pupillary Master: Peerless Eldest Miss

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Supreme Pupillary Master: Peerless Eldest Miss




Supreme Pupillary Master: Peerless Eldest Miss

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The 24th century’s number one Pupillary master Luo Qingtong transmigrated into the body of the genius eldest miss whose cultivation had been destroyed.Her cultivation tr*shed, her eyes blinded, and her status in her family snatched?Luo Qingtong narrowed her blood red eyes and sneered: Come here! Big sister will teach you to be humble!She had one pair of bloody red pupils but infinite pride. From analysing rare treasures to understanding poison, there’s nothing she can’t do!With both spirit and sword cultivation, knowledge in medicine and poison, and the royal beast array…She will use her life to explain what it means to be supreme, arrogant and matchless existence!However, she never expected to provoke someone even more powerful than her. From then on, it was a game of cat and mouse. You’ll chase and I’ll run; if you want to kill, I’ll offer you a knife. Together, they were unmatched

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