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Chapter 463 - No Way I Am Worse Than A Dog

Chapter 463: No Way I Am Worse Than A Dog

Reports pertaining to the Poseidonsaur were everywhere. With the explosion of interest, many new studies in paleontology were published. People began to rethink the existence of creatures in films that were previously thought to be impossible.

A student who studied ancient vertebraes said with a chuckle during an interview with the media, “My teacher used to say, documentaries and archeology are alike. They are always updated as more information is revealed. The discovery of the Poseidonsaur is a monumental affair. We believe that there are even more surprises waiting to be discovered in other unknown places.”

People began to reevaluate islands that were fortunate enough to survive the Period of Destruction because of the discovery.

Island prices swelled!

It wasn’t a sudden jump though. However, with the increased interest in islands, the market value for islands began to grow.

One paleontology lover bought an island for research. He constructed his own research base and assembled an exploratory team to examine the rock strata underwater.

After the Poseidonsaur was unearthed, Fang Zhao signed a cooperative agreement with the Brian Museum and Huangzhou Museum. In the next two months, the Poseidonsaur fossil would be moved to Huangzhou and rotate between those two museums. Online tickets for the days the Poseidonsaur exhibit would be live were already sold out.

As for Yanzhou Museum’s curator… he could only feel like crying.

It couldn’t be helped. While Yanzhou was closer and Fang Zhao was from Yanzhou, they simply couldn’t make preparations so quickly under so much scrutiny.

However, they would surely have the adequate preparations to receive the Poseidonsaur after those two months!

All the media attention followed the Poseidonsaur off the island. Fang Zhao’s little island quietened down once more.

Fang Zhao had plans to build a collection hall, but the island wasn’t a good place. He didn’t know how long his trips off the island would last. What if people came to the island to cause trouble? He didn’t want to lose anything Curly Hair happened to dig up.

Fang Zhao didn’t have anywhere suitable for the time being and lacked sufficient capital as well. Thus, that was something he could only do when he earned enough money.

The Poseidonsaur was rented out, but businesspeople of all kinds still sought out Fang Zhao. However, Fang Zhao’s focus was on the upcoming concert in space.

He had already received the invitation from the organizing committee.

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Fang Zhao now understood why Mo Lang hadn’t told him who the organizers were.

Planet Yin.

The first of the three foreign planet military affairs strategic locations!

There was too little information available about it. Even military news rarely reported anything about Planet Yin. However, Planet Yin was publicly acknowledged to have the highest research capabilities.

“…Basically, these all should be noted. I will send you a more detailed electronic file shortly. Someone will contact you about travel arrangements,” the other party briefed Fang Zhao. “Any other questions?”

“Can I bring a dog?” Fang Zhao asked.

The person on the other end paused. Some fluctuation could be heard in his previously emotionless voice. “Do you mean Curly Hair? You can bring him, but not any other dog. Of course, if you don’t have the time to feed your dog while on Planet Yin, we can also help. Perhaps he can exchange some pointers with our inspection team at the spaceport.”

Fang Zhao didn’t find it surprising that the other party knew about Curly Hair. Curly Hair had been registered at a few military districts and departments. Inspection departments of various spaceports would definitely jump at the chance to recruit him.

Planet Yin’s spaceport had indeed wanted to recruit Curly Hair before. However, they knew Fang Zhao wasn’t willing to part with his dog, so they hadn’t said anything. Of course, they too were very interested in Fang Zhao’s ears, but with Fang Zhao’s flourishing music career, recruiting Fang Zhao was even more difficult.

Fang Zhao opened the electronic files the organizer had mentioned. It contained additional application instructions for escorts and pets.

Fang Zhao had already told Nanfeng and the other two about the concert before, but not its location.

Nevertheless, all three of them had expressed their desire to come with him.

Nanfeng’s own keen insight had told him the location would be quite exclusive. He absolutely wasn’t willing to be left behind!

When Fang Zhao had said that he wanted to bring Curly Hair along, Nanfeng had had some worries. “Won’t the place have very strict regulations? Would they allow a dog?”

How could a place with such a strict and complicated auditing process permit a pet dog to be brought along?

Fang Zhao didn’t explain and merely said, “I’ve sent the application to you all. Just make sure to submit one for Curly Hair too.”

“Understood, Boss!”

Nanfeng worked quickly and called up Yan Biao and Zuo Yu to submit the application as Fang Zhao’s retinue. The auditing process for them as accompanying personnel was much stricter. The first round of auditing was on their political record. They could be rejected if they had made any publicly inappropriate remarks.

“Pets also have a political record examination?” Nanfeng was intrigued but still helped Curly Hair submit his application as per Fang Zhao’s request.

A minute later, Curly Hair’s political record examination was passed.

Nanfeng: “…”

Was the political auditing for pets so fast now?

An hour later, Yan Biao’s audit was passed

Half an hour later, Zuo Yu followed suit.

Nanfeng… Nanfeng still had yet to receive any notification at dinnertime.

“How did you all pass the auditing so quickly? Will I…” Nanfeng stammered with an ashen face.

Yan Biao consoled him. “It’s probably because you have been in the entertainment circles, so there’s more information for the audit to look through.”

Nanfeng still remained worried. He had been in the Huangzhou entertainment circle as a lowly worker. There had been times where he might have been a little careless, but surely there hadn’t been anything that would merit a rejection!

Nanfeng couldn’t sleep all night. Fortunately, he received a notification that he passed the audit in the morning and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Okay! Time to apply for the next round of auditing!”

The following few rounds of auditing went rather smoothly. However, the final audit was a physical examination at a designated location. They were required to appear there within seven working days.

Fang Zhao went together with them.

“Boss, didn’t you already pass all the auditing? You don’t have to come with us; I can handle it all,” Nanfeng said. Something like a physical examination was really simple!

“I’m going over just to take a look,” Fang Zhao replied.

At the designated location, three men and one dog were separated to different examination stations.

Fang Zhao found himself a high stool and sat down to read.

Half an hour later, Curly Hair trotted out leisurely.

Two hours later, Yan Biao came out from his examination station.

Yan Biao felt somewhat pleased seeing that Zuo Yu and Nanfeng both weren’t out yet. Look, I am the strongest. Serving on Planet Baiji for so many years has its advantages!

As for Curly Hair, Yan Biao didn’t think much of it. He reckoned that the physical examination standards for pets were much more lenient.

Curly Hair yawned.

Curly Hair found a more comfortable position to lie down and yawned again.

By the time Nanfeng came out from the examination station, Curly Hair was already curled up asleep by Fang Zhao’s feet.

Nanfeng was feeling a little faint and even felt like puking.

“The tests this time are a little too rigorous. Their standards for physical capability are really too high.”

Based on the tests, it seemed like the concert destination wouldn’t be very comfortable.

Zuo Yu chuckled. “Nanfeng, you even used to be from Planet Baiji. That’s no good; you’ve regressed! We’ll have some more intensive training starting tomorrow!”

Yan Biao also chimed in with his approval. “Intensive training is required, indeed. Look at you! You’re even worse than a dog. Do you feel no shame?”

Nanfeng glanced at Yan Biao and Zuo Yu who were already seated on the bench, then at the snoring Curly Hair. He felt a little dazed.

No… No way… No way I am even worse Curly Hair!

Have I really degenerated to such a weak chicken after leaving the force for so many years?

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