Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 464 - The Call of the Chief: Surprise, Motherf*cker!

Chapter 464 The Call of the Chief: Surprise, Motherf*cker!

Selina suddenly warned, “There’s a convoy three kilometers up ahead: A total of five pickups and more than thirty people.”

Luke hummed as they continued moving forward.

Selina said, “Dito’s reached the convoy. He’s not stopping, he’s still running. The convoy has stopped Martin and Roger, and they’re engaging.”

Hearing the intense gunfire outside the window, Luke asked casually, “Are Martin and Roger alright?”

Selina said, “I think something’s wrong. They’re not returning as much gunfire.”

Luke’s mind raced and he roughly understood the situation.

Martin and Roger had been too busy chasing the enemy to restock their ammunition, most of which must’ve been used up in the battle at the manor.

Chasing Dito and his bodyguard squad didn’t require a lot of ammunition, but Dito’s shocking number of reinforcements was pretty bad news for Martin.

Luke turned off the headlights and said, “Send out one of the drones to scout the roads up ahead. I need to go around them.”

Selina worked quickly, then showed him the tablet. “This should be a safe route.”

Luke glanced at the route marked out in red on the tablet. Calculating quickly in his head, he said, “I’ll pass Martin and Roger in a minute. Toss them the bag of weapons and ammunition that’s in the backseat.”

Selina took the tablet back, then grabbed the bag from the backseat.

It was a bunch of weapons which Luke had casually grabbed earlier. He hadn’t used them and had just brought them with him.

In any case, he had an inventory, and would never say no to extra ammunition.

Selina dragged the bag toward her and lowered the back of her seat so that she was half-lying down with the bag on her lap.

At that moment, the window on the passenger side was all the way down.

Luke began to count down. “3… 2… 1!”

Selina moved completely in time with Luke’s countdown. She picked up the bag at 3, raised it to the window at 2, then threw it out at 1.

Martin and Roger, on the other hand, were sweating with fear.

Martin had already noticed Luke’s car, but he had just used up his clip.

Roger was hiding behind a rock eight meters away. He only had a few bullets left and didn’t dare take random shots.

This wasn’t a TV drama. The hit rate for shooting at a fast-moving car at night was painfully low.


The next moment, the Ford pickup which didn’t have its lights on whooshed past Roger, and something heavy was thrown out from the passenger side to land two meters from Roger. Martin and Roger, who both had goosebumps, stared blankly.

This situation didn’t seem right.

Whatever had been thrown out was too hefty to be a grenade. Only a lunatic would use such a huge grenade.

The Ford pickup didn’t stop at all. After the bag was thrown out, the car swung around to hit the side of the defense perimeter set up by Dito’s bodyguards.

Martin and Roger instantly realized that the Ford pickup wasn’t with Dito, or it could’ve stopped behind them to work with the convoy in front in a pincer attack.

Sure enough, the Ford pickup drove off the road and through the underbrush before suddenly speeding up a slope and hurtling through the air.

When the pickup was airborne, Luke picked up a Glock with his left hand and stuck it out the window.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

After a series of gunshots, five bodyguards suddenly screamed and fell. The pickup landed and Luke flicked his wrist as he made use of Curve Shooting. Bang! Bang! Two more bodyguards collapsed.

Casually dropping the Glock, Luke pulled his hand back into the car and rushed off.

Martin was stupefied. “Holy sh*t! What sort of shooting is that?”.

The pickup had been in the air for no more than two seconds, but the driver hit seven bodyguards who were scattered about in a brief instant in the dark night.

Even a game didn’t have this sort of cheat!

Roger, for one, had fired almost eighty bullets tonight but had hit less than fifty enemy targets.

And he was already one of the better shooters in LAPD.

How good were American officers at shooting? According to certain data, in a gunfight against suspects, the first shot which a police officer fired within a ten-meter range had an accuracy of 30%.

That was why the police system had always focused more on police officers practicing shooting at close range and not as much on aiming. After all, the accuracy was only 30% even when they tried to aim, which wasn’t very different from not aiming at all.

Just now, the pickup driver had fired eight bullets and hit seven people from an airborne car. Even Martin had never witnessed such marksmanship before.

Roger, on the other hand, was a lot less concerned.

He was an old man, and his eyesight wasn’t as good.

After the strange driver killed seven bodyguards, Roger dragged over the big bag that had been thrown from the car.

Feeling it, there was a burst of happiness in his heart, and he burst out laughing after he unzipped it. Martin came back to his senses. “What are you doing?” Even as he spoke, he raised his hand to catch the AK that was thrown to him with one hand and caught two clips with the other.

Roger said, “That bag is full of weapons and ammunition, a lot of it.” He raised the AK he was holding and pulled on the gun to load it.

“Surprise, motherf*cker!” He yelled obscenities as he opened fire wildly with his AK.

Martin was flabbergasted, his forehead covered in dark lines. “Roger, how long has it been since you used an AK?”

Squatting down in embarrassment to dodge the bullets that were fired back at him, Roger said, “Haha, it’s only been… Well, I’m a police detective. I’ve never used an AK.”

He said the words a little guiltily.

The truth was that he hadn’t even touched the M4A1 that was sitting in his car in a long while.

Like he said, he was a police detective, not a SWAT officer. A submachine gun wasn’t his main weapon.

If he could use a submachine gun, then why would people need SWAT?!

Martin rolled his eyes, then suddenly stuck his head out and raised the gun.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Two bodyguards who were firing at Roger screamed and fell.

Martin said, “So, can you let go of the trigger? The gun’s recoil is too much for you.”

Roger’s expression was gloomy and he could only fume in silence.

Up ahead, Luke’s pickup had already swung back onto the road and continued speeding along

Selina said, “There’s a building complex and some lights two kilometers up ahead, and big crop fields around it. This could be Dito’s plantation.”

Luke narrowed his eyes as he looked through the windshield.

With his keen sight, he could vaguely see a bit of light.

Selina wasn’t done. “They have a defensive perimeter set up around the complex, and it’s very organized. There’s a sentry tower and… huh, a machine gun tower?”

Luke laughed. “So professional?”

Selina observed the picture on the tablet carefully and then nodded. “It really is a machine gun tower, and there are two of them. They’re both in the central zone and can cover the entire complex.”

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