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Chapter 344 - Another

She then called Silver and stopped him from breathing more fire as she had found out there might still be civilians who were hiding or even trapped inside the houses and castles. 

While the light faes continued destroying the beasts, Evie and her men landed on the roof of the highest castle in the middle of the city. Their eyes all focused to the direction of the imperial palace. 

“When Elias and I sneaked into the midst of the imperial army, we did reach quite far in.” Zolan started when Evie questioned them in detail about what had happened. “While His Highness is fighting against the possessed fake royals and the half vampires, I managed to get close enough to the palace. But I couldn’t get any further from there onwards because there seemed to be some kind of thick and dark magic which appear to be guarding the palace.”


“Dark magic?” Evie creased her brows.

“Yes, princess. I know it’s dark magic because it’s the same type of magic I’m sensing from His Highness. The problem is that I don’t think the source of that dark magic is from His Highness. In fact, it should not be from him since there is no way that His Highness would protect the castle that he is intending to destroy.”

“So, you are implying that the dark magic you sensed is coming from Thundrann?” Evie tried guessing what Zolan was hinting at.

“I don’t think so. I haven’t seen Thundrann as of yet, but I already felt the kind of magic he possessed and it’s definitely not even similar to it. After all, Thundrann is not even a half dark fae isn’t it? That dark magic somehow feels exactly the same as His Highness’.”

“Are you implying that another dark fae, a full one at that, is in the palace right now?” Samuel piped in with his serious voice. 

“That’s the only explanation I could think of right now.” Zolan answered and everyone fell silent. 

Evie was not even surprised anymore because she knew that if it was only Thundrann they were going up against right now, with how powerful her husband had become, he should have had easily defeated him by now. Aside from that, there was also the mystery of how these beasts were all summoned and brought to rampage here in the imperial capital. Evie just could not believe that Thundrann himself was capable of commanding all the beasts from the Middle Land like this. He was not supposed to be this powerful!

Fixing her gaze towards the massive palace far ahead of them, Evie took a step forward. With her back facing her men, she squared her shoulders and then looked at them over her shoulder. 

“We will move out now.” Evie declared and the men straightened. After receiving the gentle care and healing given personally by their very own princess, they were now more than prepared to go and fight again. It was incredible how they felt far more revitalized now that the princess is here with them and that they were going to fight alongside her again. 

“My queen,” Zirrus stepped forward and Evie turned and faced him, knowing that the noble light fae wanted to say something. “I believe it’s not wise for you to go there without us knowing what’s in there. It’s obvious whoever is in there isn’t just Thundrann. I know that Thundrann should have gotten way stronger since the last time, but… I can’t believe this magic I am sensing right now belongs to him. It is too strong…”

Evie understood where Zirrus was coming. Even she could already smell something so ominous, an abnormal dark magic even at this distance. Her body could even recognize the dangers surrounding her before she could acknowledge it. However, that was exactly the reason she wanted to go. She knew Gav was strong but… she must be there. She needed to be there. She would fight alongside him no matter what happens, no matter who they were up against at. 

“I know Zirrus. But I’m not going to delay any longer. I am going not only because my husband is there, but because our enemy is there as well. I will end him. Zanya and two other light faes are enough to accompany me there. I will need you to take over the command here. Don’t come to the palace until all of these beasts are eradicated.” She commanded him and Zirrus was unable to oppose, and he simply bowed and could only accept the command of his queen.

Not wasting anymore time, Evie called for more of her dragons to aid them. She had the feeling that this war was going to be beyond what she or anybody else was expecting. Thus, she wanted to prepare herself as much as she could. 

She called on Vermillion and Fir and it did not take too long for the dragons to answer her call and arrive before her. 

The vampires rode on Silver while Evie chose to ride on Vermillion. 

And then the three dragons finally set off and headed towards the palace. The closer they got to it the more erratic Evie’s heartbeat became. Back when she was in Crescia, all she could think of was to beat her husband up good the moment she sees him again. But right now, all she wanted was to be able to see him and run to him and be in his arms. All she wanted was to know that he is alright. 

The ominous darkness was getting thicker and by the time the dragons were right above the massive palace, it was then that they saw the extent of damage. The once regal palace, easily the most luxurious and most lavishly elegant place in the entire land of Lirea, was now an unrecognizable heap of stones. The battle that happened there was definitely on a scale that they could not even imagine. 

What had happened here? Where was Gav? 

The nervousness was getting to her. But she managed to keep her face straight and tamped down on her panic as she looked back at her comrades. 

When all of them nodded, indicating that they were ready, Evie made an order and the dragons spiralled down towards the palace. ‘Gav, I’m here now. Where are you?’ she uttered inside her as her gaze was fixed below, looking for any signs of him. 


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