Soaring of Galaxia

Chapter 937 Intimidating the Old Monster

Chapter 937 Intimidating the Old Monster

Beneath the thousand mile long ridge of the Dried Pine Tree Mountain Ridge, there was a gigantic ravine. From the ravine, suddenly a burst of torrent-dashing black air emerged. Like a spiraling tornado, it surged up and congealed into rolling black smoke that covered the sky. In the middle of the black cloud, there was a gigantic figure with a malicious looking face.

Regardless of how you looked at this figure, he appeared to be a gigantic bat. With his entire body painted black, wings grew from his back. Indeed, his face also resembled a mouse.

Snatching a pitch black thick stick in his hand, he looked down disdainfully from the corner of his eyes and let out a strange laugh. “Exploding Tiger, I’ve waited hundreds of years for this day. Today, I will take your life when you are sick!”

Exploding Tiger Tie Hong gave a stuffed snort and his forthright voice sounded as the sudden clap of thunder. “Stinky bat, taking advantage of my difficulty, you have no sense of shame. It’s good that you’ve come, I am just passing the Ninth Calamity of the Genuine Supreme Dao Stage. In the worst case, when I’m taking the calamity, you will not gain anything, let both of us burn together!”

When Qin Wushuang heard their conversation, he understood the cause of the matter. It seemed this gigantic bat had a grudge with Exploding Tiger Tie Hong. He came specifically when he learned Tie Hong was facing the Ninth Calamity of the Genuine Supreme Dao Stage.

This Exploding Tiger Tie Hong was bold. Even at this moment, he would never yield to him. Even if he were to die, he would not show his weakness to his sworn enemy.

The gigantic bat laughed again. “Exploding Tiger, if you want to die with me, you should at least give me an opportunity. Do you think I need to do it myself? Do I need to fight close combat with you? Ha ha, when your Ninth Calamity comes, I will just perform the Great Devil Bat Sound from a distance, that will be enough for you. Ha ha…”

When Exploding Tiger heard his words, it was clear his temperament dropped. He was well aware of the power of this Great Devil Bat Sound. The long distance sound wave attack could stir the souls of people and was incomparable to ordinary physical attacks.

This stinky bat was almost on par with him, he only had yet to reach the Ninth Calamity. However, after fighting for a few hundred years, they had always been in a stalemate.

Clearly, this bat did not wish to see his sworn enemy passing the great calamity to the Heavenly Supreme Dao. Or else, there would be no space for him in the future.

The Exploding Tiger was a freelance martial artist, and always acted alone without any help. By this time, he realized he did not have any people to defend him. It would be extremely difficult when he encountered the great calamity.

From afar, he saw two figures standing on the Dried Pine Tree Mountain Ridge. He also found it strange, how could uninvited guests come at this moment?

Judging from the tone of this stinky bat, were they not his friends?

“Exploding Tiger Exploding Tiger, why are you not running away?” The tone of that bat person sounded extremely proud as he ridiculed him. “Didn’t you not know? I really wanted to see you when you were in a messed up situation. Ha ha ha ha!”

The laughter of the bat warrior sounded very carefree.

Yet Exploding Tiger stayed in silence. Once again, he shot a glance towards Qin Wushuang and Little Jiang.

The batman said with a cold sneer, “Exploding Tiger, you are not really going to cast your hope on such garbage? Ha ha, good, let me kill your wishful thinking.”

After he finished speaking, the black spiritual Qi rolled to plunge down with extreme density. The rolling black tornado soared through the sky like a gigantic black dragon.

He swung the gigantic stick and smashed it down.

With a rumbling sound, the temperament released from the stick smashing down shook the entire space to tremble. An explosive sound whipped through the sky. When the black Supreme Dao Qi plunged down, it seemed as if a gigantic mountain pressed down.

Pressed by this temperament, instantly the limbs of Little Jiang went limp as he became frightened stiff.

At this moment, suddenly he felt his body relax as if a burst of power pulled it away by sheer force. Then, his body broke free from that tension.

“Hm?” The batman narrowed his eyes into a line.

He realized his most prized stick move had hit nothing.

On the side, Exploding Tiger laughed. “Stinky bat, with your lowly skills, you dare to laugh at them being garbage. I think you are not even on par with those flies flying next to the garbage.”

Initially, the color on that pitch dark face of the bat turned purple.

His stick move hit nothing! How could it be possible? Judging from the look of those two guys, one had a weak aura and the other was young. Neither of them appeared to be elite warriors.

Could it be they were assisted by elite warriors from behind the scenes?

Like a small leaf, Qin Wushuang drifted and dropped onto the mountain ridge. Holding his chest with both hands, he acted as though the scenario that just happened was like a cold breeze brushing at his face for it could not stimulate any ripples in his heart.

When that gigantic batman saw the temperament of Qin Wushuang, his heart sank. He rolled his wretched looking mouse-like eyes.

“Kid, you don’t have any manners,” the batman said with an eerie tone. “Have your seniors not taught you to show enough respect before elite warriors? Are you looking down at me with your darned movements?”

On the battlefield, Qin Wushuang’s movements of holding his chest with both hands was the biggest insult to his enemies. It was no wonder that it provoked the bad-tempered batman.

Suppressed by the temperament of the batman, Little Jiang felt nervous inwardly. Yet when he saw the calm and collected posture of Qin Wushuang from the corner of his eyes, endless courage surged from his heart out of nowhere.

With a loud voice, he said, “Stinky bat, my boss came to visit a friend, but you are talking nonstop. We would not be showing any manners to ourselves if we pay respect to you.”

Qin Wushuang could not refrain from smiling. This Little Jiang had a sharp tongue. However, it was also good as it saved him a lot of trouble. After all, he had yet to master the language at this place.

Although Exploding Tiger Tie Hong was an unyielding figure, with his life on stake, naturally he would not push away his friends when he saw it seemed those two were on his side. He followed to speak in support, “Stinky bat, did you hear that? People know about justice, get lost if you know the situation, or else, humph humph!”

The batman laughed instead of getting angry. He kept looking across Little Jiang with an eerie look. “You lowly ant, you dare to berate me. You sure have guts, you are bold.”

After he finished speaking, he turned to look at Qin Wushuang and said with an eerie voice, “And you immature kid, let me kill you first!”

With a whoosh, a gust of black wind plunged over. With a shake, that batman transformed into another burst of black wind and rolled over.

With the rolling black wind, instantly yellow sand filled the sky. As dust rpse to fly upwards across the Dried Pine Tree Mountain Ridge, it was like a super sandstorm whipped through with a fierce imposing manner.

Exploding Tiger shouted, “Watch out! This is black bat sand, once it drops onto your body, it will nibble away at your bones and soul!”

Qin Wushuang only laughed as he mocked him, “Good one!”

Led by the Ying Yang Nature Blade from his hand, instantly the sword lights slashed a gigantic circular shape. A burst of whirlpool formed in the middle of this circle and the Yin and Yang shapes were separated. Pushing it forward, these two pictures expanded endlessly.

“Ying Yang extreme light!” Qin Wushuang let out a light shout and kept initiating sword moves. Bursts of Yin-Yang fishes expanded like spreading ripples.

Little Jiang was dumbstruck by this move. He could not refrain from swallowing a breath of cold air.

“So powerful, Sir Xinghe, no wonder you are an elite warrior of the Heavenly Supreme Dao!” At this moment, Little Jiang was deeply impressed by Qin Wushuang.

Although there were many Heavenly Supreme Dao elite warriors in the Meteorological Land, when he watched how one of them unleashed their power closely, he finally knew the mighty power of the heavens!

Shone by the Yin and Yang Extreme Lights, it seemed all the black air from the batman got stuck. He could not even struggle to break free.

Countless Yin and Yang Extreme Lights kept congealing to form a ball of dazzling starry clouds that covered the batman tightly inside the lights.

Like a beast trying to break free, that batman plunged from left to right. Yet like an ant trying to shake a big tree, he could not make a dent on this powerful light cover!

Exploding Tiger was also dumbstruck when he looked at this scene. He looked at Qin Wushuang who appeared like a god in the middle of the sky. Inwardly, he felt incredibly astonished. “Who is he, such divine skills, and so young? It seems he has not even passed one hundred years of age!”

Batman kept crying out miserably inside the light cover, “Sir, sir, I know I am wrong, I know! Please spare my life!”

This batman was famously known for his viciousness. Yet inside this extreme light cover, it was like he was in a pill furnace. Each second would feel as if he was tortured in the infernal world.

When Exploding Tiger saw the miserable appearance of that batman, he also felt incredibly refreshed. Yet when he was feeling refreshed, he also felt his hair standing up. Upon having fought his batman for a few hundred years, he knew profoundly his unyielding character. When he saw such an old monster could not stop from begging for forgiveness, he finally knew the cruelty of this light cover.

Qin Wushuang revealed a leisurely smile. “Batman, I am not your enemy. If you want to beg for your life, you must beg Tie Hong.”

Tie Hong was stunned, yet that batman did not mind as he called out from the light cover, “Tie Hong, Tie Hong, I am wrong, I really am. I promise I will never fight you again. I will go around whenever I see you, I vow in the name of the Master God!”

Exploding Tiger harbored deep resentment for this batman. Now, of course he would not speak to forgive him. Instead, he said to Qin Wushuang, “Honorable Sir, this old monster is your prisoner, you should make the decision.”

Qin Wushuang laughed and said, “Sure, batman, do you want to live, or die?”

“I would rather live than die. Sir, I want to live, live!” The batman let out an endless miserable cry.

Qin Wushuang said with an indifferent tone, “Sure if you want to live, then be my servant. Time limit is ten thousand years!”

His tone was filled with superior confidence. Carried with austere authority, each of his words sounded unquestionable. Little Jiang felt stirred and he looked at Qin Wushuang with more admiration.

Now, the batman only wanted to live and was left without a choice. It would be meaningless if he kept holding on. Besides suffering more, it would be useless. To get out of here and to not die, he must compromise.

Immediately he nodded and cried out, “Master, I am willing to work for you for ten thousand years! I shall not regret!”

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