Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 1325 - Killing the Scumbag With One Shot (2)

Chapter 1325: Killing the Scumbag With One Shot (2)

“Go ahead and shoot me, if you dare.”

Wei Shaodong did not believe that Ye Tianxin would really kill him.

To him, she was merely a harmless woman.

“Tang Song, wake up.”

Ye Tianxin kicked Tang Song’s thigh. Having been woken up suddenly, Tang Song sat up immediately. Rubbing his eyes, he looked at Ye Tianxin quizzically.

He looked at both Wei Shaodong and Luo Haiyi and knew what had happened instantly.

He jumped to his feet and slapped Wei Shaodong several times across the face.

“You scumbag! How dare you!”

Wei Shaodong did not expect to be beaten up so badly by Tang Song. He had thought that nothing would happen to him since Ye Tianxin would not dare to kill him.

Tang Song continued hitting Wei Shaodong until he had no more strength left.

Ye Tianxin snorted.


Tang Song was about to cry.


Not everyone was as strong as Ye Tianxin.

Ye Tianxin was still holding her pistol. She tapped the pistol softly with her fingers.

“Wei Shaodong, let me make something clear for you: I am sparing your life this time, but not out of mercy. I made a promise to get all of you out safely. What do you think will happen if I kill you in the desert? Nobody will know that you are dead. In this wilderness, no one can save you, either. Don’t test my patience. This is a desert. I am stronger than you. I can kill you very easily. Do you understand?”

Ye Tianxin stared coldly at Wei Shaodong. She looked much older than her age.

Anger swept over her as she gave the despicable man a cold and piercing stare.

Wei Shaodong trembled with fear as he looked at her.

He knew that she was not joking.

If he did not behave himself, she would kill him.

The desert was empty, with nobody in it. Nobody would know that he died in the desert.

Tang Song felt so angry that it made her sick. Irritated that Wei Shaodong did not respond to Ye Tianxin’s warning, he gave him a hard kick.

Wei Shaodong finally nodded.

He knew it was a serious matter this time.

He was well aware of the consequences if he dared to do it again.

However, Wei Shaodong was also indignant at the way they had treated him.

He had never felt so humiliated by a girl in his whole life.

it was the ultimate insult to a man like him.

He vowed to make Ye Tianxin pay for her actions one day.

Ye Tianxin kept her gun. Wei Shaodong looked in fear as he saw her gun.

He stared at her in resentment and anger.

He would get his revenge one day.

When that day arrived, he would be the winner. The thought of conquering a woman like Ye Tianxin was satisfying to him.

He used to think that Luo Huayi was very attractive when they were working together. Now that he saw someone as beautiful and strong as Ye Tianxin, he thought she would make a good prey as well.

Ye Tianxin became more guarded after the episode.

There was always a dark side to everyone.

Who could guarantee that Wei Shaodong would not try anything funny in the future?

Men were capable of doing unthinkable and outrageous things when overcome by their desires.

They finally caught sight of the border after two days in the desert.

When they arrived at the border, Ye Tianxin saw that many people were crowding around it.

It was horrifying to see the people crying out pitifully.

Other than Ye Tianxin’s group, many people also wanted to cross the border.

“Tang Song, which department should we speak to?”

After inquiring with the guards at the border, Tang Song brought Ye Tianxin to an office.

He told the office-in-charge the intention of their visit.

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