Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

Chapter 4891


Split the body with a sword!

Centered on the Qihai Dantian of the ancestor of ten thousand Tao, his proud physique was directly cut in half!

At the same time, his holy spirit and soul were cut!

The ancestor of the Tao died completely!

Seeing the scene in front of us, all living beings in the world are boiling!

There is no doubt that this result is what everyone wants to see most!

From this moment on, Chen Xiaobei will also become a well deserved and irreplaceable supreme belief in everyone’s heart!

However, at the moment, Chen Xiaobei did not celebrate. He just slowly faded out of the live picture with the chaotic Blood Sword and completely disappeared into everyone’s vision.


Time flies. It’s a few months later!

Chen Xiaobei became the only Supreme Master in the world, formulated new rules, and, of course, fulfilled all his promises.

All those who should be resurrected have been resurrected.

The pan saints were completely liberated.

All the people who once hid in the great world of beixuan Holy Spirit have also obtained absolute freedom.

However, Chen Xiaobei, the Supreme Master, is really a little out of business.

After the establishment of beixuan holy court, Chen Xiaobei distributed the holy ancestor xuanzhi who had previously obtained the peak level of nine star holy ancestor to the people he most trusted, so that everyone’s accomplishments soared directly!

Then, Chen Xiaobei directly entrusted the important task of managing the world to Tongtian cult leader and others.

Chen Xiaobei himself, with his family, launched a plan to roam the world!

The first stop of this tour was selected in a familiar place!



Ivy League!

Ivy League university!

Chen Xiaobei took his family, put on the clothes of earthmen and walked along the path of the school yard.

Everything seems to have returned to its original appearance.

Beautiful! quiet! peaceful! comfortable!

The only headache for Chen Xiaobei and his family is that Chen Xiaobei’s confidante tiantuan can attract countless eyes wherever he goes!

In addition, little Chen Xi is not a fuel-efficient lamp. When she arrived on the earth, she began to put wild horses, play everywhere, and cause many disasters.

Chen Xiaobei even feels that he can’t control little Chen Xi.

What worries Chen Xiaobei more is that little Chen Xi may have several more brothers and sisters soon!

At that time, I’m afraid they will overthrow the heavens and all boundaries!

However, my parents urged me too hard. It seems that no matter how many grandchildren there are, there are not enough. Therefore, there will only be more and more younger brothers and sisters of little Chen Xi!

At the thought of this, Chen Xiaobei has a big head!


“Wang Chen! You poor bastard! I want to break up with you!!!”

At this time, a very harsh voice suddenly came from a corner of the campus.

When they followed the prestige, they saw a girl drinking and scolding the boy in front of them. They not only scolded the boy for being poor, but even the boy’s parents were greeted several times.

After scolding, the girl left without looking back. She even threw herself directly into the arms of others as soon as she walked out.

Only the boy was left sitting on the ground with a lost face.

For a moment, the family members all looked at Chen Xiaobei with deep meaning in their eyes.

“I see!”

Chen Xiaobei smiled calmly and walked towards the boy.

With a serious face, he asked, “young man, I think you have strange bones and extraordinary talents. Are you interested in joining the beixuan red envelope group?”

(end of the book)

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