Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

Chapter 4890

“I hope you do what you say and don’t go back on it!”

Without much explanation, Chen Xiaobei sat cross legged on the ground.

“Shua Shua… Shua Shua…”

Then, the eleven Shenghui emerged directly from Chen Xiaobei’s body and condensed in the eleven parts of Chen Xiaobei’s body.

“What are you doing?”

The ancestor of the ten thousand ways showed a puzzled look on his face.

“Shua… Shua…”

Then, Chen Xiaobei moved his mind and sent the big world of beixuan Holy Spirit and chaotic space into the void crack at the same time, returning to the real space.

Then, everyone in the big world of beixuan Holy Spirit, everyone in the chaotic space, returned to the real space.

“Everybody! You should all know what happened here!”

Chen Xiaobei directly looked up and said in a deep voice: “now, I am facing an unprecedented powerful opponent! Relying on my strength alone, it is impossible to win! I hope you can lend your strength to me!”

At this moment, everything that happened here was broadcast live.

Even if no one saw the live broadcast, he learned the situation on the spot through the communication symbol.

It is even no exaggeration to say that everyone in the world knows all this.

What Chen Xiaobei wants to rely on is the power of everyone.

“Are you crazy? There is no such power in the world? How can you borrow everyone’s power?”

The ancestor of Wan Dao looked puzzled.

“If you are willing to lend me your strength, raise your hands, palm to the sky and open your mind! Let’s eradicate this enemy together!”

Chen Xiaobei didn’t pay attention to the ancestor of the ten thousand ways, but said to the people.

In fact, before that, there was no such power in the world!

However, just now in the monkey’s body, Chen Xiaobei peeped into the same origin as the ancestor of the ten thousand ways!

From this origin, Chen Xiaobei not only found the weakness of origin!

Also found some special things!

Along the process of origin and development, Chen Xiaobei saw the whole process of the growth of the ancestor of the ten thousand ways!

Among them, the most important is the step of the ancestor of the ten thousand Tao to break through the supreme realm!

Chen Xiaobei, with his strong learning ability, immediately understood the method of breaking through the supreme realm thoroughly!

In fact, this method is the core of the highest holy pulse of all ethnic groups. It absorbs the power of all sentient beings’ faith and transforms it into the power of the holy way. By practicing with the power of the holy way, we can break through the supreme realm!

However, at this moment, Chen Xiaobei has developed a brand-new ability by using his super ability to draw inferences from one instance!

With this power, Chen Xiaobei can not only borrow the power of everyone, but also transform these powers into a power similar to the power of the holy way, but it is not a new power of the power of the holy way!

With the blessing of this new force, Chen Xiaobei can break through to the supreme state!

“We are willing to…”

In real space, most people hesitate first.

However, Chen Xiaobei’s relatives and friends took the lead in standing up, holding their hands high, palms facing the sky and opening their hearts!

Chen Zhongfu, Zhang cuie, Luo Bodhi, Xiao Chen Xi, Liu Xuanxin, Yan Lingshi

Tongtian sect leader, monkey brother, Xiaotian dog, little Nezha, Lao Wang, Chang’e fairy

Xiang Yu, Ying Zheng, Diao Chan

Familiar figures are everywhere that Chen Xiaobei can’t see. They try their best to support Chen Xiaobei.

Then, all the people of the pan Saint family, all the people in the great world of beixuan Saint soul, one by one, all raised their hands.

Finally, those who watched the live broadcast and those who learned about the situation through the messenger glyph raised their hands again and again.

For a moment, all living beings in the world reached unprecedented uniformity under the call of Chen Xiaobei!

“Wow… Wow… Wow…”

At the same time, small forces converged towards Chen Xiaobei one after another.

These forces are really insignificant or even negligible in front of the ancestors of the ten thousand ways.

So that the ancestors of the ten thousand ways disdained to stop Chen Xiaobei.


However, with the continuous convergence, the small power of breaking bits and pieces has become more and more, bigger and bigger, more and more thick and terrible!

Hundreds of millions of people! Trillion people! Trillion people

Countless forces are pouring in!

Finally, sand gathers into a mountain and water gathers into a sea!


With a terrible sensation, Chen Xiaobei’s cultivation realm directly completed a breakthrough!

Supreme state!!!

“This… How is this possible?”

Seeing the scene in front of us, the ancestor of 10000 Tao was stunned and couldn’t believe his eyes.

However, the shock returned to shock, and the heart of the ancestor of the ten thousand ways was still very calm and calm.

“Chen Xiaobei! You really surprised me! You can think of this method! Find another way to break through my rules and forcibly rush to the supreme realm!”

However, it’s a pity that you just broke through and your strength is far inferior to me. Moreover, you can’t hurt my physique! I’m still invincible


Chen Xiaobei slowly stood up, held the chaotic Blood Sword in one hand, and then stepped away.

“Of course!”

The ancestor of the ten thousand ways looked confident and domineering: “there can only be one supreme existence in this world! That is me! The ancestor of the ten thousand ways!!!”


In the next moment, Chen Xiaobei took one step and went directly to the ancestor of the ten thousand ways!

At the same time, the chaotic Blood Sword is also blessed with shengyuanli without superior!

“You can’t hurt me!!!”

The ancestor of Wan Dao smiled grimly, directly opened his arms and let Chen Xiaobei attack.

After all, he has a terrible physique!

The chaotic Blood Sword, which cuts off even a hair of the monkey, is just a joke in front of the ancestor of the ten thousand ways!


The next moment, Chen Xiaobei stabbed directly!

There is no gorgeous Shenghui FA phase, no complex and gorgeous sword moves, and even no power to bless the era!

Just a simple sword here!

“Hahaha… Ah!?”

However, in the next moment, the chaotic Blood Sword directly penetrated the body of the ancestor of the ten thousand ways!

The ancestor of the ten thousand ways who was still laughing didn’t even react, and I couldn’t believe it was true!

“You… How on earth did you think of it?”

The ancestor of ten thousand Tao was stunned: “do you… You peeped into my weakness!?”

“The power of the era!!!”

Chen Xiaobei has no nonsense: “try your best to burn your vitality, spiritual force and Shengyuan force, and give birth to a superior era force!”

“No… no… no!!!”

The father of ten thousand ways screamed hysterically.

However, it’s too late.


Chen Xiaobei made a sudden effort, and the chaotic Blood Sword with the power of the era suddenly cut off towards the Qihai Dantian of the ancestor of the ten thousand Tao!

“You’re right! There can only be one supreme existence in this world! That’s me, Chen Xiaobei!!!”

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