Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

7 Five Words That Came Straight From The Sky

Chen was already made clairvoyant by the Eight Diagrams. He knew that this old man’s “Qi” was out of ordinary. He was already eighty years old. Chen was pretty sure that he had fifty years more to live. In other words, he could live up to one hundred and thirty years old. That was just plain crazy. What shocked Chen even more was the fact that this old man was serving Lan’s family. It was pretty scary that there was no bottom to how powerful is Lan’s family. It was no wonder that they were the biggest and most powerful family in Green Vine City.

“Uncle Qin, I would like to buy some ingots. Can you please bring me some cash?” Lan said, not a trace in her voice that she was speaking to a servant. It did not sound like she was ordering a servant to do something. It sounded more like she treating him like an elder.

“Ingots? I thought Ms. Lan never liked this kind of stuff? Do you mind me taking a look at your ingot?” Uncle Qin asked.

“Please. Have a look.” Chen quickly complied, having already a deep sense of respect from the way the man carried himself. Chen quickly handed over the ingot to Uncle Qin.


Uncle Qin took a quick look at the ingot. He was shocked and asked, “Young man! Are you sure you want to sell this ingot?”

Chen said confusingly, “Yes. I want to sell it. Is there anything wrong with it?”

Even Lan opened up her beautiful and dreamy eyes wide. She had never seen Uncle Qin unnerved in any sort of manner.

“This is an ingot from Tang Dynasty. They’re really rare. In addition to that, it was really well preserved. This made value even higher!” Uncle Qin was holding the ingot up and took a better look at it. It seemed like he couldn’t let go of it.

“Tang Dynasty!?

Chen was shocked and delighted at the same time. The ingots that were given by Brother Zhu were not some ordinary ingots but a box of well-preserved antiques from the Tang Dynasty. Was this how it felt like to suddenly get rich?

“Uncle Qin, can you please give me an estimated price for this ingot? I really want to sell it.” Chen was not interested in antiques. The only that he was interested in right now was to shower himself with money.

“If you truly want to part with it, I would say that the price for this ingot is six hundred thousand Yuan. That would be a really fair price for it.” Uncle Qin said.

What? Six hundred thousand? Chen’s brain short-circuited when he heard the value of his ingots. Thirty thousand shooting up to six hundred thousand was too much for him to handle. The value had increased by twenty times. He possessed ten of the same ingots. In other words, he was going to receive six million from selling his ingots! He couldn’t even figure out what was going on anymore. Other than the head from his village, no other family there had six digits of cash. Chen still owned three golden hairpins and three jade hairpins. This was going to be a huge fortune.

Chen was completely petrified. There was only one sentence in his mind right now. He saw five words floating in the sky; Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

“Young man, if you do not have any further inquiries, may I have the number of your bank account? I’m going to transfer the money to you right now.” Uncle Chen said in a deep voice.

“Of course, I have no further inquiries!”

“Chen shook his head and tried to calm himself down temporary and said, “I have nine more ingots. Is it possible for Uncle Qin to purchase them altogether?”

“What?! You still have nine of the same ingots?” Uncle Qin was completely shocked by what Chen just said. He thought that the one ingot that he was holding was rare enough as it is. The fact that Chen had ten of it was totally out of his expectations.

“Boy! These antiques are super rare! It’s hard to even find one nowadays. If you are willing to sell all ten of it, I’m willing to buy all that you have.” It seemed like Uncle Chen had a special interest towards these ingots. He even forgot Ms. Lan was the one who wanted to purchase Chen’s ingots.

“Great! Deal!” Chen took out the rest of the ingots and told him his bank account number.

Without hesitation, Uncle Qin transferred the money to Chen.

“Six million! Six freaking million… I’m going to be filthy rich!” Chen was in the state of euphoria. Every cell in his body was cheering for him. The moment the figure in his bank account changes, his life was going to be transformed drastically.

“Chen, please calm down! You won’t live to spend the money if you die of happiness.” Lan smiled.

Lan’s mood became better after seeing Chen jumping up and down happily. Of course, this meant that someone else would be greatly upset. Shi Dafeng wanted to slap his little shit, Shi Mingwai to death. Shi Dafeng could have spent three hundred thousand Yuan to buy out Chen’s ingots if his asshole son did stop him from buying the ingots from Chen. Now that he knew the true value of those ingots, he realized that he had lost five million and seven hundred thousand Yuan. Shi Dafeng felt like his balls had been smashed into pieces. Bing had no balls but she felt like she was going to vomit blood. She broke up with Chen yesterday and now he had six million in his bank account. Chen could have given her half of his money if she was still his girlfriend. But now, she couldn’t even lay her finger on his money. With this thought, Bing was completely devastated.

After that, Chen and Lan went back to school. Conveniently, Chen had the chance to ride with Lan in her Rolls Royce.

“How come you visited the jewelry shop today? You do not look like that kind of girl who is into jewelry.” Chen asked curiously.

“It’s my grandma’s birthday next week. I wanted to buy her a present but I did not see anything that would suit her.” Chen saw a hint of disappointment in her eyes.

“What kind of jewelry does your grandma like? It’s hard to believe you can’t find one that your grandma would like in that jewelry shop.” Chen asked.

“My grandma likes simple, elegant antiques. However, the design of jewelries nowadays is just too much. That was why I couldn’t seem to find anyone that she would like.” Lan sighed.

“Haha! You are in luck!”

Chen smiled and he took everything out from his bag pack and said, “Check it out. Do you see the one that you like here?”

There were three golden hairpins and three jade hairpins from Gao Village. All these were real and original antiques! The design was simple and elegant.

“Master Chen, are you some kind of jewelry seller? Why do you have all these jewelry with you….?” Lan was confused.

“Oh my god! Antiques from Tang Dynasty!”

Uncle Qin was driving and he had spared a glance in the rear-view mirror. His hands almost wracked in spasm, and he barely avoided driving into a bush.

“Uncle Qin!?”

Lan was shocked. Her cute gorgeous face was in a look of total confusion

Uncle Qin was well-known for being a sturdy as a rock, and for having a heart that could rival the calmest rivers. He had a nickname; the Buddha of stone. Having met Chen, he had already lost his composure several times over. It was unbelievable.

“Everything that Mr. Chen possesses is antiques from Tang Dynasty. I can totally recognize them from the designs and patterns!” Uncle Qin said excitedly.

“All these are antiques?!” Lan’s cherry-like tiny mouth’s shape just changed. She was in awe.

“They are not replicas. You can take one without worrying.”

“Alright. I will choose this white jade hairpin. There are ancient Chinese characters written on the hairpin and they carry good meaning. Also, I like the design as well.”

“Uncle Qin, can you estimate the price of this hairpin?” Lan was smiling satisfyingly.

Chen waved his hand and said, “You can save the trouble. I’m going to give this white jade hairpin to you.”

“No way. This hairpin is too precious!” Lan said.

“Just take it!”

Chen put the hairpin on Lan’s palm and handed over the golden hairpin and black jade hairpin to Uncle Qin and said, “I’m going to give these two hairpins to both of you, Uncle Qin and Lan. If you guys were not there to help me, I was going to suffer a big loss.”

“Young man! Don’t be hasty. Do you have any idea of the value of three items you are giving out? They worth more than ten million!” Uncle Qin said in a deep voice.

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