Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

6 The Powerful Ms Lan

It was a lady of rare beauty. She had perfect facial features. Her hair was kohl-black and it flowed down her shoulders. The rhapsody-blue dress that she wore made her stand out from all the ladies around her. Her statuesque figure was truly pleasing to the eyes, radiating with natural sexiness. And perhaps, even here, in the midst of the jewelry and the other well-dressed individuals, her beauty was something out of this world, spoken of but never seen, like a jewel hidden in a secret vault. She was the epitome of a goddess. All the men around her were stunned. They just couldn’t look away from her. Even Bing the b*tch, was stunned by her beauty as well. She wanted to hide in a corner because she was jealous, feeling so small in front of her. She was nothing compared to her. The award of best reaction went to Shi. His face turned red, his two eyes wide opened. That famished wolf like facial reaction made him looked like he couldn’t wait to lick the goddess’ feet. Bing was so jealous. She used all the strength to pinch Shi. However, Shi didn’t even flinch. It was like he was just turned into stone by Medusa herself.

“Ms Lan, allow me to introduce my son, Shi Mingwei to you. He is your university mate. Quite a good-looking young man, right? Also, he passed his exams with flying colors every semester.” Shi Dafeng was fuming with rage a second ago, and now, he’s smiling, as he introduced his son to Ms. Lan. If Ms. Lan was interested in his son, this was going to be the best thing that ever happened to Shi’s family. Even the souls of Shi’s ancestors will be celebrating for him.

“Hello, Ms. Lan!” Shi was smiling like an idiot. He kept nodding his head like a dog, lifting up its paw and trying to hold the goddess’ delicate hand. However, Lan did not even take a look at Shi Mingwei. She smiled and walked towards Chen and said, “I never thought that I would see you here, Master Chen.”

“Hi, Lan. I would say this is fate.” Chen scratched the tip of his nose. His eyes were glued to her body. Her curvy figure and her angelic face were to die for. The combination of her perky bosoms, decanter shaped waist, perfectly round bottom, and the perfect pair of legs, on flawless, lustrous skin were extremely all seductive. You were right! She was the most gorgeous lady among the four other beauties. Also, the goddess in the hearts of countless men. Her name was Lan Mengchen!

“What are you looking at?” Lan frowned slightly.

“Needless to ask. I’m looking at the world’s most beautiful lady.” Chen smiled.

“You little smart ass. Stop sweet-talking me!” Lan stared at Chen. That adorable face of her when she got angry made her even more lovely and radiant.

Chen’s heart was racing and said, “I’m telling the truth! I can swear to God if you don’t believe in me!”

“No one asked you to swear. If you are going to swear to God, I’m going to swear to every God that I know of in existence!” Lan smiled. Her smile was enough to paralyze everyone around her.

The unbelievable scene was like a nuclear bomb just exploded. The “blast wave” just caused a total destruction on everyone’s brain. Shi Dafeng and Shi Mingwei dropped their jaws on the ground. They could stand being ignored by Lan, because she was from the most prestigious family in Green Vine City. Her family was totally out of their reach and none of them dared to displease her. However, Lan was ignoring them to speak to Chen. This was the worst insult to them. How was it even possible for a family with three hundred million Yuan in a bank account to lose to a poor farmer’s boy. This did not make any sense! Bing was so shocked.

Last night, b*tchy Bing was telling her b*tchy friends about how she dumped Chen and found a new filthy rich boyfriend. Now, she felt her heart dropping, as she saw Chen and the goddess talking happily. She realized she was not the one who dumped Chen, it was the opposite. This new revelation made her face burning hot. It was like she was just slapped by someone continuously for a very long time. Chen felt so satisfied, watching the whole scene unfolding before his eyes.

“Right! Why are you here today?” Lan asked curiously.

Chen was not going to hide anything and told her honestly, “I’m here to sell gold.”

“If that’s the case. You have come to the right place. They give a really good price on whoever wish to sell their gold. Boss Shi, can you check out on my friend’s gold?” Lan said.

She had no idea about the conflict between Shi and Chen. Her words were direct and oblivious.

Naturally, Shi Dafeng put on a smile on his face and nodded, “That’s very nice of you, Ms. Lan. I’m more than willing to help you out.”

Chen was kind of unwilling to sell the gold to Shi Dafeng but he did not want to bring shame to Lan. He took out an ingot from his bag and handed it Shi Dafeng.

“This is two taels of gold which is a hundred grams. The price of gold is three hundred Yuan per gram. This will be a total of thirty thousand Yuan. If you are fine with the price, I can hand you the cash right now.” Shi Dafeng acted casually, hoping to leave a good impression on Ms. Lan.

When Chen heard about the selling price, he was so happy that he almost jumped up the roof. He had a total of ten ingots. It meant he can earn three hundred thousand from selling all ten ingots.

“Hold on right there!”

Shi tried to stop the transaction, “Dad! We can’t buy these ingots! This guy was so poor that he couldn’t afford to even buy his own meals. These ingots must be some kind of stolen goods!”

When Shi Dafeng heard his son just said, he quickly said, “If that’s the case, I’m afraid I can’t purchase the ingots from you. Our customers are all from the upper echelon of society. We care a lot about our reputation. I can’t risk our reputation by buying stolen goods from you. If these are indeed stolen goods, our business will be in ruins.”

Chen smiled and said, “There are a lot of jewelry shops in Green Vine City. I can totally sell to other shops.”

“Hmph! Just go! One call from my dad, no jewelry shops in Green Vine City will buy your ingots!” Shi was laughing arrogantly.

Bing the b*tch tried to make the situation worse by saying, “You are the best, hubby Shi. You must make the call! Let him starve!”

“You… All of you… !” Chen was flustered. He was just a normal student. There was no way for him to fight this rich and powerful family.

“Chen, I’m so sorry. I have no idea there’s a conflict between you and Shi.” She had gotten a gist of the situation. It came to her realization that she made the wrong move.

“That’s alright. You were just being nice.” Chen smiled, quickly healed by her concern.

Lan’s eyebrows moved slightly and said it in a domineering voice, “You can sell your ingots to me. I will buy it all!”

When Shi Dafeng, Shi Mingwei and Yao Bingbing heard what she said, they were all floored. They dared not to do anything that might offend Ms. Lan. If they made her angry, her family might just buy off their business with a call.

“Aren’t you afraid of these ingots being stolen goods?” Chen asked.

“Not at all!”

Lan shook her head and her dreamy eyes were filled with trust, “Poor people are not bad people, I believe that your ingots are not stolen goods. You acquired them legally.”

Chen was so touched. His impression towards her just gone up to a whole new level. Lan swung her hand at the Rolls Royce Phantom that parked not far away from this shop. An old man with white hair walked towards her.

“Miss Lan.” The old man bowed before her. He gave out a peaceful and polite aura. He was slim, and yet, he was as steady as a mountain. He must be some kind of martial arts master. Chen zeroed in on him.

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