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40 Killing The Evil Spirit!

“Hehehe… It’s impossible for weaklings like you to kill me!”

“I’m going to tell you honestly, that you will not be able to hurt me! On the contrary, I can take possession of your body! Make you my puppet!” the evil spirit said coldly.

“Take possession? Did you mean you have already consumed Lan’s grandma spirit? And, took control of her body?” Chen was shocked. Taking over one’s body was more complicated than just basic possession. It actually meant the evil spirit would consume the person’s spirit in order to have full control of the person’s physical body! If that was the case, Lan’s grandma was already dead for some time. It would be pointless even if Chen killed the evil spirit.

Fortunately, the evil spirit denied this claim by saying, “Taking possession of one’s body is a long process. For now, I just suppressed her spirit. I’m consuming her spirit bit by bit.”

“Great! All I need to do is destroy you, and Lan’s grandma will be fully recover!” Chen sighed in relief.

“Hmph! Are you out of your damn mind?! How are you going to destroy me?!”

“Don’t think that I can’t check on your combat power! You only have one hundred combat power! I’m much stronger than you! This means that I can take possession of your body easily! You can’t even lay a finger on me with your human body.”

“Is that right? Come and try it out then!” Chen smiled and said confidently.

“Hmph! If you want to die, there’s no reason for me to refuse to grant your death wish.” the evil spirit laughed coldly.

After that, the evil spirit turned into a blur phantom and it came right out of Lan’s grandma’s head. It slowly took human form. At the same time, Lan’s grandma fell into a coma.



The evil spirit’s roar shrilled through the air. It charged at Chen with its mouth wide open. Its speed was three times faster than Chen. It was no wonder that the evil spirit was so full of confidence. It thought that it could defeat Chen easily. However, it never expected Chen’s next move.

“In the name of Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, Slash!! Chen shouted. He lifted up his arms and the wooden sword flew out from his sleeve.


The finger sized wooden sword was burning in flame. It slowly became a three feet long flaming sword. The “Qi” that emitted from the sword filled the whole room. It’s golden light covered the whole house.

“How is this even possible?? You are just a normal human being! How did you get your hand on a weapon made in hell?!” The evil spirit screamed in fear. It was the fear of a mouse before a cat. It felt the deepest fear from within its heart.



The evil spirit was so badly burned that black smoke kept on rising from its body. Its body was completely suppressed. It couldn’t even move an inch.

“Pain… It’s so painful… I beg you… Please let me live…” It’s shrilling voice pierced through Chen and goosebumps started to pop out from his skin.

“Earlier, you wanted to take possession of my body and now you beg me to let you live? Do I look like an idiot to you? Chen was really focused, and he did not plan to have mercy on this evil spirit.


The flaming sword chopped its head off. Its body burned in golden flame. Its anguished voice disappeared along with its body that dissipated into thin air.

“Damn! This is so cool! Much better than Hollywood’s CGI effect!” Chen was amazed by the scene that just happened in front of him.

“Eh? Something is not right. Where is the wooden sword? Please do not tell me that it is a one-time usage item…” After the light dispersed from the room, the wooden sword was nowhere to be found as well.

Chen complained, “Damn it! After all, Yanwang is just another unscrupulous merchant! I’ll still need his help when I face other evil spirits in the future! This is pure cunning!”


[Killing a low-level evil spirit. Triple Realm Merit points + 300]


[Congratulation! You have leveled up! You are now a Benevolent Mortal! You now have 287 merit points! You still need another 713 merit points to go to the next level!


[Good people. (Charm + 10, Luck + 10)]

“Hahaha… I became a Benevolent Mortal again! I can’t believe this evil spirit killing incident contributed so much to my merit points! This is what I called pure happiness!” The wooden sword is gone, but I get two hundred merit points by trading my spicy sticks with Yanwang. This trade was totally worth it!

Chen calmed himself down, took out the final bottle of Hundred Herbs Potion, and fed to Lan’s grandma. The evil spirit was gone. And, the potion could cure any kind of disease. It’s just a matter of time before Lan’s grandma will fully recover. Chen sighed in relieved. He did not disappoint Lan.

At the same time, a middle-aged man walked towards the house.

“Lan, why are you standing in front of the door? Go and invite your grandma to the party. It’s time for her to meet the guests.” The man was really good looking. He had a tall and upright figure. His facial features were very similar to Lan. Obviously, he was Lan’s father, the head of Lan family; Lan Zhengguo!

“Dad…” Lan tightened up her lips. She looked really nervous. It was obvious that Lan did not ask for her dad’s permission before letting Chen check on her grandma.

“What happened? Why are you not letting me go inside? Lan Zhengguo frowned and said.

“Grandma is doing something important. Can we wait for a short while? Lan said with no confidence.

“Nonsense! What kind of important thing can grandma be doing? Let me go in!” Lan Zhengguo couldn’t be easily fooled. He knew there was something going on within the house. He made to go on in.

“Dad! You can’t go in!”

Lan grabbed his arm and explained, “I’m going to tell you the truth. I found some Feng Shui specialist to check on grandma. He can make grandma become better. Please do not disturb him.”

“Feng Shui Specialist?!”

Lan Zhengguo straighten up his face and said angrily, “This is insane! Are you my daughter? How can you believe in those conmen!”

“Dad! Chen is not a conman! I have seen him perform miracles in front of me! I promise him that I will not allow anyone to go in! Myself included!” Lan blocked in front of the door, her face a mask of determination.

“What is this nonsense?! You are risking your grandma’s life for this conman! And, you are defying me!” Lan Zhengguo got even angrier.

Lan frowned and said, “I’m doing this for grandma’s well-being. She getting worse, and the hospital couldn’t find out the reason behind it as well. We have to do something! Grandma will die if we keep on dragging this matter!”

“By hiring a conman? That’s your idea?!”

Lan Zhengguo sighed shamefully and said, “I always thought that you were a smart kid! I had no idea that you are so superstitious! You disappoint me!”

“Zhengguo! Stop scolding Lan!” Suddenly, a voice came out from the house. Lan’s grandma held Chen’s hand as they walked out of the door. They looked like grandmother and grandson.

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