Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

38 A Scary Discovery

“Wu, let’s cut the crap!”

“Since you said that you are pursuing Lan, did you pick her up today at the university?” Chen asked.

“I did ask her but she said had something to do. So, she told me that it wasn’t necessary to pick her up!” Wu said.

“Did you know why was she busy?” Chen smiled and said.

“I have no idea.”

Wu shook his head and asked, “Did you know why?”

“Of course!”

Chen pointed at himself and said, “She brought me to change my hairstyle. This is my new hairstyle. Her personal hair stylist cut my hair.”

“Hehe… You can go ahead and boast all you want. Lan’s personal hairstylist is no ordinary person. It is extremely hard to make an appointment with her. I’m no exception.” Wu pouted and did not believe Chen at all.

“Don’t believe me? Take a look at this.” Chen took out a name card and handed to Wu.

“This… This is Miranda’s name card. Lan really brought you to her personal hair stylist? How is this even possible?” Wu’s jaw dropped on the ground instantly.

“Not only a hair makeover. She even bought me this suit.”

“This suit costs eighty thousand Yuan! I asked her not to buy it for me but she insisted on giving it to me as a present. So, I had no choice but to accept it.” Chen laughed jokingly.


Wu was completely stunned. It was like someone dropped a few atomic bombs inside his heart. He was on the verge of dying with only one health point left. Chen gave him another stab in the heart by saying, “Oh right! Wu, has she ever given you any presents?”

“No… She never gave me anything.”

First Blood! Wu died right on the spot! His twisted good looks with the combination of having the urge to vomit blood was pure epicness.

“Wu, I think you are over confident.”

“I admit that my family is nothing compared to you. However, I’m on the winning side when it comes to temperament, body, and face. Lan’s choices are the best proof that I’m the winner.” Chen said seriously.

“I…” Wu’s face was showing all kind of pain and he had no words to come back to Chen. The most handsome guy in Green Vine City was defeated by an ordinary young lad. Chen looked at him mockingly and laughed evilly inside his heart by thinking that no matter who was fighting or boasting, the one who sat on the throne was the big winner of today.

“Wu! What happened to you? You face is green!” Suddenly, a voice reached them from a distance. A group of second generation, filthy rich, young lads walked towards them. The one who walked in front of everyone else was none other Wenfeng himself.

“Oh… Nothing happened.” Wu was a well-mannered man. He calmed himself down and introduce Chen to them, “Wenfeng, come and meet my new friend. I am going to introduce him to you guys…”


Chen and Wenfeng were enemies. Their eyes blazed with fire when they saw each other. Both of them said condescendingly, “You can save the trouble. I don’t want to know this asshole! My brain has no room for the memory of this person!”

The rich followers around Wenfeng started to mock Chen as well.

“How did this asshole manage to get in here? He does not belong to his circle!”

“Look at the combination of the dog head and shiny suit. I believe this shiny suit was rented from somewhere.”

“Quickly, go and look for a security! He should leave this place if his name is not on the guest list. His presence is going to spoil our appetite!” All of them enjoyed mocking Chen.

“Chen is my guest! The rest of you that followed Wenfeng here to gate crash better know your damn place! If not, get out from this place!” Lan walked towards them all of a sudden and said. She was wearing a purple long dress. Her kohl-black hair with her pearl white neck evinced that she was sophisticated.

Her voice was so cold and powerful. She definitely sounded like a queen on a throne!

“Lady Lan…” Those rich brats started to get really nervous. It was like rats catching sight of a vicious cat. They shut their mouths immediately. None of them dared to even draw breaths.

“Lan, you are here…” Wenfeng was a man of obsession. He couldn’t remove his stare from Lan’s voluptuous body. He almost started drooling.

Lan ignored him completely. She walked towards Chen straight away and said, “Chen, let’s go.”

“Lan, I…” Wu wanted to say something to Lan.

Lan cut him off by saying, “What are you going to say?! I thought you were a nice guy. I can’t believe that you did nothing when Chen was being bullied by this group of bastards. I’m very disappointed at you!” She held Chen’s hand and left the scene.

“I…” Wu was so stunned that tears started to roll down from his eyes. He had not even spoken to Chen much. It was pretty understandable that he did not help Chen. Also, he did not even get the chance to help Chen even if he wanted to do so. Lan had reprimanded them before he could even say anything. He felt that a great deal of injustice had just fallen upon him. Everyone around them was equally stunned as well.

“Who is that Chen Xiaobei? Lady Lan was so protective of him!”

“Also, Lady Lan held his hand and walked into the house! What does that mean?”

“Son of the bitch! Wu and I did not even get the chance to touch Lan’s finger tips! He has no right to touch her!” Wenfeng gritted his teeth and said angrily. He wanted to charge at Chen and beat him up.

At the same time, Chen and Lan arrived at another house.

“Why are you bringing me here?” Chen asked curiously.

“My grandma is inside this house,” Lan said.

“Oh… You are bringing me here to greet the birthday star. This is a nice courtesy.” Chen quickly tidied up his attire and hair. He wanted to show Lan’s grandma that he respected her a lot.

“Don’t be in such a hurry. Just one moment.”

Lan bit her lower lips. After some consideration, she told Chen with a grave expression, “I wanted you to do your physiognomy thingy on my grandma.”

“Why?” Chen was shocked.

“All the while, my grandma had been very healthy. Recently, her “Qi” got worse. We brought her to do a checkup at the hospital but the doctor said there was nothing wrong with her body.” Lan said.

“Science can’t figure out what’s wrong with your grandma’s body. So, you want to put your hope on physiognomy?” Chen totally understood her intention.

“Right! I hope that you can help me.” Lan nodded.

“No problem. Just leave this to me. I will make sure that everything will be good after this.” Chen smiled.

After that, two of them walked into the house. The design of the house was modeled after the ancient Chinese buildings. Every single piece of furniture was made of ebony wood. There was a screen when they entered the house. Behind the screen was a yellow bronze incense burner. The incense smelled really good. Chen felt like he was taken back to the past when he saw all those antiques. He was a little shocked, but not overly shocked, as Lan had told him earlier that her grandma loved antiques.

“Lan, is that you?” Lan’s grandma was sitting on a chair, resting. She slowly woke up when she heard Lan entering the house. Her grandma was more than eighty years old. Just as Lan said, her grandma’s “Qi” was really weak, and she looked emancipated. She looked like she had not eaten for quite some time.

“Grandma, this is my friend, Chen Xiaobei. He’s here to wish you happy birthday.” Lan said.

“Good day, grandma! I’m here to wish your fortune to be as boundless as the east sea and may you live a long and happy life!” Chen smiled and bowed at Lan’s grandma.

“Good. That’s really good. Please stand up. Be at ease.” Lan’s grandma had a kind smile. However, she could not even muster up enough strength to talk.

“Eh?!” Chen’s heart pumped really fast as he straightened up. He discovered something horrible!

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