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37 The Most Handsome Man In Green Vine City

Lan wanted to transform Chen, but as it turned out, she did not have to do anything special afterall. There wasn’t much left to improve. She brought him to the barber to get a new haircut. Also, she brought him to the tailor to get a new set of suits. Undeniably, Lan really had good taste when it came to choosing suits for men. These two-small transformations made Chen look like he belonged to the upper echelon of society. He looked even better with his recent “plastic surgery” and the healthy physical body that he earned from his training. He was definitely comparable to those Korean movie stars. After finishing up everything, both of them proceeded on to Lan’s house.

There was a mountain to the north and a lake to the south in Green Vine City. Lan’s house was located at the lake. It was a standalone mansion. Compared to Mu’s villa, Lan’s mansion was even bigger in size. The interior design was far more luxurious. Also, it was much cozier as well.

“Tsk… Tsk… All these wealthy folks really know how to enjoy their lives to the fullest. My bungalow is nothing compared to this mansion. I will definitely buy a mansion like this when I have more money.” Chen sighed as they walked through the well-decorated garden.

Lan replied with a smile, “Why do you even need such a big mansion when you only have three family members?”

“You are right! I need to marry at least six wives to make sure that a mansion like this does not get too quiet.” Chen nodded, with a serious deadpan expression.

Lan frowned and said jealously, “Why stop at six wives? You should get yourself seven wives! There’s seven days in a week. You will be served by a different wife every day.”

“No way. I need to rest on Sunday.”

Chen said seriously, “There is a saying; A cow will die of exhaustion from working too hard but the ground will never be spoiled. I’m not ready to die on a woman’s body.”


Lan wanted to bang her head on the ground after hearing Chen’s words. Also, she wanted to give him a tight slap for having such potty mouth.

“Why are you getting angry?

Chen smiled evilly and said, “Could it be that you are jealous of what I said just now? I was just kidding.”

“Hmph! Don’t be a narcissist! I will not get jealous because of you!” Lan stared at Chen angrily.

“Ms. Lan, Chen, you guys are here.”

Uncle Qin welcomed them from the inside.

“Come on in. There are a lot of guests inside! It is so lively inside.” Uncle Qin said with a smile on his face.

“Uncle Qin, can you take care of him for a bit? I would like to get a change of clothes first.” Lan pouted and walked away from Chen.

“Errrrr…” Chen scratched his nose tip, slightly regretting his bad joke.

“Chen, this way,” Uncle Qin smiled and led Chen into the mansion.

Walking through a long front courtyard and hallway for five minutes, they finally reached the backyard. There was a huge back garden near the south lake. The scenery was gorgeous, and it also provided the guests a variety of sights around their surroundings. In order to organize a birthday party to Lan’s grandma, this place had been arranged into a high-end dining area.

By looking at the guests’ attire and temperament, Chen knew that all the guests were super wealthy. None of them were ordinary people. If the “old” Chen attended such a formal event, he would have been so scared that his legs would have turned into jelly. However, Chen is a completely different person now. He was as calm as a mill pond.

The people around Chen were looking at him with curiosity and admiration. They were gossiping about him.

“Who is this young man?”

“I don’t know him. But. I’m pretty sure that he is definitely someone because Uncle Qin is personally leading him about.”

“You are right! We should get to know him better.”

The guys were making guesses about Chen’s true identity. At the same time, the ladies were admiring his physical appearance.

“That young lad is so handsome! His body is not bad as well! He is my kind of guy!”

“Tsk… You are old enough to become his mom.”

“Wow! That big brother looks like some kind of movie star!”


Women who were as old as forty and girls who were as young as fourteen had stars in their eyes. They had all become Chen’s super fans. Suddenly, the crowd’s attention was diverted to someone else who just came in.

“Junfan! Wu Junfan is here!”

“Ah… He is still so good looking! He is the most handsome hunk in the Green Vine City!”

“Awww… He is my prince!”

All the ladies in the garden went into a frenzy!

“Eh? I don’t believe that there is someone better looking than me!” Chen frowned and look at where the crowd was looking at. He saw an urbane, courtly and honorable young lad walking towards the garden. He was wearing a silver-themed semi casual attire. A classy temperament was oozing out from him. This guy is really good looking. He had a thick pair of eyebrows, dreamy black eyes, crimson lips, and rows of white teeth. It was as if he did not need any makeup done to act in a movie.

Also, other than his good looks, he was also one of the richest and single men in Green Vine City. The Wu Family was the third largest family, after the Lan and the Wen Families. It was no wonder that all the ladies were crazy about him.

“Good day, Uncle Qin.” Wu walked towards Uncle Qin and greeted him politely. He was well educated and full of manners.

“Welcome, Mr. Wu.” Uncle Qin was smiling warmly at him. It seemed that Uncle Qin liked him a lot as well.

“Uncle Qin. May I know who is this young lad?” Wu moved his attention on Chen and asked.

“He is Lan’s friend; Chen Xiaobei.” Uncle Qin introduced Chen to Wu casually.

“Hello. My name is Wu Junfan. It’s my pleasure to meet you.” Wu reached out his hand to shake Chen’s hand. It was really chivalrous of him.


Chen shook his hand politely. His grip was warm and friendly. From this minute detail, Chen figured out that he was different from all those arrogant filthy rich guys. He should be one of those kind and wealthy, second generation young men.

“Alright! You young lads should be socializing with each other. I’m going to attend to other guests.” Uncle Qin walked away after that. It looked like he was happy and relieved to let Wu take care of Chen.

“Are you really Lan’s friend?”

Wu felt like he said something that might offend Chen. He quickly said something to make it better, “It’s just, I’ve never seen you in Lan’s circle before.”

“I was only friends with Lan recently,” Chen said.

“Oh… New friend… Huh…”

Wu smiled and asked, “I suppose, you are not from Green Vine City?”

“I’m from Green Vine City but I’m from the rural part of this city,” Chen replied honestly.

“Hmm… Then, I’m less worried now.” Wu’s smile was even brighter now.

“Why are you less worried?” Chen felt something is wrong.

“Actually, I’m pursuing Lan. Initially, I thought we are going to become rivals. But, I think I thought too much about it.” Wu shrugged and said.

“I don’t like what you just said.”

“So, you mean that I’m not qualified to become your rival. Am I right?” Chen said unhappily.

“This is not about qualification.”

Wu shook his head and said confidently, “I’m better in terms of temperament, look, and family. So, I’m not worried that Lan will choose you over me.”

“Hehe…” Chen was really unhappy. He was planning to give this hypocrite a lesson.

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