Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

32 Tycoon Chen

“Fine! Let me see…” Shi Dafeng was a smart man. He spent around ten minutes to finish reading the contract.

“I have no problems with this contract. I’m signing it right away!”

Shi Dafeng couldn’t wait to finish signing the contract. Then, he asked, “Fang, may I know which boss would like to purchase my shop? I need to show him my gratitude!”

“Hold on, Boss Shi. My client will be here soon.” Fang lawyer said.

“Quick! Go and make some tea, Mingwei! This person is our savior! We must thank him properly!” Shi Dafeng said excitedly.

“Save the trouble. I’m not going to drink your tea.” Chen entered the room slowly.

“You son of a bitch! Who the hell allowed you to enter this room?” Shi Mingwei scolded angrily.

“Master Shi, please watch your words. Mr. Chen is my client! If you attack him with your words again, I will start pressing charges!” Fang warned him sternly.

“What?!” Shi Dafeng, Shi Mingwei, and Yao Bingbing were all so shocked when they heard lawyer Fang’s claim. They never thought that Chen would be the one who is purchasing Shi Dafeng’s shop. How was it possible for a low-life farmer to come up with one hundred million? This was unbelievable!

“Mr. Chen, please sign this contract. I will follow up with the rest of the matter.” Fang walked towards Chen and handed the contract to him. Without a second thought, Chen signed the contract immediately. The contract was immediately placed in effect.

“Lawyer Fang, sorry for troubling you. I will transfer the one million Yuan fee to your bank account later.” Chen smiled casually.

“You are most welcome. It’s my pleasure to serve you. I hope we can work together again in the future!” Fang lawyer bowed in front of Chen. His attitude towards Chen was extremely polite and respectful. Chen had been introduced to Fang by Uncle Qin. Also, the fees that Chen paid to Fang lawyer were much higher than the standard marker price. Naturally, Fang lawyer would give his best services to Chen.

“Bastard! Quit being so happy! With your one hundred million, I will be able to clear my debt! When I retrieve back all my lost jewelry and start over again, I will make sure you pay for what you have done to our family!” Shi Dafeng said angrily.

He blamed Chen for what happened to him. The whole Shi family saw Chen as the mastermind behind his recent failure. They would most definitely have their revenge.

“Hehehe… I hope you will be able to retrieve your lost jewelry soon!” Chen smiled and he shook his cellphone unconsciously. All the lost jewelry was in his treasure chest. Even if Shi Dafeng dug his way to the core of the Earth, he would never be able to locate his lost jewelry.

“Chen! Help me… Help me please…” Bing crawled to Chen and hugged his leg tightly with her two arms.

“Hehe… What do you want this time?” Chen stared at her coldly. Chen had zero feeling towards this bitch.

“Please lend me eight hundred thousand Yuan… Shi Mingwei is going to make me work as a hooker… I’m still a student… My life will be destroyed if I work as a hooker… Please help me…” Bing cried and said.

“Eight hundred thousand Yuan is nothing to me. But, why should I help you?” Chen asked in an ice-cold voice.

“Chen, what I did to you was all my fault. I’m apologizing to you right now. I want to become your woman again. I don’t mind becoming a mistress as well! Please! Forgive me!” Bing threw away all her dignity to borrow money from Chen.

“Get the f*ck away from me! You are not even qualified to lick my shoes!” Chen swiftly withdrew his leg and Bing fell to the ground.

“Chen! I beg you… No one else will help me…” Bing begged piteously.

“Fine! I will give you a chance!”

“I remembered telling you earlier, that someday you will kneel in front of me, full of regret over your actions,” Chen said condescendingly.

“That I do, I truly do regret it all…” Without a second thought, Bing knelt on all fours, her forehead touching the ground. She sobbed, snot coming out from her nose. Actually, this was not the first time she felt extreme regret for breaking up with Chen earlier on.

However, no matter how regretful she was, Chen would never go back to her.




Chen wrote ‘eight hundred thousand’ on a piece of cheque and threw it at Bing. With this, he completely cut off all ties with Bing. Just like two parallel lines that will never meet.

Finally, Chen released all his piled-up emotion and knot inside his heart. If there was any way of describing how Chen felt right now; ‘Oh yes!’ Chen turned around and left the room. The room was filled with stunned folks. He was too cool to be true.

Chen felt refreshed and relieved when he exited the hospital.

“Master. You look really pleased, I’m sure everything went by smoothly!” Jing Fei rushed to Chen, basking in his master’s happiness.

“Well, I decided to wrap things up myself. Of course, it would go without a hitch!”

Chen smiled, “You contributed a lot in this matter as well. Say it. What do you want as a reward? I can buy you a car, or even a house! Just name it!”

“It’s my job to serve you. I don’t want any cars or houses. May I… May I have one more piece of the dog food that you gave me last time?” Jing Fei asked. He even gulped, a most puppy-like expression on his face.

“What the hell? Is it really that yummy? Its worth way more than any car or house!” Chen was tempted to try one himself.

But then, he thought again and shook his head, “This dog food is extremely important! I only have two of them left! I can’t use them up for no reason.”

“Fine…” Jing Fei looked rather disappointed.

However, his loyalty towards Chen would never go down. After a few seconds, he was back to normal again. He said, “Master, what should we do next?”

Chen thought and said, “I still have nine million in my account. Since I mentioned a house and car, let’s go and buy a few luxurious cars for ourselves! Then, let’s find the best interior design company to furnish my new bungalow! I can invite my parents to stay with me after I settle these two matters.”

After that, they grabbed a cab.

Chen asked the cab driver with the demeanor of a filthy rich man, “Where can I buy the most luxurious cars in this town?”

The cab driver thought for a while and mentioned to them that there was a car show happening in the town. Then, he sent them over to the car show. There were the three most important things in a car show; nice cars, beautiful women, and rich men.

Jing Fei was like a maniac after he entered the car show. He kept on laying his eyes on those skimpily dressed models. Chen had spent quite some time with Lan. Thus, he had no interest towards all those ordinary girls. Chen went straight to the car that he wanted. With the thought of driving his parents to this city himself, an SUV was a must for him. After some time, he had his eyes fixed on a Bentley, Bentayga. Chen had no idea how to choose a good car. All he believed was that the more expensive the car, the better the car. The Bentley, Bentayga cost four million and nine hundred and eighty thousand Yuan. It was the most expensive SUV among all the displayed SUV.

“Salesperson! I’m buying this car!”

Chen activated his filthy rich man aura and everyone at the car show was shocked.

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