Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

30 Mission Accomplished

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. You only did it because you had no choice.”

Chen’s gave Lin a reassuring look.

“You think so?” Lin was stunned. She felt warm and fuzzy inside, and her eyes started to water.

“Silly woman, why would I have gone to rescue you if I believed that you wholeheartedly wanted it?’ Chen asked softly.

Lin’s delicate body trembled – Chen had just touched the softest spot in her heart.

Tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably. She spun around and hugged the crook of his arm tightly, burying her small face in his shoulders, and started to cry.

“Thank you… Thank you for believing in me…” Lin choked through her sobs.

Chen cooed into her ear while stroking her back lightly, “Go ahead and let it all out. You will feel much better. After that, vent all your problems to me. Whatever burdens you have, I will carry them with you.’

“Wh… Why… Why are you so good to me?” Lin whimpered.

“Because you deserve to be treated well,” Chen said, smiling reassuringly.

Back when he was always cutting classes, working a part time job, Lin was the one who persistently urged him to not give up on his studies.

Lin was also the one who would buy him dinner and hot soup when all that he could afford to eat were plain steamed buns.

These small acts of kindness were deeply imprinted in Chen’s heart, never to be forgotten in time, through all eternity.

When it came to his enemies, Chen will never be merciful – he would be brutish and unkind.

But when it came to his friends and people who he was indebted to, Chen would greatly value the relationship. He would be more than willing to help. He would definitely do his best to help his friends.

That was why he would help Lin with whatever she needed.

A few minutes later.

Lin had calmed down. She wiped away the traces of tears and slowly told her tale, “This whole thing started, because my brother owed some the loan sharks. My hands were tied. I had no choice but to borrow money from Wong Jian Ren… He knew that I did not have the means to pay him back, so he proposed that I spend the night with him…”

“Why did your brother borrow the money in the first place? From the looks of things, this is not something that took place in one night,’ Chen mused.


Lin gritted her teeth, a flash of anger crossing her face. “My brother is addicted to gambling, and he sucks at it – nine out of ten, he would crash. In the past, he only gambled small amounts, and I could barely afford to pay the debts that he had on him with my salary. But recently, he became bolder and gambled larger amounts and the debts grew bigger… To protect him, I stupidly promised Wong…”

“No, you’re not stupid at all. You are a great sister,” said Chen, grinning from ear to ear.


Lin puckered her lips, her bright eyes gazing at Chen.

“Of course, it’s true. I swear, if I’m lying to you, I’ll turn into a puppy.” Chen grinned.

“You are a puppy! A cute puppy!” Lin beamed, a pair mesmerizing dimples appearing on her cheeks.

Seeing this, Chen relaxed and he chuckled, “Well, since the puppy is so cute, shouldn’t the owner give him a kiss?”

Chen was only playfully teasing her. He was just joking.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought that Lin would actually have the guts to do it. She grabbed him by the arms, drew her lips close to him and pecked his cheek.

“Jesus Christ!”

His whole body trembled as if he had been tazed. The hairs on his body stood on end.

Deemed as one of the four most beautiful girls in school, Lin was living proof that goddesses did exist.

In the past, Chen could only admire her from afar.

Today! Today he was actually kissed by the goddess herself!

This fortunate occurrence caught Chen off-guard! His tiny heart was so euphoric that it could just float into space!

“More! More! The little puppy wants more!”

Chen moved on to the next phase by puckering his lips and pouncing on Lin.

“No! No! Little puppy is not allowed to take advantage of me!” Lin yelped, moving away quickly.

Her pretty face turned red, and her expression was stern, but there was sweet inkling in her heart.

In fact, that day at the school gate, when Chen had saved her from the hoodlums, she had already developed some feelings towards Chen.

What that had just happened was a chemical reaction between Chen and Lin.

But, Lin was still uncertain about a lot of things. Frankly, she was actually not brave enough to take advantage of the situation.

“Today, we have severely aggravated Wong.’

Lin composed herself and said in a serious manner, “Tomorrow, I will turn in my resignation letter. You then will tell the school that it was I who ordered you to confront Wong – that way, you won’t be expelled.”

“Silly girl. I was the one responsible for all of it. How can I let you take the blame?” Chen grinned. In his heart, he was moved by her words.

Lin stubbornly insisted, “You must maintain your school record! Imagine what would happen if you were kicked out of school? Have you thought about your future? What about your parents?”

“Don’t worry.” Chen gave a confident smile and said, “We have evidence of Wong’s nightly activities – I got it on camera just now. He would definitely leave us be, or else, he’ll go crashing down!”

“What’s that? Let me see,” Lin asked, curious.

“No, it’s too graphic. Not meant for children’s eyes,” Chen chuckled.

“You are the child here! In fact, I am your teacher! Come on, let me see!”

“No, I really can’t…”

“I want to see it!”

“I don’t have my phone with me!”


After that, they hung out at the bar for a little while longer.

Chen sent Lin home and headed for school.

The night went on uneventfully.

The next day, it was as Chen had expected.

Chen attended classes as usual. Wong never showed up.

A little while later, he heard that the pervert had been abused by the four golden flowers to the extent that his mouth was left foaming, and had been rushed to the hospital. While there, he took two months of leave in one fell swoop.

He was obviously avoiding Chen.

Chen had caught Wong with his pants down, literally! Wong could only admit defeat!

Today, Chen woke up in the morning and went straight to the school gates.

Jing Fei was already there, waiting for him.

Needless to say, yesterday’s operation was successful!

“Master, here. Your phone!”

Jing Fei returned the phone to Chen respectfully.

“Very good! Let me see the fruits of your labor!”

Chen grinned, while opening the treasure chest, “Good boy! There are so many things in here?!”

Inside the chest, there were up to a few thousand articles of precious jewelry.

Gold, jade, diamonds, agates, and all kinds, were abundant. What’s more, every piece was well-made; everything was of the highest grade and quality.

“Yesterday night, I checked the Dafeng jewelry shop thoroughly. I managed to swipe it all into your treasure chest. The estimated market price for all the jewelry is around one hundred million!” Jing Fei explained.

“One hundred million? Awesome!” Chen’s eyes shone when he heard the number.

This time, not only had he messed Shi Dafeng up, he had also filled up his own little gold vault. This is so exciting! “Very well! You did very well!”

Chen withdrew his smile and said gravely, “After this, go check. How much did he pawn his jewelry shop for?”

“You… You plan to take over the jewelry shop?” Jing Fei’s eyes widened in shock.

Editor’s thoughts: Erm, what happened to Lan? Oh dear, the makings of his harem. Well. Pretty sure the jewelry have their serial numbers or something. He won’t be able to sell them openly without getting arrested lol.

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