Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

3 Divine Foresigh

“What do you mean by a blood spill? Your empty words don’t scare me! Pffft!” The bald guy said. He started to walk towards them furiously.


A beer bottle fell right on top of the bald guy’s head. The sound broke the silence of the night.


Red hot blood was gushing from his head, not showing any signs of slowing down. “Ouch….This f*cking hurts….” He dropped and rolled on the ground in agonizing pain, clutching his head.

“Do you believe me now? I told you there will be a blood spill but you chose not to believe me.” Chen said, confident.

Everyone around him was stunned. The back alley was near the karaoke. It was pretty normal for bottles to fall from the building. But, how did Chen know when and where this bottle would drop?

“Can you foresee the future?” Lan blinked her eyes, they were as shiny as the stars in the sky. She was curious.

Chen stiffened, and then nodded his head and said, “Yes. I know a little about foreseeing the future. If you are interested, I can predict your future for you.”

“Bastard! Stop making up all this shit! Just a one-time prediction and you consider yourself a true master?” said the Fire “Grim Reaper” Boss.

“You don’t believe me?” Chen looked at the face of the leader of the group and looked into his past. “Both of your parents have passed away. You have walked alone for ten years. Also, you have suffered a lot to earn this position. Other than that, you are living a luxurious life right now. But, there’s something in your mind that is currently pressuring you. You want to be more powerful. Am I correct?”

After listening to all these, all his followers were even more stunned that before. All of them knew that their boss had become a gangster ten years ago. And, that he had slowly worked his way up to become the boss. Above him, there were more powerful gangs pressuring him. And, it was hard for him to expand his power. Chen got everything right. This was a truly divine prediction. However, the boss shook his head and said, “Everyone knows about my past. That’s not a prediction. Are you treating me like an idiot?!”

“But, I’m not from the underground world.” Chen twitched his lips and said, “Fine. More recent news then. Hmm.. Your wife left you yesterday! She is a good woman. Also, she left because she was angry at you!”

“What the f*ck is happening right now? How do you even know that?” The boss was stunned, his eyes wide. The incident had just happened last night. He had not shared this with anyone because it was a shameful thing. He didn’t expect Chen to know about this matter. This was crazy.

Again, everyone around him was stunned by what he just said. Lan’s mouth was half opened as she stared at Chen with her beautiful eyes. She looked really cute.

“Master, you are my dear master! I’m impressed by your prediction ability! I’m now convinced!”

The boss’ attitude toward him had completely changed. He begged Chen, “I regret making her leave me, Master, please teach me how to make her come back to me. Please!”

“I can help you but you must promise not to disturb my friend again.” Chen tapped Lan’s shoulder. Lan was still in his embrace, stunned.

“Don’t worry, master! If you are willing to help me, from this moment onwards, you will be my dear brother and she will be my sister-in-law. I will respect and love the both of you!” The boss thumped on his chest as he made his promise.

“What kind of nonsense is that? What do you mean by sister-in-law?” Lan snapped back to reality and her face reddened. She quickly pulled away from Chen. The combination of shyness and her beauty was perfect. It made her so lovely. Chen’s heart was racing. The gangster around him were moved by her beautiful movements. But, Chen was beside her, none of them dared to make a move on her.

“Wait here! I need some time alone!” Chen instructed. Then, he walked away from them. He turned on his cellphone and found the three charms of marriage inside his treasure chest. He figured these charms will be able to help him.

[Please write down the names of two person on this charm. The two people will be married. The rate of success is fully dependent on the individuals. Do you want to withdraw it?]

“There’s no guaranteed success? This is bullshit!” Chen looked disappointed but he clicked withdraw without hesitation. The value of this item is rather low since it did not have a 100% success rate. Thus, it was totally fine to give out as a present.

“Take this charm and write down your name and your wife’s name.” Chen handed over the charm to the boss. His wife was a nice lady and he really wanted to become a better husband. The charm would very likely work for them.

“I’m done writing.” The boss did it as fast as possible.

“All is done. IWhen you go back, I want you to become a vegetarian and pray to God. She will definitely come back to you,” Chen said.

“Becomea vegetarian and pray to God?” The boss hesitated.

“I always fall asleep when I pray and a no-meat diet is a pure torture for me. Can I…..”

“Cut the crap! Just believe me and do it. Don’t blame me if your wife is gone forever. Also, your followers should become vegetarians and pray to God as well. It is a show of good faith,” Chen said, and gave him a slight smile.

Actually, there was no need to become a vegetarian and pray to God to use the Charm of Marriage. Chen did it on purpose to punish this group of gangsters that did no good to the society.

The boss nodded and said, “Sure! Sure! Sure! I will listen to the master! Before my wife comes back to me, I will make surethat all my followers are vegetarians and pray to God with me, every single day.”

His followers were devastated. “Boss, please don’t do this to us! We can probably hold on for a day or two at most. Heck, instead, we will become a group of monks if your wife does not to come back to you.”

“Cut the crap! Just believe in Master Chen! Let’s go! We should leave these two to have some alone time.” The boss trusted Chen fully. He commanded his followers to leave the place while scolding them.

“You are finally safe.”

Lan patted on her chest and said in a serious tone, “Thank you for saving me. You may leave your number with me. I can buy you a meal some day.” She was as cool as she usually was, after she had calmed herself down — that made her even more gorgeous and perfect.

“So gorgeous…” Chen was stunned for a short while, and he handed his phone number to her with a smile on his face.

“Don’t try to sweet talk me. I do not like guys who sweet talk all the time.” Lan grumbled playfully. She took a look at Chen and said, “I shall leave first. This weekend, it’s a date then.”

“You don’t have to rush! I’m going the same way as well. Also, I’m from Green Vine University like you.” Chen quickly followed her.

“What a coincidence! I can’t believe we are from the same university.”

“Well, I call this fate.”

“You are really good at prediction. Where did you learn all these tricks?”

“It’s self-taught.”

“Does the charm work? They will come back and beat you up if it doesn’t work.”

“Don’t worry. It’s from the Moonlord. It will definitely work!”

“What do you mean by the Moonlord?”


“I meant that the moon is really big and round today.”

The two of them walked back to the university together. Lan’s cool factor also included the fact that she was a woman of few words. However, this time she opened up herself and started to chat with Chen. It was joyful talking to her. Chen walked her back to her dorm and said goodbye to her.

His three roommates were gathered around the computer, looking at something. But when they saw Chen entering, they quickly flipped the screen shut.

“Third brother! You’re back?” Eldest brother Zhou Zitao and second brother Zheng Fengyi were nervous when they saw him.

“What are you guys watching?” Chen asked curiously.

“Now won’t be a good time to find out. So, it’s better for you not to ask,” Forth brother Li Ming spoke up.

“I’m really fine! Why would I be sad?” Chen asked.

“Let me watch! Curiosity kills the cat!”

Li hesitated for a while before turned the screen around. He said nervously, “Third brother, you must not break down….”

Translator footnote

Moonlord- Is a god of marriage and love in Chinese mythology.

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