Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

29 Hell On Earth

“Who is that?”

Wong was lying down on the bed. He quickly stood up when he heard someone talking.

“Don’t be anxious, Mr Wong. I have brought the beauties that you asked for earlier!”

Chen put on an evil smile and said to the plump lady, “Sister! That is my boss! He has some fetishes that are really difficult to fulfill. He loves violent women. Please, make it as violent as possible.”

“Understood! You mean SM! We know how to do that!” The plump lady raised an eyebrow and the other three golden flowers started to knead their fists. They quickly surrounded Wong.

“Who are you people? I warn you, don’t come near me! Stop fooling around!” Wong was so startled that he retreated to the corner of the room. His face was full of fear.

“Hehe… He’s already getting into the role. He really fancies this. Let’s go, my sisters!” The plump lady gave the order by lifting up her hand.

The four golden flowers charged at Wong and he was pushed down on the floor. They started to rip open his shirt.

“What the hell are you guys doing? Stop messing around! I’m going to call the police!” Wong felt as if he was being crushed by a bunch of ugly ghosts. He shrieked in agony.



The plump lady lifted up her hand and gave Wong two tight slaps.

“How dare you slapped me?!” Wong started to feel dizzy, due to the two strong slaps that landed on his face just now.

“How can I pleasure you if I don’t hit you?” The plump lady lifted up a fist and started to punch Wong in the face. Wong’s face was quickly swollen. At the same time, his clothes were completely ripped off by the three golden flowers. The dark-faced lady straddled Wong and started her indescribable love action. Ru Hua and Ah Ju took out their candles and whips. Then, they started to “punish” Wong with all their might.

“Ah… Oh… Ouch!” Wong was being tortured to death and tears started to roll down his face. Have you ever wondered what hell looked like? Well, this was as close as it got! Chen held his gut down. It was on the verge of expelling its contents. He took out his cellphone and recorded the action in front of him. For three minutes, he stood there, silently recording in disgust.

Chen kept his phone and smiled coldly, “The four golden flowers! Please, work harder on my boss! Unleash all your skills on him. I will make sure my boss pays you extra tomorrow! I’ll leave you guys to it first!”

After that, Chen ordered Jing Fei to open the bathroom door.

“Chen! Why are you here?!” Lin looked extremely awful. It was like her soul was lost in some other world. She had mixed feelings when she saw Chen appearing in front of her. She was speechless.

“Don’t be afraid, you’re okay now! I’ll take you home! No one would dare to touch or hurt you with me around.” Chen put on a warm smile, held Lin’s hand and exited the room. After they left the hotel, Lin wanted to look for a place to calm herself down. Chen was afraid that she might do something crazy, so, he decided to stick with her at the moment.

“Master, you can go ahead and accompany Ms. Lin. I’m not going to become the third wheel…” Jing Fei said considerately.

“Okay. I would like you to do me a favor.” Chen’s stare turned cold and his words were like frostbite.

“Ms. Lin, can you wait for two minutes here?” Chen told Lin and he walked further away with Jing Fei.

“Master, are you planning to mess up Shi Dafeng?” Jing Fei was very smart. He figured out what Chen wanted him to do immediately.

Chen nodded and said in an ice-cold tone, “I will not forgive him since he ordered someone to kill me!”

“Understood! I will murder his whole family tonight!” Jing Fei’s eyes were filled with bloodlust. Based on his strength, killing a human was easier than killing a chicken.

Chen stared at him and said, “Did I even ask you to murder his whole family? You are such a maniac!”

“Erm… What do you want me to do? Master?” Jing Fei bowed down his head.

“Death is too easy. I want him to experience something that is scarier than death itself. Deep inside his eyes reflected a deep darkness that no light could escape from. It was ice-cold and frozen.

“Then… What should I do?” Jing Fei gulped. He figured out that Chen was an unpredictable person. Also, he felt that Chen could be quite scary at times!

“I thought that you are the thief king?!”

Chen said in a serious tone, “I want you to rob Dafeng jewelry shop tonight! Do not leave a single item behind, in the vault!”

How….How is this even possible?” Jing Fei was shocked and said in embarrassment, “It’s easy to slip inside the jewelry shop. Also, it’s not hard to break in the vault as well. But…How do I move all the jewelry by myself?”

“Don’t worry! I will not ask you to do something impossible like that.”

Chen took out his cellphone and clicked on his treasure chest.

“Look carefully! All you need to do is click on the “receive” button. Then, you can absorb everything into my treasure chest.

“I…..Oh my God….What kind of technology is this?” Jing Fei’s jaw almost dropped to the ground.

“Cut the crap! I’m going to hand over the phone to you right now! Don’t disappoint me!” Chen said.

“Don’t you worry, my master! With this magical cellphone in my hand, I can steal everything in the vault! Just sit tight and watch the news tomorrow!”

Jing Fei took over the cellphone. It was like he had just received a holy item. His face was full of sincerity. Then, he left in rush.

“Shi Dafeng, you asked for this.” Chen put on his evil laugh. He had everything under his control.

Shi Dafeng had three hundred million dollars worth of assets with him. In order to purchase the Frosty Autumn Spring Tree painting, he had gathered all his liquid capital and pawned his jewelry shop to the bank as well. The only thing he had left was the jewelry. If Jing Fei succeeded in this mission, Shi family would be completely broke and they would not even have any chance to start over again. Also, Shi Dafeng would become the real poor man. Also, he will lose the ability to return the loan that he had applied for, earlier. The end result for his family, would be bankruptcy.

Chen calmed himself down and returned to Lin. He asked, “Ms Lin, where do you want to go? Let’s go!”

“I want to have a drink…” Lin said depressingly.

“Okay. It’s good to let everything out.” Chen grabbed a cab and they headed towards the west side of the city. This side of the city is full of entertainment centers.

Chen was not familiar with this place at all. So, he went to the Fire “Grim-Reaper” Boss’s bar to have a drink. The boss was very enthusiastic. He gave them free booze and the best seats in the bar as well. He truly is Chen’s biggest fan.

It was the busiest time of the night. After serving Chen, the boss had to go handle his other patrons. After he left, Lin hurriedly popped the cap off her beer bottle and drank from it straight.


Lin was not good at drinking alcohol. After two mouthfuls of booze, she started to cough non-stop.

“Drink slowly. No one is going to take that away from you,” Chen smiled.

She sniffed, put the bottle down and said, “You must be thinking that I’m such a cheap b*tch. I went and have sex with Wong Jianren for money. Right?”

Editor thoughts: Entertainment district? Seriously? That’s your idea of calming down a woman who almost got violated? I mean. You could go grab some beer from a nearby vending machine or something, and then go to some cliched, bench in an empty park or something, I guess.

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