Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

28 Four Golden Flowers


Jing Fei sat in front of the computer and his fingers moved across the keyboard at lightning speed. He was controlling more than ten monitors.

“Man! This is insane!”

Chen was really impressed by Jing Fei. He had so many different types of talents. It was totally worth keeping him as Chen’s loyal lap dog. Initially, there were two security guards in the surveillance room, but both of them were knocked out and tossed aside by Jing Fei in a series of fluid actions that would have made Jacky Chan proud.

“Master! I found it!” Jing Fei smacked the keyboard and a picture showed up. He saw Lin Xiang and Wong Jianren entering one of the rooms on the twentieth floor. A food cart came right after they entered the room.

“Zoom in on the number of the room! We are going in!” Chen ordered Jing anxiously.

“Yes!” Jing Fei obeyed Chen’s order immediately.

After some thought. Jing Fei had to speak up, “Master! I think I should say something about the current situation. That woman volunteered to have sex with that man. Don’t you think we are being busybodies if we get involved in this incident?”

“Cut the crap! I know Ms. Lin the best! She is an innocent girl! She must be backed up against the wall! I must rescue her!” Chen’s words were quick and definite.

Then again, it was still early. Also, Wong just ordered a meal. He would not do anything to Lin at the moment.

“Jing Fei, I’m going out for a while. Keep an eye on him!” Chen said angrily and left the room afterwards. He was determined to rescue Lan today and teach Wong, that randy old goat, a valuable lesson.

Inside the 2066 room.

“Pretty lady. Come and taste the wine. I purposely ordered it from the hotel just for you.” Wong held the glass in his hand and swirled it with the intention to look cool in front of Lin. The red liquid in the glass was filled with an evil aura.

“I’m not good at drinking alcohol.” Lin had her head bowed down. Her face looked pale and her front row of teeth bit down on her lower lip. She looked extremely unsettled.

“Don’t be nervous. Everyone has their first time. You should take in some alcohol to reduce your anxiety.” Wong smiled disgustingly and said. Then, he handed over a glass of wine to Lin.

“I really am not an alcohol person…” Lin pushed the glass unconsciously and the wine spilled onto Wong.

“What the actual f*ck?!”

Wong’s face turned black and he said angrily, “Please do not pretend to be an innocent girl in front of me! This is not the f*cking time! Don’t you dare forget what you said to me when you borrowed money from me.”

“I… I regret my decision now… Please let me go… And, for the money… I will return it to you slowly…” Lin’s lower lips were almost bleeding due to her biting force. Her eyes were filled with torment.

“Hmph!!! Are you treating me like an idiot?! You borrowed three hundred thousand from me! When can you fully return such huge amount of money to me?”

“I did warn you. If you fail to pleasure me tonight, I will go to the police tomorrow and tell them about how you cheated me of my money. When that time comes, I will kick you out from the school personally and force you to return the money to me!”

“This…” Lin’s face became paler after hearing Wong’s words. Judging from her current living conditions, if she lost her job right now, her life will be turned into a complete mess.

“Mr. Wong, please don’t do this to me. I borrowed the money from you to save my brother’s life. Can’t you see this as an act of kindness? Have mercy on me, please!” Lin’s eyes turned red and tearful. Her body was shaking. These were the signs that she was going to break down real soon.

“Cut the bullshit! You took my money. And now, you turn into an ungrateful bitch! I will not allow this happen on my watch!”

Wong leaned towards Lin and said, “Have sex with me, right now, if you don’t want to lose your job!”

Lin was shocked. She quickly stepped back and said, “Mr. Wong… Please, give me more time to consider it.”

“Hmph!! Just do whatever you want!

Wong pursed his lips and said with no fear, “The proof of you borrowing money from me is in my hand. You can take all the time in this world to consider this.”

Lin did not respond to Wong. She rushed into the bathroom and washed her face with cold water. There was a saying; hell and heaven were only within a flash of thought. It would be hell for her no matter what she chose. After Chen exited the hotel, he quickly rushed to a narrow and dark back alley. There were a lot of massage centers and saloon at the back alley. A warm neon pink light caught Chen’s attention. It looked like something fishy was going on in the shop. Then, Chen walked into the saloon. There were few women with cigarettes in their mouths, shaking their legs and waiting for business inside the saloon. Their eyes lighted up when they saw Chen entered the shop. They couldn’t believe that such a handsome young man would visit their brothel. It all looked a wild dream to them.

“Who is the boss?” Chen asked condescendingly.

“I am the boss! Is there anything that we can do for you, handsome man?” A middle-aged lady stood up and said. Her face was caked with foundation. Also, her lips were the shape of thick sausages moving along with her mouth. It looked as if she was ready to eat Chen up.

“This is a brothel. Am I right?” Chen frowned a little and went straight to the pint.

“You… What are you talking about? This is a real saloon.” The plump lady feigned ignorance.

Chen took out a stack of cash without a second thought and said, “Is. This. A. Brothel?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

The plump lady nodded. She looked like a chicken pecking on the ground. The other women reacted the same. That stack of cash was more than enough to support them for half a month.

“Who has sexually transmitted disease?” Chen asked.


The lady boss was shocked and said, “Don’t you worry. All of us here have constant checkups with doctor. We do not have any STD.”

“I want someone with STD!” Chen cut in.


All the women were very puzzled. This young man had some serious fetish.

“Er… I will get straight to the point, since you have such weird fetishes.”

The plump lady smiled shamelessly and said, “Actually, we have not done any checkups with any doctors. Me, Ru Hua, Fu Rong, and Ah Ju are contracted with different kind of STDs. Which one would you like?”

“All four of you. Come with me!” Chen took out more cash and put it on the table.

“Woah!! You are so damn generous!”

The plump lady patted her chest and said excitedly, “I’m not going to boast about anything! Because of your generosity, the four golden flowers will come with all the skills that we possess to make sure that you stay at the height of pleasure for the entire time!”

The third woman stood up after Chen had finished talking. The first woman’s face was darker than Zhang Fei’s. The second woman’s boobs were so saggy that they actually laid on her tummy. The third one looked retarded. She was sucking on her finger after using it to pick her nose.


Chen’s asshole tightened up. He said, “I’m not the fortunate one. The mission for all four of you is to pleasure my boss! I can even give you more money if my boss is satisfied with your service.”

“Don’t you worry! We will make sure that your boss will blow up so many times that he forgets his own name!” The four golden flowers were very excited. They were more than ready to serve Wong.

At the Shangri-la hotel, in front of room 2066, the door slid opened silently. Even digital locks couldn’t stop them.

“Please march in, four-golden flowers.” Chen led them into the room.

Translator footnote

1. Zhang Fei- Chinese general. Famous for his dark face.

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