Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

26 Another Two Hundred Million!

Two thousand?


Shi Dafeng’s heart was wracked in sudden pain. A mouthful of blood was spat on the ground. Shi Mingwei was bristling in anger. His face was totally twisted. At that very moment, the two of their faces were burning. It was like they had just taken thousands of slaps on their faces. This was their doing. They deserved it. Initially, they could showcase their very much authentic Frosty Autumn Spring Tree without any trouble, but they chose to mess with Chen. Not only that, they mocked Lan as well. Obviously, they were seeking for a death wish. Chen had to teach them a good lesson.

The two of them wanted to cannibalize Chen and drink his blood badly. However, they were not allowed to do because Mu had brought a full closure on the matter. Anger would get them nowhere. If they offended Mu. Not only they would lose more than two hundred million but also losing their lives. This was the true strength of an extremely powerful person. No one would dare to disobey him. The weaker ones had to listen to the stronger one. They had no right to change the outcome.

“Mingwei… Let’s go….” There was still some blood in Shi Dafeng’s mouth. His eyes were bloodshot. No, the vessels had burst and his sclera was completely red in color. He looked like a ghost from a scary movie. Undoubtedly, an ultimate hatred had been created between Chen and the Shi family. Once they stepped out of the door, everyone in the villa started to get excited again. This was a rare opportunity for them to take a closer look at the national treasure. All of them examined the painting carefully. Also, they took out their cameras and took pictures of it.

“Mr. Chen, may I ask you a question? Do you wish to sell this Frosty Autumn Spring Tree painting?” CEO Ma walked towards Chen and asked politely.

In the beginning, he looked down on Chen but now he addressed him politely in a good manner. Due to the presence of the precious painting, Chen had become more respectable in others’ eyes. No one in the villa would ever look down on him.

“Do I want to sell it?”

Chen paused for a while and said, “I’m willing to sell this for the price of two hundred million Yuan. If you can pay me now, this painting will go into your possession.”

In Chen’s eyes, antiques were pretty useless. Money was the way of living. CEO Ma was startled when he heard the price.

“Can I pay you by monthly installments?”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. I do not like to drag. If you want it, you have to pay me in one shot.” Chen shrugged his shoulders and clarified his stand.

“I don’t think I’m able to purchase this painting. My total assets are worth one billion. But, most of them are capital goods. I don’t think that I can get two hundred million Yuan in such a short time.” CEO Ma said disappointedly.

Chen was shocked. He did not know CEO Man had one billion worth of asset. If he couldn’t get his hands on two hundred million Yuan right now, no one else in this villa would be able to pull this off. Just when Chen was considered lowering the price, Mu walked towards Chen.

“Do you mind selling this painting to me?” Mu asked politely.

“Of course I don’t mind! But…” Chen said in doubt.

“Money is not an issue. Just give me your bank account number. I can wire the money to you right now.” Mu said casually.

“What the f*ck! This is a real billionaire! No! He should be a Super Billionaire! I can’t believe he is able to transfer two hundred million to me on the spot. Compared to CEO Ma, Mu might have hundreds of billion with him! This is so damn cool!” Chen thought. He quickly gave him his bank account number.

Within five minutes, two hundred million had been wired to Chen’s bank account. Looking at a line long figures in his account, he felt like he was dreaming. His joy escalated to space instantly. After receiving the money and handing over the painting to Mu. Chen, Lan, and Uncle Qin left the villa.

“Chen, I can never fathom the extent of things that you can pull off. You know how to predict the future, you get hold of different antiques easily. Are you a tomb raider?” Lan bombarded him with questions once they were in the car.

“Hehe… You are a smart girl!”

“That’s right! I’m the legendary male version of the Tomb Raider! My lady, are you interested in learning some of the tomb digging techniques from me?” Chen laughed evilly.

“Quit talking nonsense!” Lan pouted playfully and rolled her eyes.

“Alright. I should quit talking nonsense. Can I have your account number? I will wire the money to you right now.” Chen said seriously.


Lan was really a smart and considerate girl. She knew that Chen did not want to talk about the antique incident anymore, so, she stopped asking about it. Chen quickly finished the transaction process. He was cracking his head about what he should do about the money that he owed Lan. He never thought that he could fully return the money to Lan today. Also, he still had one hundred and nine million in his bank account. That money was more than enough to buy his whole village. Thinking of this, Chen actually wanted to travel back to his village as soon as possible.

His parents had worked hard to support his studies in the big city. He needed to go back to make them proud. He decided to hire someone to work on the house’s interior design. He would invite his parents to come over to stay with him once the makeover is done. Chen couldn’t wait for it to happen.

Lan had classes to attend once they reached the university. Chen also had a mission to accomplish. He quickly ran to the university office and waited outside. Yesterday, he had predicted that Lin would face some kind of danger tonight. So, he purposely waited for her to come out from the office. He decided that he was going to follow Lin tonight to help her out. He wanted to find out what was happening to her.

“Which class are you from? Why are you snooping about here?!” A fifty-year-old, plump man walked toward Chen and stared at him.

“Hello, Vice Headmaster Wong. I was just passing by,” Chen simply made something up. His eyes were filled with hatred.

This fat man was the vice headmaster of Green Vine University; Wong Jianren. He was only fifty but he was already bald. His teeth were crooked and yellowish. No words could describe his ugliness. Other than that, he was also a randy old goat. He had always set some kind of underground rule to have sex with some of the female teachers. He even slept with a few students from the art stream. The most disgusting thing was that he would always use security issues as an excuse to barge into the female shower room. Chen was not the only one who hated him. Most of the students in this university were disgusted by him.

Chen quickly walked away from him. He was going to vomit if he spent one more moment with him. However, Chen did not walk too far from the office. He found a hidden corner to continue his surveillance. A few minutes later, Chen saw something that shocked him to death. The bastard Wong brought a female teacher out of the office. She was none other than Lin Xiang. Chen quickly followed them. He couldn’t let this happen to Lin.

Wong drove to the Shangri-la hotel. That was a five-star hotel. It was a place for dining, entertainment, and staying the night as well. There was nothing wrong with dining here. Also, it would be more convenient to book a room right after dining to have sex. It was easy to guess Wong’s mind. A skinny hand tapped Chen’s shoulder when Chen wanted to get down from the cab to follow them.

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