Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

20 Becoming a Super Hunk

“Seems good but I don’t plan on owning a pet anytime soon.” Chen shrugged his shoulder.

“If this dog food can make a pet stay loyal to you by 100%. What will happen if I use it on a human? If that’s possible, I don’t mind having a few followers with dog-like loyalty.” Chen thought whimsically.

Chen started to think about the money that she owed Lan. For now, he had six million inside his bank account. It was not an easy task to save up thirty-five million to pay Lan. Besides that, Chen needed another five million to furnish the house. It was not a small number. After some rough calculations, Chen would need to earn another forty million before his parents can move into the bungalow.

“I still have three golden jade hairpins. I should ask Uncle Qin if I could sell them out for at least ten million. What should I do to gather the rest of the money?

Chen was getting a headache when he thought about this. Another method was that he could go to Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms group to acquire more antiques. But, it would attract unwanted attention if he sold too many antiques. He had to think of another way to solve this problem.

A familiar person appeared on the path that Chen was walking on.

“Ms. Lin, are you ok?” Chen quickly rushed to her.

“I’m okay. I twisted my ankle…” Lin squatted down and pressed on her ankle anxiously.

She wore a dove white dress today. It made her look really graceful and elegant. Chen walked toward her. He then accidentally saw an eye-catching milky white “Mariana Trench” from her neckband. Lin’s body was too hot for Chen to handle. His eyeballs almost fell inside her shirt.

“Bastard! Where are you looking at?!”

Lin quickly covered up her neckband and said angrily, “Which class are you from? I want to look for your class counselor! I am going to make sure you get a good scolding from your class counselor.”

Chen was shocked and amused at the same time after hearing what she said to him.

“Ms. Lin. You are so funny. I’m Chen!”

“You… You are Chen?”

Lin Xiang was completely in shock.

His voice and his attire were definitely belonged him. However, she felt that Chen’s face had gone through a major transformation. The poor farmer had transformed into a super handsome young man. She found it hard to accept the fact that Chen looked like a completely different person.

“Haha, Do I look more handsome than before?” Chen laughed.

“Erm…” Lin was in a trance state. Chen’s invisible charm had created some kind of magnetic force to capture Lin’s attention.

“Weird! Could it be that I’m possessed by something? Don’t utter nonsense. I’m still your teacher.” Lin quickly shook her head.

“Fine. I will cut the crap. Let me take a look at your feet.” Chen squatted down and got ready to check on it.

“What are you looking at?! Don’t you dare take advantage of me.” Lin frowned. It was pretty obvious that her self-defense mechanism was pretty strong.

“If I were to take advantage of you, I would have done when I stayed overnight at your place. Why would I wait until now?” Chen curled his lips.

“This…” Lin stiffened and she had nothing to counter Chen.

It was the truth. It wouldn’t be hard at all for Chen to take advantage of her on the night Chen stayed over. But, Chen did not do it. It actually proved that Chen still had dignity in him. Before Lin could react to him, Chen lifted up her leg and took off her high heel. A fair thigh with jade-like skin landed in Chen’s hand. Chen noticed that her ankle was swollen.

“Let go of me. I just need some rest. Ouch…” Lin’s slim and silken leg had never been touched by any other man.

She wanted to retract her leg but it was too painful to do that. Her heart was in turmoil.

“You have hurt your muscle and bone. Stop moving if you don’t want to be strapped up at the hospital.” Chen took out a bottle of Potion of Hundred Herbs and poured a few drops on his hand. Then he started to massage her feet. Lin still tried to fight against it.

Suddenly, the pain from her ankle disappeared. The pain was replaced by extreme comfort that words couldn’t describe. It was tingling. It was tickling, yet it was so mesmerizing, so addictive.

“Ah…” Lin’s natural instinct made her moan. There was a sense of maturity in her voice. In addition to that, her moan was further enhanced by the huskiness of her voice. That moan alone was powerful enough to trigger Chen’s nature. Her cheeks turned warm and red once she realized she had just moaned suggestively. She never expected herself to moan in front of a student. This was so embarrassing for her that she couldn’t wait to hide inside a deep hole. Chen wrestled his mind out of the gutter. It would be very embarrassing if his “gun” fired.

“It should be fine now. You can try to walk around.”

Chen let go of her foot a few minutes later.

“Oh…” Suddenly, Lin felt as if she had lost something important, something meaningful, as his touch left her.

After some stretching, Lin’s face was filled with joy, “I don’t feel pain anymore! Chen, you are really good at this!”

“Now you know that I’m not that kind of guy who will take advantage of you.” Chen smiled.

“Erm… I shouldn’t have blamed you unjustly. Thank you so much!” Lin lowered down her head, filled with shyness. She looked so innocent and adorable.

“You are most welcome! You helped me a lot last time.” Chen said seriously.

He was forever grateful towards Lin.

“Oh right! Have you settled your family matter?” Chen asked with concern.

“Yea. It’s solved…” Lin nodded evasively.

“I would like to make a move first if there’s nothing else.”


Chen frowned because he felt something wrong. Based on her current circumstance, it was not possible for Lin to pay off the three hundred thousand Yuan in such a short time.

Chen did his prediction and quickly warned Lin, “Ms. Lin, do not go to the north tomorrow night. It’s dangerous.”

“Erm… Okay…” Lin was quite confused. She nodded and left quickly. Also, she did not pay attention to what Chen told her.

“It’s okay if she doesn’t want to listen to me. I will go with her tomorrow to make things clear.” Chen did not stop Lin from leaving, because he had the whole thing planned out in his mind.

After that, Chen went back to his dorm. The three of his roommates gathered around him the second he entered the room.

“What the f*ck? Third brother, did you travel to another country to do cosmetic surgery on your face? Even I failed to recognize you!” Zhou’s eyeballs almost fell on the ground.

“Third brother, you look really good. I bet the cosmetic surgery must have been very expensive!” Li said weakly.

“Third brother! Introduce the surgeon to me! I want to make myself look like Tom Cruise! Money is not a problem!” Rich man Zhang took out his credit card immediately.

Chen was laughing up his sleeves and said with his curled lips, “I did not go for any cosmetic surgery! I always looked this handsome!”

“Third brother! You can be a superstar now with that level of acting!”

“Your face definitely became “thicker” after the surgery.”

“Everyone, gather around and take a look at this handsome man!”


Time flew when Chen fooled around with three of his roommates. The whole night passed without them realizing it. Chen received Uncle Qin’s call the next morning.

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