Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

10 Safe In The West Side Of The City

“This is a Super VVIP card from the Wen Organization. With this card, you can acquire anything from any companies that are under the Wen Organization for free. Also, you will be treated like a CEO with this card in your hand!”

Elder Wen took out a exquisite looking card, and handed it to Chen with both hands. Every Wen Family members’ eyes were filled with a twinge of envy when they saw Chen receiving the card. Being treated like a CEO meant that Chen was now on the same level as Wen Tianyuan. Only one other card had ever been given out in the entirety of Green Vine City. It was an extremely rare item.

“I’ll take my leave if there’s nothing else.”

Chen had no idea what Wen Organization meant for him now. He put away his VVIP card and left the scene in hurry. Right after he left the box, he took out his cellphone and checked on it, because it had started vibrating furiously the moment Elder Wen had regained his conscious. Compared to the VVIP card, Chen actually cared more about the Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms.


[You have saved an old man’s life. You have gained one point for your Triple Realms Merit. You still need ninety points of Triple Realms Merit to go to your next level.]

“What is Triple Realms Merit? What is the next level? What the hell are all these?”

Chen went blank for a short while. He thought he had received another Red Envelope, but it was just a message from the system.

[Triple Realms Merit; everything in this world happens for a reason! Do good deeds to accumulate more merits. It can be used to increase your level!]

“Increase level? Are these experience points? After I accumulate certain number of merit, I will be able to increase my level?”

Chen continued to read.

Ding! [Below are what you can become as you level up]

Mundane Mortal, Benevolent Mortal, Super Philanthropist, Philanthropist of the Third, Philanthropist of the Tenth, Divine Mortal, Deity of Earth, Deity of Heaven, True Deity, Grand Celestial, Golden Grand Celestial, Grand Celestial of Obsidian, The High God, The Golden High God, The High God of Obsidian, Primal Archbishop, Primal Golden Celestial, Primal of All Deities.

“What the hell! I can become a God just by accumulating Triple Realm Merit points!”

Chen was so shocked that his eye balls almost fell to the ground.

What would it mean to become a God? Would I be able to travel between heaven and earth anytime I want? Would I be immortal? Chen was completely floored by the idea. Chen put away his phone, paid the bill and called his three roommates to go back to the university together. Inside the cab, Chen simply explained what he did to Elder Wen back at the restaurant. He skipped the part on how he had his prediction on Elder Wen. Also, he told them that the Potion of Hundred Herbs was a traditional medicine from his village. Three of his roommate were in a mix of confusion and jealousy upon hearing it. All three of them wanted to hug Chen’s leg.

Elder Wen, was the backbone of Wen Family. The king of the Wen organization. It was everyone’s dream to have a good relationship with him.

“That car behind us has been following us for quite some time. A friend of yours?” All of a sudden, the cab driver asked.

“No, we don’t know that car. Probably heading the same direction as us.” Zhang, Li, and Zhou took a glance and nonchalantly turned back.

However, Chen studied it with his divine prediction.

“Shit! Bad luck! I have to travel three miles west to cast away the bad luck.” Chen was startled.

“Sir, can you stop at the intersection up ahead? I’m getting down there.” Chen said in a deep voice.

“What happened, third brother?” Zhou was really concerned.

“Nothing happened, You guys carry on. I have something to deal with.” Chen told them, keeping his tone light. He quickly rushed out from the cab right after the cab stopped.

He hailed another cab right away, to travel to the west side of the city. The car was still following the cab that Chen had transitioned into. It was pretty obvious that Chen was their target. However, Chen was no longer anxious. His prediction told him that everything was going to be fine.

There were a lot of pubs, disco, and entertainment centers at the west side of the city. It was a truly hot spot. The best way to describe the place was, it’s total chaos. The people who came to this part of the city were gangsters, mafia, and small-time criminals. Also, there were a lot of gang-related conflicts happening there every day. Fighting was constantly going on at this side of the city, and gang wars were commonplace.

Chen was well aware of all this. He was truly puzzled. “How the hell is everything going to be fine for me, at this shithole?”

Right at that moment, an irritating voice came from behind.

“Asshole! Stop right there!”

A young man with a red palm print on his face ran to Chen. This young man was none other than Wenfeng. Beside him, stood a man who could have rivaled Schwarzenegger himself in terms of muscles. It was his personal bodyguard.

“It’s you!” Chen stared at him and he understood what was happening instantly.

“My parents had never laid their hands on me ever since I was a kid, until now! Wen Tianyuan laid his hand on me, because of you, you little piece of shit!”

Wenfeng stared at Chen like a lunatic and said, “I can’t do anything to Wen Tianyuan before my parents come back! But, I can definitely crush you, you little f*cker, like a piece of cake!”

Chen smiled knowingly and said, “I advise you to turn around and go back to where you came from. If not, you will be spilling blood soon.”

“F*ck your mother right in the asshole!”

Wenfeng was furious and he ordered his bodyguard, “Crush this f*cker right now! I want him to suffer to a point where death would be an escape!”

“Sir, just leave this to me! I can beat up a dozen of malnourished kids like him!” The bodyguard rubbed his fists together. Then, he walked towards Chen, ready to beat him up.

The bodyguard was over six feet tall. His arms were as big as Chen’s thighs. The old Chen would have fled the scene when he was faced with this kind of problem. But, he was different now.

Chen only called out to Wenfeng, ignoring the giant. “Wenfeng! I did warn you not to bring in my parents when you scold me! I will make sure that you suffer today!”

“Asshole! Speaking arrogantly will be your last act before your death! I’m going to destroy you with only a punch! You have no right to make others slapped my master1” The bodyguard said condescendingly. He did not even consider Chen as his opponent. He was just another sandbag.

When the bodyguard was getting closer and closer to Chen. Deep inside his heart, he can still feel fear and anxiety. Although he knew everything was going to be fine, his body was too small and weak. He had to rely fully on the external force. If something was off course, he will definitely become a disabled person with no ability to take care of himself. The fact that he had to entrust his safety to external force makes him really unsatisfied. There were no sense of security and solid feeling.

“I want to become stronger! I want to use my own strength to solve my own problem.”

Chen decided secretly after this matter got solved, he will ask Zhu brother to lend the power from Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms to improve his strength!”

He could deliver fear to others when he possessed his own strength.

“Die asshole!” The bodyguard lifted up his punch with two steps forward and it was going to land on Chen’s face.

“Oi! Oi!”

Right at this second, a middle-aged man from a short distance walked towards them with a beer bottle on his left hand and his right hand tapped on Wenfeng’s shoulder.

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