Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 619 - Lu Feng Returned

Chapter 619 Lu Feng Returned

There was a man in Yuncheng named Lu Feng, but seldom people in Yuncheng remembered him.

The reason why seldom people remembered him was that he was neglected in the Lu Family.

It seemed that Zang Linger knew everything about the Lu Family and she was afraid that Song Yunxuan might forget these important things.

So Zang Linger said one step ahead, “Lu Feng’s leg has not recovered yet.”

“Is he still confined to a wheelchair?”

“Yes.” Zang Linger hesitated for the merest fraction of a second, and then she reminded Song Yunxuan, “And the girl he loved died anyway.”

Song Yunxuan became silent.

When Lu Feng studied in high school, he loved one of his female schoolmates.

But the girl was not qualified to enter the Lu Family. The Lu Family considered Lu Feng as the heir of the whole family and wanted to make him a qualified heir. They wanted Lu Feng to marry a daughter of a rich family.

However, Lu Feng did not do what his family expected him to do.

Lu Feng loved that girl, and he even left the family for her and started from scratch.

However, the girl immediately left Lu Feng when knowing that Lu Feng was no longer a member of the Lu Family and lost the right of inheritance.

Then Lu Feng had no home or family anymore. He got nothing.

But he was unwilling to bow to his parents or return to the Lu Family.

Lu Feng did not return to visit the Lu Family until his parents died in a car accident.

On the way back, one of his legs was broken. Because of not having enough money to treat his broken leg, he became crippled.

At that time, the Lu Family was going through great changes. His uncles didn’t allow Lu Feng to return and see his parents. So Lu Feng didn’t manage to see his parents before they were buried in a cemetery.

After his parents died, Lu Feng hadn’t been heard of for a decade.

A decade was a long long time.

It was so long that people thought Lu Feng had probably died at some time during the ten years.

But to everyone’s surprise, Lu Feng returned.

And he returned in style.

But at that time, the Lu Family had already been carved like a pie by the Chu Family and the Gu Family after ten years’ struggle.

Song Yunxuan sat at the table, drew a tissue, and wiped her mouth with it. Then she asked, “So what did he come back for this time?”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s question, Zang Linger couldn’t help smiling, replying, “Actually, you know better about the reason why Lu Feng returned.”

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes, not responding to Zang Linger.

Zang Linger was right about that.

Ten years ago, the Lu Family abandoned Lu Feng, and Lu Feng’s uncles took over it. However, his uncles were unable to manage the Lu’s well.

Therefore, the Lu’s had already been carved up by Gu Changge and Chu Mochen mercilessly.

Now Gu Changge had died, and Shao Tianze was not capable enough to manage his company.

Besides, Chu Mochen hadn’t been heard of for a month after the flight went missing.

So it was obvious that Lu Feng wanted to make a move on the two persons who carved up the Lu’s.

Song Yunxuan left the table, saying, “I’m going to the Song enterprise.”

“Take care.” For once, Zang Linger said that to Song Yunxuan.

It even made Song Yunxuan stupefied.

It was the first time that Zang Linger had said that to Song Yunxuan in the morning after she lived here for about a month. It was strange for Zang Linger to say that.

The chauffeur had already been waiting for Song Yunxuan outside the gate.

Seeing Song Yunxuan coming out, the chauffeur immediately opened the car door for her, saying, “Manager Song, I’ll take you there.”

Song Yunxuan occasionally drove to the Song enterprise herself during these days.

Because she had no time to think about Chu Mochen when she focused on driving.

Song Yunxuan had talked a lot with Zang Linger during breakfast this morning. Thus she wanted to drive to the Song enterprise on her own in case she might fill her head with nonsense.

Song Yunxuan said to the chauffeur, “I’ll drive there myself.”

With this, Song Yunxuan prepared to pick up the car in the garage.

But just at that moment, the chauffeur said, “Miss Song, Mr. Mei said that today I must drive you there.”

“Mei Qi?”

Song Yunxuan felt a bit confused.

After pondering for a moment, Song Yunxuan went on walking to the garage, “Tell him I want to drive by myself today.”

Seeing that Song Yunxuan’s mind was made up and it was impossible to let her change her mind, the chauffeur had no choice but to call Mei Qi.

The chauffeur had thought that Mei Qi would blame him. However, Mei Qi just hummed and then hung up the phone.

The chauffeur felt puzzled.

However, just as Song Yunxuan was about to drive away, she saw that the iron gate of the Song Family opened and Mei Qi’s white coupe moved in.

At that moment, Song Yunxuan was driving out of the garage. Seeing Mei Qi’s coupe, she wounded down the car window.

Mei Qi also wound down the car window and said to Song Yunxuan, “I’ll go to the company with you.”

Song Yunxuan frowned, replying, “You can directly go to the company.”

“Manager Song, I had better accompany you there. Recently, a dangerous man came to Yuncheng.”

Hearing Mei Qi’s words, Song Yunxuan knitted her brows and wound up the car window.

Mei Qi’s car followed Song Yunxuan’s at a certain distance. Though there were times when Song Yunxuan wanted to accelerate to get rid of Mei Qi’s car, she did not make it.

When Song Yunxuan arrived at the gate of the Song enterprise, there were still several journalists waiting there. It seemed that they wanted to get some more news from Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan directly pulled over at the gate and got off.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan got off, a security guard immediately got someone to park Song Yunxuan’s car in the garage.

The bodyguards and Mei Qi followed Song Yunxuan into the hall of the Song enterprise together.

The journalist who had been waiting outside rushed over and put their microphones to Song Yunxuan, “Miss Song, please tell us how you feel during the month when Childe Chu went missing.”

“Miss Song, have you ever thought of Childe Chu? Now it’s been a month since the flight went missing. Can you tell us how you have been feeling?”

Song Yunxuan walked forward, wearing a poker face.

The bodyguards behind Song Yunxuan helped her to block the annoying journalists.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan disappeared from view and that they were unable to stop her, the journalists felt helpless.

As soon as Song Yunxuan entered the office, some staff went up to greet and talk to her.

Mei Qi, who was walking beside Song Yunxuan, said, “The family servants told me that you sleepwalked last night.”

“I saw a car stopped at the gate of the Song Family, and it remained there for some time. Thus I went downstairs as I thought the person in the car was waiting for me to see him.”

“Are you sure that you did not sleepwalk last night?”

Mei Qi’s words made Song Yunxuan frown. Then she turned around and looked at Mei Qi with great seriousness, “Yes, I’m sure. I was wide awake at that time.”


“Don’t ask such stupid questions. It’s meaningless.”

“You still believe that Childe Chu is alive?”

Song Yunxuan sighed gently, saying sensibly, “Why can’t I?”

Seeing was believing. As long as Song Yunxuan did not see Chu Mochen’s corpse, she believed that Chu Mochen was still alive.

“Manager Song, maybe the one who was waiting outside the Song Family was not Chu Mochen, but someone else.”

Song Yunxuan pushed the door open and entered. Then she asked Mei Qi, “Someone else? Who else could it be?”

“Lu Feng.”

Zang Linger had mentioned the name Lu Feng to Song Yunxuan this morning, and now Mei Qi mentioned it again, which made Song Yunxuan wonder, “Has Lu Feng been in the limelight lately?”

“No.” Mei Qi explained, “But you should never underestimate him.”

Song Yunxuan nodded in agreement, replying, “I know.”

After all, Lu Feng was the man who established himself again only after striving for ten years. Besides, he was way more powerful and sophisticated.

Song Yunxuan entered the office. No sooner had she sat down than she thought of the little childe of the Yan Family.

When Song Yunxuan was lost in thought, Xiao Hong knocked at the door.

Song Yunxuan responded, “Come in.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s voice, Xiao Hong pushed the door open and entered. Then she put a document into Song Yunxuan’s hand, saying, “The Lu’s dispatched someone to deliver it here, Manager Song.”

Song Yunxuan heard a lot about Lu Feng and the Lu’s today. Now hearing that Xiao Hong also mentioned the Lu’s, Song Yunxuan took over the document and asked, “What is it?”

“The person who delivered it said that it was a cooperation plan offered by the Lu’s.”

Song Yunxuan opened the document. Before Song Yunxuan finished reading it, Xiao Hong said again, “Manager Song, I’ve never heard of the Lu’s in Yuncheng.”

“They built search engines in Woll Street and they had a branch in Harbor City, but they hadn’t got any branches here in Yuncheng. Their headquarters were in New Yerk.”

Hearing that, Xiao Hong nodded.

After opening the document and reading the cooperation plan, Song Yunxuan had thought that it would be a complete cooperation plan.

But out of Song Yunxuan’s expectation, as soon as she opened the document, she saw a white invitation placed in between the document.

Song Yunxuan took the invitation out from the document.

Seeing the invitation, Mei Qi and Xiao Hong both felt strange.

“What’s that?” Xiao Hong asked.

Song Yunxuan opened the invitation printed with a light golden color and saw the time and address of the evening banquet held by the Lu Family.

Song Yunxuan slightly frowned and pondered for a moment. Then she said, “Unsurprisingly, Lu Feng wants to muscle in.”

Now the fight between Song Yunxuan and Shao Tianze had become white-hot. Song Yunxuan thought that they would not stop fighting until there was a winner. But out of her expectation, the man Lu Feng suddenly showed up and wanted to meddle in the fight.

And he showed up without warning.

After scanning the content of the invitation in her hand, Song Yunxuan handed it to Mei Qi.

Mei Qi took it over. Seeing the content of the invitation, Mei Qi asked Song Yunxuan, “Will you go there, Manager Song?”

“Of course I will.”

Undoubtedly, Lu Feng would invite a lot of people to the banquet. Apart from the people in the business community who wanted to cooperate with the Lu’s, Lu Feng might also invite Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze would go to the banquet to curry favor with Lu Feng, and so would Song Yunxuan.

Because Lu Feng’s choice would be a fatal factor in deciding who would be the final winner of the fight.

Chu Mochen’s missing had leveled her with Shao Tianze.

But Lu Feng would break the logjam.

The one that Lu Feng supported would be more likely to win.

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