Predatory Marriage

Chapter 233 - Difficult Decision (1)

Predatory Marriage — Chapter 233. Difficult Decision (1)

Translator: Atlas / Editor: Regan

She hadn’t thought Blain would release her easily. Leah knew there was nothing he wouldn’t do. But still, she had never expected him to do something like this.

Leah was in the villa, and still he had set fire to the surrounding orchard, knowing it would endanger her.

Ishakan clicked his tongue.

“Irritating.” Glancing back, he bent and kissed Leah on the forehead. “You woke up.”

Her eyes were still a little dazed, and she nodded.

“Mura,” Ishakan said. There was no hint of urgency or alarm in his voice, and Mura poked her head out from behind Haban, smiling as her eyes caught Leah’s. The Kurkan woman was as calm as her king.

“It’s nothing serious, so don’t worry,” Ishakan added as he put on his robe, and ordered Mura to remain with Leah as he left with Haban.

“The air is not good here,” Mura observed as she quickly helped Leah to change her clothes. “We’d better wait for Ishakan somewhere else.”

Handing Leah a wet handkerchief to cover her nose, they left, but as they were walking down the corridor, Leah suddenly stopped by the windows.


There were knights approaching, and she could see the Kurkans gathering in front of the house. Dark smoke from the burning peach trees was drifting up into the sky, and the flames were spreading, whipped in all directions by the wind. Soon, it would surround them.

They had to leave this place now.

But no one else seemed anxious about the fire. They weren’t making any move to escape. As she saw Ishakan moving in front of the Kurkans with Haban and Genin at his side, Leah knew she couldn’t leave like this. – Posted only on Novel


Without hesitation, Leah turned and headed back, and Mura only hesitated a moment before she followed.

“I suppose it’s understandable,” she muttered. “She wouldn’t escape and leave her husband to the fire…”

Together the two women hurried down the stairs, and by the time they reached the front of the house both sides had moved into position for battle. Estian knights clad in silver armor were ranged in a line, and there was no fear in their faces, though the flames were practically licking at their heels.

Or to be more precise, there was no expression on their faces at all. Their eyes were unfocused, like toy knights lined up waiting to be moved into battle. Behind them was Blain on his white horse with a bow on his back and a sword in his hand, watching the peach orchard burn with indifferent eyes.

The green leaves and unripe fruits were already ashes. Trees groaned and fell over as they burned, charred by the flames. The chaos of the scene seemed to herald an ending.

Blain had set this fire even though Leah was still imprisoned here. His gaze drifted from the burning trees to the line of Kurkans before him.

They too were ready for battle, their bright eyes reflecting the fire, pupils dilated. There was no fear in their eyes, only great anticipation. At the least provocation, they would rush at the Estian knights.

It was Ishakan who spoke first, into a silence that seemed even a single word might tilt the balance toward violence.

“Given your entrance, it seems you enjoyed my gift last night,” he said, tilting his head to one side.

Blain’s eyes narrowed, glaring at Ishakan until something behind him caught his attention.

Leah stood in the front door of the house.

As soon as she made eye contact with him, her headache worsened, so excruciating that she couldn’t even remain upright and was forced to lean on Mura, dizzy with pain. Ishakan frowned as he followed Blain’s eyes and saw Leah turning pale.

“How can a filthy savage like you dare to desire the princess?” Blain shouted, enraged.

“Should that concern you?” Ishakan asked, turning back toward him. “You are no noble. Aren’t your veins filled with the humble blood of the Tomaris?”


Blain’s face contorted, and Ishakan smiled as he looked at the other man’s reddened, enraged eyes.

“Do it. This time I’ll rip your head off.”

“Shut up!!!” Blain shouted, and motioned toward the knights behind him. They dragged forth two bound men and threw them before him. Count Valtein and Minister Laurent.

“Princess!” The two men shouted as they saw Leah, and Blain lifted his sword and stabbed it into Count Valtein’s thigh.

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