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Peasant Girl Reborn To Revenge

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Peasant Girl Reborn To Revenge




Peasant Girl Reborn To Revenge

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She was a bright and brave girl born in a poor rural family. After her shitty father remarried, she lived with her stepmother and stepsister, suffering hardship and torture. With her hard work and intelligence, she got into the top university in the country but was sabotaged by her stepmother and could only attend the town's community college. Later on, she even lost her life because she was beaten and starved by her father and stepmother when she was seriously sick. After being reborn, she found herself back to 16 years old again. This time, she will not let her stepmother's schemes succeed; she will go to the top university and fulfill her dream. She will get rid of this nightmare family. If her father and stepmother still tried to hurt her, she would return the favor with blood. With the memories of her past life, she meets a mysterious and handsome man. Was this man supposed to be her destiny in her previous life? In this life, will his presence affect her plans? What exactly is his identity?

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