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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 3104 - Innocence 25

Chapter 3104: Innocence 25

“Once, Su Qi secretly drove his father’s car out. It was a Bentley, and I heard that they cost several million yuan each! He didn’t have a driver’s license, so both he and the car ended up being detained by the traffic police. In the end, it was his father who bailed him!”

“Su Qi’s family is very rich. His parents are very prestigious entrepreneurs in the city. I heard that he lives in a mansion in Shuanglong. It’s more than a thousand square meters with two swimming pools! The backyard is even bigger than a football field!”

I had a worse impression of him, but no matter how much I avoided him, I seemed to underestimate his patience.

Once a young man develops a strong interest in something, he would probably become very passionate about it. He will ignore the opinions of others and pursue it.

If they enjoyed playing basketball, they would indulge in it passionately.

If they wished to woo a girl, they would give relentless pursuit.

They would not think too much about success or failure, perhaps they would do it to enjoy the process.

Including love.

After I grew up, I thought about it. If we had been like people who entered society and gradually learned how to be tactful, if we had learned how to let go of what we couldn’t get, if we had been less persistent – be it Su Qi or myself, would we still have been like moths to a flame, chasing after our hearts’ desires without any regard for our own safety?

Just like how I liked Dongyu, Su Qi liked me in the same wilful and obstinate way.

When we were young, adults laughed at us for being too naive, too innocent. We would object to it.

We thought ourselves mature. We were unruly, defiant, exuberant, rebellious. We thought our own society was the real society, the real fools were the adults.

However, it was only when we became grown-ups looking back that we suddenly realized how naive and pure our younger selves were.

From a young age, I thought that if I liked someone, I had to be fearless. However, after I grew up, I found it hard to muster up the courage to love.

I became too sensible, and understood too deeply that being deeply in love would hurt me time and time again.

Now, I would say, don’t be too obsessed with love.

It brings little benefits. Only a small number of people will be happy, but for most, they will suffer the pain of lost paths.

One will always remember the pain of how he perseveres until he finally gives up.

Love – it’s good enough to have half of it.

It’s not everything in life.

However, it is often easier said than done.

The most I can do is talk big.

Even I couldn’t get out of this predicament. It was like being trapped in a foggy swamp.

Su Qi was probably just like me back then, fearless about liking someone.

Perhaps it was his persistence that finally moved me. When he handed me an ice cream cone and I took it in passing, saying, “Thank you”, I had not realized how flattered he looked.

“Are you finally talking to me?”

I smiled.

I was willing to stop ignoring him because I thought he was too silly, following me around every day like a shadow.

Since I was young, I was like Dongyu’s shadow. And one fine day, someone became like my shadow just as I was Dongyu’s. And perhaps it was because of this, I couldn’t continue hating him.

“It’s not bad to have someone accompany me home.”

Su Qi smiled.

I glanced at him and couldn’t help saying, “You don’t seem as bad as what the rumors make you out to be!”


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