Nine Yang Sword Saint

Chapter 312: Bingling’s Life Or Death! Returning To Northwest Continent

Chapter 312: Bingling’s Life Or Death! Returning To Northwest Continent

“Shen Lang, continue living well. Think of me occasionally, think of me…” Dongfang Bingling whispered in Yang Dingtian’s ear with a gentle voice she had never once used before.

Subsequently, Dongfang Bingling’s body vanished and was turned into a terrifying raging flame as it pounced over to Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan decisively.

She used the Mystic Flame to ignite her vitality and qi vessel as she wanted to burn Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan alive so that they could perish together.

Yang Dingtian’s eyes turned red as his body trembled.

Although this woman would never let someone get too comfortable with her, she was still admirable. She was as cold as ice, but her character was like fire!

She was a woman and was also the No.1 beauty in the world. However, no man was able to subdue her. No man could let her become a real woman.

Subsequently, Dongfang Bingling’s raging flames engulfed Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan under Yang Dingtian’s trembling gaze along with rocketing energy and terrifying Mystic Flame.

Both sides were about to perish together. Dongfang Bingling was about to pass away!

He was truly unwilling to let Dongfang Bingling die. What kind of living beings were Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan? Compared to Dongfang Bingling, they were just like dogs. It was totally not worth it to die together with them.

However, the current Yang Dingtian did not have the strength to stop all of this from happening.

He couldn’t do anything and could only howl at the hovering Dongfang Bingling, “Dongfang Bingling, I’m Yang Dingtian!”

Dongfang Bingling didn’t show any reaction and was still combusting in her raging flames as she was about to be annihilated.

When Yang Dingtian was about to fall into despair, Dongfang Bingling was about to perish together with Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan.

All of a sudden, an extremely formidable energy enveloped down instantly as it covered the whole ocean.

Immediately, Yang Dingtian felt an energy as if a mountain came crashing down. Everyone on board was shivering and didn’t dare to make a move.

At the same time, the combusting flame on Dongfang Bingling’s body gradually grew smaller. Ultimately, it was extinguished.

The complexion of the hovering Dongfang Bingling had turned completely white without any hint of rosiness as she fell from the sky immediately.

Yang Dingtian immediately went forward and stretched out his hand to receive Dongfang Bingling.

Dongfang Bingling’s delicate body smashed onto Yang Dingtian’s embrace ruthlessly. She was unconscious, and it was unknown if she were still alive.

“Qin Huaiyu, Gudu Wuhuan, both of you had truly made me feel ashamed!” All of a sudden, a thunderstrike like voice resonated out from the sky.

Subsequently, a loud voice dropped from the sky.

Yang Dingtian was extremely familiar with this person. He was Temple Master of Temple of Ten Thousand Blood, Dugu Xiao, one of the top-tier experts who was closest to becoming a Saint.

Although he was extremely far away and didn’t reveal his face, he was able to easily suppress Dongfang Bingling’s self-detonation.

Everyone was shivering in fear after he had appeared.

Dugu Xiao landed onto the boat and walked to Dugu Fengwu’s side unhurriedly. He carried her up and spoke to Yang Dingtian, “Yang Dingtian, is this wound of my daughter’s pierced by you?”

Yang Dingtian nodded his head.

Dugu Xiao narrowed his eyes and ignored Yang Dingtian as he looked towards Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan in a lightning-fast manner.

Currently, both of them were slightly trembling, and their countenance was still extremely pale.

“Hais….” Dugu Xiao continued, “It seems like my Evil Dao no longer has any geniuses. Regardless of Dugu Fengwu or Gudu Wuhuan, they were far too inferior compared to Dongfang Bingling.”

Subsequently, Dugu Xiao spoke to Gudu Wuhuan, “You still wish to marry Fengwu while being like this? Do you still have the courage?”

Immediately, Gudu Wuhuan’s complexion changed when he heard it. He felt extremely humiliated.

“If it weren’t because Dugu Fengwu were here, I wouldn’t be saving you and let the both of you die by Dongfang Bingling’s hand.” Dugu Xiao continued coldly, “Now, both of you can scram!”

“Yes…” Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan bowed hurriedly as they leaped onto a flying mount immediately and flew towards the north. They didn’t dare to stop within the Dugu Xiao’s line of vision as the further they were away from him, the better.

Dugu Xiao waited for Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Fengwu to leave before glancing back at Yang Dingtian indifferently, “You injured my daughter and had almost caused her to lose her life. However, I wouldn’t kill you. The resentment between you and Dugu Fengwu had to be solved between you and her. After she had recovered completely, whether she was going to dismember you into a thousand pieces, spare your life or even run to marry you, it wouldn’t be my problem. You’re on your own!”

Dugu Xiao soared while he carried Dugu Fengwu and left after he spoke.

“Senior.” Yang Dingtian shouted, “May I ask if you have any way to save Dongfang Bingling’s life?”

Because currently, Yang Dingtian could no longer sense Dongfang Bingling’s pulse and breath. Previously, Dongfang Bingling had been frosted, fallen into a deep coma, and also stopped breathing. However, her vitality was still circulating around within her qi vessel.

However, at the current moment, Yang Dingtian was really unable to sense any vitality from Dongfang Bingling.

Although he knew that Dugu Xiao was a demon lord and was also an extremely wicked demon lord, Yang Dingtian still had no choice but to inquire about a solution.

“Don’t waste your effort. No one can save her after she had combusted her qi vessel and life using the Mystic Flame. She has already died.” Dugu Xiao replied.

Immediately, Yang Dingtian trembled as he stared at the unbreathing Dongfang Bingling blanking as if he had been struck by lightning.

Dugu Xiao smiled coldly and left.

Suddenly, Dugu Xiao spoke out, “Yang Dingtian, ever since she had forged her youngling sword in the Fire Cloud Devil Cave, Fengwu had only returned home once. However, she left again very quickly. It has been more than 10 months since then, and it has been almost half a year since I have come out to search for her!”

Currently, Yang Dingtian was in sorrow and despair. He also had no idea what Dugu Xiao was trying to convey.

“Hais…” Dugu Xiao sighed. Subsequently, he continued his departure, but he headed towards the north. He didn’t return to the Northwest Continent. Rather, he flew towards the East Parting Grassland direction.

Yang Dingtian hugged onto Dongfang Bingling foolishly as he sat above the deck. He didn’t show any reaction.

He was unable to tell if he were feeling sad or any other form of emotion. He had merely lost interest in everything that was happening around him.

He was unable to accept Dongfang Bingling’s death. She had yet to compete against him in a martial contest, and the five-year agreement had yet to arrive. Yet, she had actually died? How could this be?

She was so formidable and arrogant. She was the No.1 genius in these 400 years. How could she die?

Perhaps, it was because destiny was playing tricks on them as it allowed the enemy-like duo to be in gratitude towards each other time after time after so many things had happened in the East Parting Grassland. Ultimately, it even allowed her to die in Yang Dingtian’s embrace.

Why was it like this? How could it be like this?

The Foxman Race commander sighed while Yang Dingtian was stuck in sorrow and stupefied. Subsequently, he set sail the ship as they sailed towards the Northwest Continent.

Master Dongfang Niemie also knew everything that had happened. He didn’t issue any noise and only permeated himself into sadness. He didn’t open his mouth to give Yang Dingtian any words of comfort.

It was then that Yang Dingtian discovered that a change was happening to Dongfang Bingling’s body.

Her ice-cold flesh had all of a sudden turned florid unhurriedly. Subsequently, her vitality returned slowly. Her breathing had also gradually returned together with her heartbeat. Although her breathing and heartbeat were still extremely weak, it still existed.

Yang Dingtian was astonished and excited to the point that he had momentarily lost all of his reaction.

What was going on? Didn’t Dugu Xiao say that no one would be able to save Dongfang Bingling? Didn’t Dongfang Bingling die?

A moment ago, she had truly died. How did she revive?

Yang Dingtian inquired in astonishment and puzzlement, “Master, what’s going on? How is this happening?”

Dongfang Niemie was also extremely excited as he spoke in trembles, “Perhaps, it’s because of your blood. Previously, to thaw her, you had infused one-third of your blood into her body. Because you possess the Nine Yang Mystic Meridians, it had protected her last bit of vitality during the last juncture. Furthermore, because of Dugu Xiao’s arrival, it had caused her qi vessel to be unable to explode in time. Therefore, she had managed to redeem her own life.”

“Yang Dingtian, you have saved her life once again.” Dongfang Niemie spoke as his voice trembled.

“Regardless, it’s good that she didn’t die.” Yang Dingtian replied.

Subsequently, Yang Dingtian hurriedly carried her into the cabin. He took out a bottle of holy water and fed it into her mouth.

Immediately, her breathing grew more stable as her heartbeat grew even more vigorous while her flesh turned even more florid.

After which, the fleet navigated through the ocean at top speed while Dongfang Bingling was still in a coma state.

Once again, Yang Dingtian took care of her in every possible way meticulously. It was even more thorough compared to when her divine senses had come to a halt. Of course, it was even more intimate or perhaps, could be said to be even more awkward.

After sailing for four days, the 8,000 miles journey on the boat was about to come to an end, and the Northwest Continent ahead of them had become faintly visible.

He had returned. He returned while bringing along the unconscious Dongfang Bingling with him.

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