Newlyweds 1001 Nights: Mr. Bo’s Love Life

Chapter 440 - Luo Zheng, I Must Have Lost My Mind!

Chapter 440: Luo Zheng, I Must Have Lost My Mind!

“Bo Hancheng, I’m very grateful that you saved me. I’m just sorry, that’s all!”

Luo Zheng grabbed Gu Changye’s shirt and dug her nails into his shoulder.

She looked up and met Gu Changye’s ambiguous gaze. “Go! Gu Changye, hurry and take me away… ”

“Okay, Miss Luo, I’ll take you away now.”

Gu Changye said in a low voice, clearly pleased with her decision.

He then glanced at the man in front of her. Gu Changye’s lips were still pursed. “Third Young Master Bo, I’ll take my leave now. See you later!”

He then hugged her tightly and walked out slowly.

Bo Hancheng’s body was still bleeding profusely.

Staring at Luo Zheng who was hiding in another man’s arms without turning back, Bo Hancheng tried to stop her.

Gu Changye’s subordinates immediately surrounded Bo Hancheng with ill intentions.


He chuckled coldly.

Luo Zheng’s heart skipped a beat and she could not help but turn around.

“Don’t look back, you’re the winner. Later, you’ll lose… ”

To his surprise, Gu Changye tightened his grip around Luo Zheng and locked her in his chest.

At this moment, Luo Zheng could hear his words clearly even though she was not sober enough.

“Luo Zheng, I must have lost my mind to let you trample all over me like this!”

Luo Zheng frowned and her heart began to ache.

For a moment, she thought.

Am I… being too cruel?

Bo Hancheng tried his best to save her and ended up being badly wounded… He even said those words to show that he cared about her.

However, she still chose Gu Changye.


Luo Zheng’s mind was in a mess and she could not understand what was going on. She felt flustered, helpless and uneasy.

Luo Zheng was still in a daze after Gu Changye carried her into the car.

Most of them left the abandoned factory and sat in the car.

Due to the relapse, her desire for the blue poison grew stronger again.

If the relapse from before would make one’s willpower become muddled, the difference now would be that the Blue Vixen could arouse the deepest desire in one’s heart.

She then bore with the torment and fell into the abyss.

“Is she suffering a relapse? How pathetic!”

Gu Changye smirked while staring at her pale face.

“Miss Luo, how do you feel now? Do you really want it… ”

While speaking, he put an arm around her shoulder like an angel who had committed a heinous crime!

“I want… I want… give it to me… can you give it to me… ”

She nodded, feeling a little confused while pleading with him.

However, she then struggled to hold on and immediately shook her head. “No… I can’t… I don’t want anything… ”

She kept going back and forth, struggling to make a decision.

“So what? As long as you say it, I’ll give it to you…”

Gu Changye teased her and found it to be rather interesting.

Just like what Luo Zheng said, it was a joyous occasion for him to make others suffer!

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