Naked Sword Art

Chapter 27 - Heavenly Fire Technique

Chapter 27: Heavenly Fire Technique

The next day.

In a park, Xiao Fang sat under a tree with his arm wrapped around Xun Wei sitting next to him. Her head rested on his chest, seemingly asleep.


They were like partners in crime, so there weren’t many places they could be. However, the park was quiet and beautiful, so they didn’t really want to be anywhere else. They had just finished cultivating and were now taking a break.

“Xun Wei, we accumulated more than 70,000 merit points all together in the past 5 months. Let’s go spend some of it”, Xiao Fang suggested.

“Don’t be hasty. We shouldn’t waste it on things we don’t need”, she replied.

He raised her chin then kissed her briefly on the lips, It wouldn’t be a waste on you”, he said charmingly. He stared into her eyes and she stared back innocently.

He had been playing with her C cup twin mountains through her cleavage, but was only now starting to grip her a bit more firmly.

She eventually snapped out of it. Her hand was down his pants, stroking his sleeping dragon, when she suddenly squeezed him painfully.

“You’re such a flirt. Seriously, we should be smart with our new found wealth. If you really want to spend it, then I suggest we buy some new cultivation techniques”, she half scolded him before resuming her gentle strokes.

“I agree, I was just teasing earlier haha”, he became a little fearful when he realized she had a grip on his jewels.

“We need to get you a weapon before we get into the inner court. Do you have one in mind?”.

“I was thinking about getting a sword, but I hear it’s hard to learn”.

“Hm, let’s do that then. Don’t worry too much about learning it, I’ll teach you”.

He took out his sword from his spacial pouch. “Hold this”, he told her.

She grabbed it with her left hand.

Xiao Fang smiled bitterly. “Both hands…”, he pointed down at the hand that was still stroking his nervous dragon.

Xun Wei scoffed with knitted brows as she grabbed the hilt with both hands.

“Get up and swing it down a few times. Start with it over your head, then swing it down vertically to your waist”.

She took a stance then held the sword above her head. She held it up there adjusting her hold. When she finally found a comfortable position, her grip tightened and Xiao Fang’s dragon shriveled.

“Amateur swing”, he thought.

He didn’t expect much but at least now he had an idea on how to help her.

He got up then stood behind her. His hands trailed down her forearms then rested on top of her hands. His touch sent tingles through her body.

“Be a bit more gentle with your grip, you should treat it like an extension of your arm”, he said, as they swung the sword gently. He did it slowly just to show her the movements. He would often put his hands on her waist and on the back of her thigh to adjust her stance. Without realizing it, he was making her little sister moist.

After some time she was getting the hang of it, but Xiao Fang still stood behind her, body to body.

Eventually, she let go of his sword, then turned to face him. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she gave him a kiss.

“Xiao Fang, thanks for everything. Let’s go find some cultivation techniques after this”, she said as she brought him back down next to the tree to cultivate.

At the sect’s Cultivation Archives. A haughty woman stood at the entrance, accepting entrance fees.

“It will be 50 merit points to enter”, she said.

“50 merit points to enter?! That is pretty much theft”, Xun Wei exclaimed. Xiao Fang smiled bitterly.

The woman took one look at Xiao Fang and almost immediately recognized him.

“Y-you must be Da Long right? I-I also accept other forms of payment”, she said shyly. Xiao Fang was dumbstruck by this, but Xun Wei saw this as an opportunity. Xun Wei was the first to reply.

“Let both of us through without charge and he’ll come visit you every night for a week”

“Deal! Come to district 26, dorm number 104. I’ll be expecting you tonight!”, she said in a single breath then bowed in thanks.

Things were getting out of hand. This only made Xiao Fang want to leave to the inner court that much more. Xun Wei on the other hand seemed to be enjoying it.

“I’ll be a bit busy tonight, and I need to be home before midnight. Lets start tomorrow in the evening”, Xiao Fang added, but she still agreed after arranging a suitable time that worked for the both of them.

Inside the dark hall they found thousands of cultivation techniques in these large bookshelves, but on these shelves there were no books, only small boxes containing scrolls. The price of which mostly ranged between 50 to 1000 merit points.

Truth was, Xiao Fang was already satisfied with the Divine Sword technique that he already had. The purpose of this trip was to find something for Li Lian.

“Xiao Fang, you still haven’t found anything yet?”

“I’m still looking”.

“Look what I’m getting”, she said excitedly.

In her hand she held a box containing a body cultivation technique.

“Xun Wei… that costs more than anything I’ve seen so far, can you really afford them?”. The technique she found costed 6000 merit points.

“I just have enough to buy this and take the exam”, she said with a smile.

“Forget it, give it to me, I’ll buy it for you. Just save your merit points to buy some concoction materials or something”, he said casually.

“Xiao Fang, I…” she didn’t know how to thank him. Her heart beated for him. She couldn’t stop wondering why he was treating her so well. “Doesn’t he already have a wife”, she thought.

Though it wasn’t uncommon for a man to have several wives, she wasn’t sure if he really thought of her that way.

Truth was, the merit points he accumulated would only be useful in the outer court. He had no intentions of bringing his wealth to his grave so he spent it on anything he liked.

He took the box from her hands then poured his merit points inside to unlock it. The box clicked open and he gave the technique inside to Xun Wei. Xiao Fang saw that she was at a loss for words so he left her like that to find a technique for Li Lian.

Xiao Fang was getting a bit tired of looking and was just about to pull out any random technique, when he suddenly saw a flickering light some distance down the corridor.

He ran towards it thinking someone had intentionally tried to start a fire, but when he finally got there he couldn’t see anyone around, not even with his ears. Even stranger, the fire didn’t spread, it was only on that one ancient looking wooden box.

The fire didn’t look all that threatening either. It sort of seemed friendly. His hand hovered over the flame, but it didn’t burn him. He picked up the cultivation technique then read the description beneath it.

Heavenly Fire Technique:

[ Earthly fire burns. Heavenly fire nurtures ]

[ Earthly fire burns out, Heavenly fire is eternal ]

[ 65,000 merit points ]

Xiao Fang’s jaw dropped when he saw the number. Who could possibly afford such a technique. He hesitated to pick it up. If he bought this technique for Li Lian, wouldn’t she be furious if she found out that he spent all of his merit points for it? He still had 6 month to make the merit points back which was more than enough time, but he still took his time to think things through.

After some thought, he decided to get it. He fed the box with his merit points till it opened. He only had about 1700 merit points remaining and it left him feeling hollow inside. I hope this isn’t a mistake.

Xiao Fang returned to the entrance and saw Xun Wei waiting for him there. “Oh you’re back, did you find anything you liked?”, Xun Wei asked.

“No, I’m happy with the techniques I already have. Let’s go”.

The truth was, there was nothing there that really interested him. He already had the Divine Sword technique which he trained every night till his arms ached. Instead of taking a bite out of several apples, he wanted to finish the apple right infront of him.

Xiao Fang told Xun Wei that he was tired and needed to go home early. Once he was there he was delighted to see that Li Lian’s mother had already left. There was still some time in the day, so he practiced his ‘Iron cutting Iron’ technique till his hands bled and arms felt like they were going to explode.

He felt like he was at the point where he could freely use Iron cutting Iron for a good 10 minutes without worrying about a backlash.

“I’m progressing much faster than I expected. Only a few more months of training and I’ll be able to use Iron cutting Iron indefinitely”, he thought happily.

He wrapped some new bandages around his hands and arms then ate a rapid healing pill.

“I’ll have to ask Xun Wei to concoct some more pills for me”, he thought.

He rested on his bed waiting for Li Lian to arrive.

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