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Naked Sword Art

Chapter 257 - Keep Enemies Close

‘It seems I’ll need to discipline her in the future,’ he thought.




Grabbing a handful of her hair, he suddenly pulled her head back. Once her lips separated from him, she started breathing heavily as if she was in heat.

“Turn around,” he told her.

She didn’t know what came over her, but she didn’t want to stop.


Seeing that she didn’t want to do as he said, Xiao Fang put his hand under her chin then placed his thumb on her bottom lip.

“If you obey me, I’ll make you feel more pleasure than you can imagine,” he told her.

Xiao Fang’s words made her feel a pleasurable chill flowing through her body. She couldn’t explain how she knew, but she was absolutely convinced that his words were true. She nodded obediently then changed positions again.

Pressing her back against his chest and clenching her wonderful asscheeks around his bulge, she started to read the new contract he wrote for her.

“This…” she said in a hesitant tone.

“Is it not to your liking?” He asked.

“No, this will be fine. I guess I just wasn’t expecting you to give me an associate contract.”

“If you want to make more than everyone else, you will have to work for it,” he explained.

Although she would be making a bit more merit points per month this way, she still didn’t know how she felt about the job he set her up with.

“So, what do you say, are you in?” He asked.

Lai Yun nodded, “I’ll take it.”

“Good. Now get up,” he instructed her.

She did as he said and got up. Once she did, Xiao Fang took out a new Nameless guild nameplate, then tied it around her waist.

He knew it was a risk to accept a snake into his guild, but if he played his cards right, he knew he’d be able to benefit greatly from it. As his grandfather, Xiao Kong, used to say:

[ Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer ]

When Xiao Fang finished tying the new nameplates around her waist, he gave her ass another spank. Since she was standing, her ass jiggled even more than before, but that made her look back at him with a frown.

“Where do you think you are touching?” She berated him.

Xiao Fang was confused by her reaction because he had been grabbing and spanking her ass the whole time.

“Force of habit,” he replied as he shrugged unapologetically.

Despite her words, she didn’t really feel annoyed by it. There was already a red handprint on her ass from all the spanking and squeezing he’s been doing. The only reason why she reacted differently for this time was because she was a bit embarrassed by how much her ass shook.

‘What did he mean by force of habit?’ She thought.

But before she could ask him about it, Xiao Fang took out his Black Guild Stone then hovered it over her arm while she flowed her Qi through it. Once the Black Stone glowed white and gave off a warm feeling in his hand, he finally removed it.

If Xiao Fang could see his guild stone now, it would read:


Black Guild Stone:

1. Long Wang (rank 9)

2. Jiang Mei (Elder)

3. Su Yun (Elder)

4. Fei Lin (rank 47)

5. Ye Ming (rank 43)

6. Yan Mei (rank 51)

7. Lai Yun (rank 87)

8. Ruo Shi (rank NA)

9. Zhao Pan (rank NA)

10. Yuan Fei (rank NA)


Xiao Fang noticed that Lai Yun was trying to see the names on his guild stone, but he put it back into his spatial pouch before she could.

“Let’s go,” he said as he walked her to the door.

He opened the door for her, but he didn’t follow her out.

“Your room is on the first floor, the training rooms are on the second floor, and the public bath place is in the basement. If you walk around long enough you might find someone that can show you around,” he told her.

“Aren’t you going to give me a tour?”

“I’m busy, maybe some other time,” he said before closing the door.

However, before the door could fully close, she suddenly stopped it with her hand.

“You didn’t tell me what room you sleep in. You know…” she said, hoping she didn’t need to explain why she needed to know that information.

Xiao Fang knew that she was talking about, but he had no interest in doing such things with her.

“Just sleep in your own room. If I have time I’ll come visit you before midnight.”

“Midnight, so soon? That’s only in a few hours.”

“Like I said, I’m busy, so don’t get your hopes up,” Xiao Fang said before flicking her on the forehead.

“Ouch,” she yelped as she took her hand off the door. The moment she did, Xiao Fang quickly closed it.

Having the door slammed in her face, she pouted then stomped her foot down angrily on the ground.

‘Why is he being so mean to me? Didn’t he say that I seduced him? And what in the world could be so important that he can’t even spend the night with me?’ She thought in frustration.

However, after she had that thought, she immediately realized how head-over-heels she sounded for him.

‘Why am I getting so angry that he can’t sleep with me? I should be overjoyed that I don’t have to sleep with that lousy man. Hmph, see if I care.’

Hearing her stomp her foot down, Xiao Fang smiled in amusement as he shook his head.

‘I might’ve pushed her a bit too far, but it’s better this way. I’ll visit her when she does a good job in the position I assigned her with.’ he thought as he walked back to his office chair.




After finding her room, Lai Yun sat on her bed with her legs crossed, as she tried to meditate, but she was having trouble to do so because she had so many thoughts running through her mind.

She wanted to believe that she hated Xiao Fang, but she was slowly realizing that it wasn’t entirely true anymore. Despite what she told herself, it wasn’t easy to forget her first time cumming to a man’s hand, especially a man like Xiao Fang. She could still clearly remember what he told her after he kissed her lips.

‘Lai Yun, I want you. I want you to be mine,’ she heard his words play out in her head over and over again.

Eventually, she couldn’t deny what her body was telling her. She wanted to feel his hands again, she wanted him to make her cum, she wanted him to kiss her lips and rub tongues with him all night.

She thought the most he could ever be to her was her human dildo. There was no chance that she’d ever want to be his woman.

Thinking about how she was handled by him in his office, she hugged her pillow as her thoughts went wild.

She tried to think about what he would do to her in her bed sheets. She imagined herself being naked in his embrace. She fantasized about his dick pushing deep inside of her. The thought of it made her pussy so wet.

‘Why am I feeling like this?’ She thought as she fanned her face with her hand.

With all those erotic thoughts running through mind, she couldn’t help but think,

‘Did I really seduce him, or did he just seduce me?’

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