Naked Sword Art

Chapter 20 - District 33's Revenge

Chapter 20: District 33’s Revenge

Disciplinary Committee office.

“Senior Sister Zhao Pan! Senior Sister Zhao Pan!”


“What is it?”, she replied sleepily. She was awakened from her nap and was feeling grumpy because of it.

“It’s Elder Yao, she’s back from the inner court!!”.

The moment the elder’s name was heard her previous sleepiness completely vanished.

She fixed her hair and dressed herself almost simultaneously. Zhao Pan and her junior disciple then dashed out to the disciplinary department’s main lobby.

“Junior Greets Elder. Welcome back!”, she bowed. The elder had been in the main lobby for almost a minute now. So Zhao Pan cursed inwardly for being late.

The elder approached Zhao Pan who was currently bowing.

“Rise”, the elder spoke.

“So, you still like to sleep on the job huh, it seems I didn’t discipline you enough last time”.

“This disciple was definitely not sleeping”

Elder Yao Wu licked her thumb and wiped Zhao Pan’s cheek with it; cleaning the drool mark that marked her face.

“Not sleeping huh”

“Er, it was a nap”

The elder’s hand raised and descended in an instant. No one was able to react. The pressure from her hand made the wind collapse on Zhao Pan pinning her to the ground for a few moments.

The elder’s hand did not actually make contact to her cheek. If it had, there would be nothing but her bloodied and disfigured flesh remaining on the ground. That was the true power of a peak profound body realm expert.

“I am too upset today and don’t want to accidentally kill you so I’ll save your punishment for another time”.

“Senior sister! Quick, it’s Da Long! He was in the lecture hall” a voice rang out from outside the gates.

The moment that disciple charged through the doors she saw Elder Yao then immediately bowed.

“Who’s this… Da Long”, she found this nickname a bit strange.

“He’s a disciple, but he has been terrorizing and performing shameful acts on many of the female disciples here in the outer court. Please help us catch him”, Zhao Pan begged and bowed once again.

The disciples that liked Xiao Fang suddenly made ugly expressions on their faces.

None of it escaped the elder’s eyes, “Some of you seem to have something to say”, she looked around.

“None of you?”, she asked.

“He didn’t take anyone by force, they gave themselves up to him willingly. How is that a crime?”, one female disciple spoke. However, as soon as she finished speaking she instantly regretted it. Was she not directly opposing Zhao Pan infront of the elder?

“You’re right that is not a crime. Does anyone know how I can get a hold of him?”.

“Everyone became silent”.

“The truth is we still do not know. If we knew that then things would be a lot easier for us”.

“There is only one thing we know, besides a lucky few he almost never goes to the same girl twice.”, Zhao Pan said.

“Well then. Doesn’t that mean that if you follow someone that hasn’t been touched by him yet then you will find him eventually?”

The elder turned her attention to the young disciples. “Do any of you know anyone that hasn’t slept with him yet?”

The room was silent, but it was a silence that could only be described as terrifying, like the calm before a jump scare.

“Is… is there truly not even one person amongst you that knows someone that hasn’t slept with him yet?”. They all began sweating.

Her voice deepend and her expression became ashen, “And what about the lot of you? surely you-“, before she could finish asking if anyone here hadn’t slept with him yet, everyone fell to their knees.

“Please forgive us, Elder Yao!”. Elder Yao’s jaw dropped, she had never been so shocked in her life.

“A-all of you? You girl, y-you definitely said everyone that slept with him did so willingly. Did you all really do so willingly?!”. She was so mad but no one could tell she was mad because her expression of shock was just that much more evident on her face.

“Please forgive us”.

Forget Elder Yao’s disbelief. Zhao Pan nearly fainted on the spot.

“You girl! You definitely said he is at the lecture hall now, right?!”

This young disciple was nearly as shocked as the elder at her fellow disciples’ secrets.

“He- He was… not anymore. Many disciples are saying it was Senior sister Bai Fan this time. She was reported to be doing it in the lecture room”

“Elder Bai’s granddaughter?!!!”, Elder Yao couldn’t listen to this any longer. She quickly left to confirm this herself. Once she did she sat down and thought about it all in her head. Finally, when she felt that she had regained her sanity, she returned back to the disciplinary department.

“Zhao Pan! come out here immediately!”

Zhao Pan appeared infront of her just a bit under 2 seconds after she spoke her name.

“Is there something wrong?”

She held a poster up in her hand waved it around. It contained a silly sketch of Xiao Fang’s face on it. Under it “5000 merit points dead or alive.

“Is this a joke to you?”

“I’ve only been here for an hour and all I can hear about is how incredibly handsome he is. Does this look like a handsome man to you?!”, her voice started a bit loud but eventually became so loud everyone could hear her.

The disciples that heard her, saw the sketch, and knew what he looked like, almost couldn’t contain their laughter.

“Anyone with eyes could tell this was just a silly drawing to make a fool out of you! I can’t believe that just because I’ve been gone for a few months the whole outer sect has fallen to such chaos! If this mess isn’t taken care of before I get back, you will all be held responsible”, she shouted for everyone to hear.

“Damn those guys”, Zhao Pan cursed inwardly.

Elder Yao entered the palace to grab something from her room then stormed out.

Not long after Elder Yao left, a troubled female disciple walked in.

“Hello, is this the Disciplinary department?”, everyone was too depressed to respond and left.

“Yeah this is the disciplinary department, what do you need?”. Despite how she was feeling, Zhao Pan kept her professionalism in check.

“I think I know how you can find Da Long”. Zhao Pan’s eyes lit up as if she was seeing her only hope.

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