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Naked Sword Art

Chapter 18 - Naked Sword Climbing 9 Heavens

Chapter 18: Naked Sword Climbing 9 Heavens

To Xiao Fang’s surprise, a few months went by and he still hadn’t been ratted out to the disciplinary committee yet. He even had many of them as customers as they warned him about Zhao Pan. Xiao Fang hid himself really well in plain sight as he maintained the same routine.

> Cultivate with Li Lian before sun rises


> Cultivate with Chun Hua and Xun Wei in the morning

> Cultivate with his customers in the afternoon

> During the evening, he would cultivate all the remaining Yin Qi in his body then start practicing his Divine Sword art: ‘Iron Cutting Iron’ till Li Lian came home

By maintaining this routine he was able to:

>Accumulate more than 50,000 merit points

> 1st stage of the Spirit refinement realm

> Can now use ‘Iron Cutting Iron’ a few times without worrying about a backlash

He now had more than enough merit points to do the inner court disciples test, but continued to work because he didn’t want to leave without his sex secretary, Xun Wei. Though Xiao Fang and Li Lian were already in the spirit refinement realm, Xun Wei was not.

Like everyone her age, she had only recently started cultivating her body a few years ago. She’s stuck in the 9th stage of the body strengthening realm and has been that way for more than a year. She has no desires to get stronger, she only wanted to become a pill concoction master and sleep with Xiao Fang.

So for that reason, Xiao Fang taught her the Dual Cultivation Method and spent a lot of time helping her cultivate with it. After a few months she already reached the 7th stage of the spirit foundation realm.

Xiao Fang noticed Xun Wei becoming increasingly more beautiful with every breakthrough. Her chest went from an A cup to a B cup, and her eyes changed to a goregeous faint violet hue, which nearly matched his own. However it wasn’t always like this, the color in her eyes would only change when they were cultivating or in training.

He was convinced she would become a demon level beauty before she even reached the spirit refinement realm.

In the middle of the night, Xiao Fang’s whole body was aching in pain from training, but when he spooned Li Lian in their bed his mind settled.

Li Lian held onto her lover’s arm that was wrapped securely around her.

“Xiao Fang, what am I going to do with you? If my mom knew I was with someone like you…”, she wanted to cry.

However, she then suddenly had a dramatic change in expression, “I can’t believe I’m actually harbouring a cheating, unloyal, deceitful, lying, trouble making, ungrateful bastard! AAGHH!!”. Her grip tightened with every word as she began to spit fire like an enraged dragon. She pretty much summed up his entire life without knowing it.

This was the only time she could hurt his seemingly rock hard body. Xiao Fang cried inwardly.

“Lian’er, how could they possibly know about us?”

“I got a message from my mom today. They’re coming to visit me tomorrow. You can’t be here when they do”.

“I see”.

“Where will you go?”

“I don’t know yet, but I’ll find a place”.

“You’re going to one of those girls’ houses aren’t you!”, she squeezed his arm as tight as she could.

“Ow ow ow my arm!”, he cried out in pain.

“Say you won’t go to any of the female disciples’ house or dorms while my parents are here, then I’ll let go”.

“I won’t, I won’t go. I promise”.

So she was okay if he cultivated with girls during the day, but he couldn’t do it at night. What kind of logic was that? He couldn’t understand her thoughts, but agreed anyways.

As soon as the sun came up, Xiao Fang went straight to the library. He left much earlier than usual, because Li Lian left in the middle of the night to finish her missions earlier. The faster she could finish her missions outside the sect, the more time she will have to spend with her parents when they arrived.

Xiao Fang now had his own key to the library. When he went into Chun Hua’s room he unexpectedly found her touching herself under her blanket. When their eyes met, Chun Hua jumped out of bed to greet him. She wore a thin silk garment over her erotic lingerie. It covered nearly nothing but that’s why she got it, it was chosen for him to see.

“Xiao Fang, you’re early!”.

“Mn, I missed you”, she blushed slightly from his words.

“Xiao Fang, I…”, she didn’t know how to ask him to fuck her without sounding desperate. Luckily Xiao Fang interrupted her.

“Chun Hua, I want to try that technique again, would you mind helping me practice it?”. She was already moist, but now it became even more so.

He didn’t need to ask her twice. She quickly approached him with her bottom half exposed. She immediately kissed him like a sex depraved nymphomaniac. He lifted her by the thighs, then he slipped his thick meat inside of her

“ahhh~”, her moans cried out. It didn’t matter how many times they’ve done it, when his long and thick cultivation stick entered her body it would instantly make her quiver and moan.

From all the girls he’d been with, Chun Hua’s twin mountains where the largest and by far the most visually pleasing. Though his hands caressed every inch of her body, they would always end up playing with her plump breasts. He sucked on them till her pink mountain peaks turned red.

He didn’t even want to thrust anymore he just wanted to keep pushing it in deeper as he played with her curves. Every time his hand squeezed her fat dumplings while he was still thrusting her it nearly made him release his Yang Qi involuntarily.

[ Naked Sword Growing Pillar ]

“Ahhh~ Xiao Fang, it’s too deep, it’s too deep”, his rod twitched repeatedly. This was not the same growing pillar technique, it was even larger than before. Soon her body could tolerate it twitching inside of her, so she eventually began to move on her own. Her movements where slow but that was because of how tightly her pussy gripped onto his dick.

“Chun Hua, I can’t hold it in”. 

“Give me all of it”, she begged.

His load entered her deepest parts, it kept pouring out like never before. Her clothes were very effective in making him lose control, and Chun Hua couldn’t help but smile at Xiao Fang’s look of defeat.

Xiao Fang’s naked sword reverted to it’s normal size then entered her second hole by surprise. He didn’t thrust into her vigorously he savoured the feeling and moved passionately as his hands squeezed and tugged on her plump twin mountains after every thrust. The main attraction was no longer her lower region, but instead her lips and breasts.

“Xiao Fang you came inside me really early today. Do you like what I’m wearing that much?”, she smiled teasingly.

Truth was, Chun Hua was more beautiful than anyone in the Divine Sword sect. Though that didn’t mean much in this sect, her body proportions were simply too amazing. It was already nearly impossible to keep his cool when he was fucking her, but now that she looked so erotic, it made him lose his cool completely.

If he could cultivate with her all day there was no doubt in his mind that he would. There was no part of her that he could not use, and she was the closest thing to a nymphomaniac he knew.

Xiao Fang continued to cultivate with her, his Yang Qi would occasionally pour out but that didn’t stop him from cultivating with her as it was all absorbed by her dantian. He had never kissed anyone for so long in his life.

Their faces were locked on to each other as their tongues danced and juices mixed. His waist would only stop thrusting for a brief moment when his Yang Qi unexpectedly burst out of him.

“mymm~… mymm~…. mymm~~” she moaned as they were kissing everytime his Yang Qi poured inside of her.

Time completely slipped by them and they could only think about each other.

Eventually Xun Wei came in. She undressed and sat side by side to Xiao Fang with her legs open. She took one of his hands that were squeezing Chun Hua’s fat dumpling and wrapped it around herself making it touch her little pink cave.

She turned to her side and made herself comfortable. She was now tugged under his armpit using his shoulder as a head rest, as she hugged his muscular arm. Her bare twin mountains pressed and rubbed his arm as his hand began rubbing her inner lips. He occasionally touched her pink pearl which made her body jerk and shudder involuntarily. She began to moan breathlessly too.

This went on for sometime. After making Xun Wei climax intensely for the last time, he removed his hand from her sweet spot and grabbed Chun Hua’s bouncing cheeks once again.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]

Her head and body arched back, and their bodies became perpendicular to each other.

“Ahk!”, Xiao Fang held his Yang Qi for so long. Suddenly a spark of determination appeared in his eyes. His body thrusted once, then twice, then eventually a third time. Xun Wei’s eyes widened in shock with every thrust.

Her juices sprayed more frantically. After the third thrust she began to pee herself like she used to.

This was the evolution of ‘Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven’.

[ Naked Sword Climbing 9 Heavens ]

After the 3rd clap his Yang Qi poured in for the last time. So much poured in that it began coming out of her body, because it wasn’t turning into useable spirit energy fast enough.

“Xiao fang… I-I want that too”, Xun Wei spoke hesitantly.

“Mn, Let’s do it in the afternoon. Before then there’s something I need to do first”.

Chun Hua couldn’t control her legs so Xiao Fang helped her clean up. The three of them entered the shower. Xiao Fang helped Chun Hua stand as she cleaned herself, while Xun Wei practiced her mouth on Xiao Fang’s sleeping dragon. Xiao Fang nodded approvingly as he noticed that she’s improved quite a bit since the last time she tried.

When they finished, he helped Chun Hua put her robes on then left her on the bed to slowly recover.

Xiao Fang and Xun Wei left the library together. He explained to her his situation with Li Lian and her parents with the intention to hear what she might suggest, but she could only react in shock after hearing him call her his wife.

“Whaaaaaaaat! You have a wife?!”, Xun Wei’s jaw dropped.

Li Lian wasn’t Xiao Fang’s wife, but he liked to think she was.

Xun Wei sighed, “Whoever this Li Lian girl is, she must have sinned 10 lifetimes to be stuck with you”. She shook her head in pity. She looked down at Xiao Fang’s junk and thought, “I suppose… it wouldn’t be that bad”.

“So what will you do, the whole sect knows what you look like, it won’t be easy to come out of hiding now that your bounty has climbed to 5,000 merit points”.

Xiao Fang was considering sneaking out of the sect.

“It’s too bad you don’t know any elders. If you were cultivating with an elder that might solve your problems right?”.

The moment the words came out of her mouth his eyes widened, a few moments later he jumped as he suddenly had a eureka moment. Even someone as daring as him, he still couldn’t help but hesitate to consider cultivating with an elder.

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