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My Paranoid Crippled Husband

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My Paranoid Crippled Husband




My Paranoid Crippled Husband

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Due to her sister's escape from the marriage, she had no choice but to pretend to be the bride and marry the young master of the Si family, Si Nan.She did not wait for the groom to welcome her in the middle of the wedding. She directly walked out with a red veil over her head and kicked the sedan three times! One kick to fame!When her red veil was accidentally pulled off at the wedding! She instantly became the topic of discussion in the entire east district! Gossip and slander, all of it was thrown onto her!As for the man who was like a god, he sat on the wheelchair with his back straight and held her hand in a domineering manner as he forcefully tightened his grip on her ten fingers. "I didn't marry the wrong one. The one I want to marry is Yin Qingning."

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