Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1018 - Junyi’s Persuasion

Chapter 1018: Junyi’s Persuasion

His only goal of life was to help a lord to take the throne. He was going to prove to his master, who had already quit the competition, that he was going to make someone a King!

He was going to make his master regret what he had said in the past to him.

His master once told Junyi that he was not going to make it to become the strategist of a King whilst his Senior Brother Xie Yan had the potential to become one.

Junyi was able to read poetry at three years old and to write poetry at five. He had been born a talented boy. When he became one of the disciples of his master, and was surrounded by so many excellent talents, Junyi still stood out as the most outstanding disciple. However, his master did not believe that he could become a strategist for the King!’Search NewNovel rg on google’

He was going to prove himself!

He travelled far to get to the capital and found the Heir.

When the Heir was still the Lord, he had been a gentleman who treated people politely and well. He even married Princess Consort Ruxue, who could attract hundreds of birds on her Adulthood Ceremony day.

The Heir had gotten everything ready for him.

After he came to the capital, Junyi spent half a month in the capital studying the situation as well as the ministers’ moves and the King’s attitudes. He even explored the future possibility of the Heir becoming the King.

Eventually, he chose to help the Heir.

He believed that the Heir was going to become the King so he came to the Heir’s Mansion as a strategist to devote his entire life to working for him.

He had planned to help the Heir become the King within three years’ time, so that he would be able to show his master what he had achieved within three years’ time and how he became the King’s strategist.

However, now… after spending some time with the Heir and the Princess Consort, Junyi started to believe that three years would not be enough for him to achieve his goal. It would take at least five years!


The Heir was not smart enough, but he was arrogant… and the Princess Consort… yes she was considered the Phoenix Girl, who received greetings and blessings from hundreds of birds on her adulthood ceremony day, but he had, after observing her for a long time, realized that this woman was very jealous. She was not only jealous, but also incapable of running the Heir’s Mansion well. She needed help from housekeepers, and she never thought about things. She spent her days in her own yard from day to night. However, Junyi believed that he could tolerate all of these, because they were born lucky, and they would always have someone who could deal with their business for them.

However, under such circumstances, Princess Consort was too timid to face what happened, so what on earth could she ever achieve in the future?

Junyi had a very complicated feeling inside. This couple could do nothing except for being born with a good destiny.

However, Junyi could do nothing other than to tolerate that. And he had to console and pamper them too!

Junyi calmed himself down and adjusted his mood, before saying gently, “Princess Consort, what happened at Li County has been the biggest disaster that has happened to the Saint Divine Land in the past few years. Since the Heir has decided to take over the task we have to make good use of it!”


“If you were just an ordinary Princess Consort, then you wouldn’t have to do anything about it, but don’t you ever forget that you are the Phoenix Girl!”


“We have to solve what has happened at Li County, and you should take this opportunity to leave a deeper impression of yourself as the Phoenix Girl!”

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