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Infinite Survival: I Have A Ton Of Passive Skills

Chapter 239: Finale

This time, Zhou Chen did not expect that he has been practicing for more than a year, and the system has not sent a notification of the final task.

But he did not relax because of this, thinking that the system had forgotten him. Instead, he used his time very strictly. Most of the time was used for practice, and only a small part was used to deal with other necessary things.

After more than a year of cultivation, Zhou Chen has benefited a lot. From the beginning, he was slightly confused and could not find a breakthrough direction, to gradually grasping the essence of the realm of martial arts and immortals, and attacked this realm again and again.

Of course, this process is not smooth sailing. Even if Zhou Chen has a physique talent that is very suitable for martial arts, the practice efficiency and the probability of breaking through the realm are ten times higher than others. He is also preparing to fully try to break through the realm. Failed many times .

But failure is not simply a bad thing. If the realm of Martial Dao Ren Xian is so easy to break through, the people of the world where Zhou Chen obtained the practice will not think that Ren Xian is just a legend. For your own shortcomings, constantly sharpen yourself, and hit again when you are ready.

“It’s still a little bit… The dharma phase is almost finished… It seems that the practice time is shorter, and the power of the Eight Wilderness is not strong enough.”

At this time, Zhou Chen was standing in the snow field with fluttering white snow, but his body was not stained with half a snowflake, and he thought to himself.

He just tried to attack the Martial Daoist Immortal Realm and failed again. It should be the fourteenth failure, but he did not feel discouraged, but analyzed the reason for his failure.

Suddenly, a long-lost voice sounded in Zhou Chen’s mind:

[The final mission will start in three days, please be prepared. 】


Hearing that the system that had been pretending to be dead for more than a year reacted, Zhou Chen felt a little surprised, but he was not surprised, because he had already had this psychological expectation and knew that the final task could come at any time.

He practiced so much so that he wanted to break through to the realm of immortals before the final task came, so that he could meet the challenge in the best state, but things were often unsatisfactory. Now it seems that his idea is difficult to realize.

“System, what exactly is the final mission to do? Is it to kill the enemy?”

In his mind, Zhou Chen asked the system this question.

He actually didn’t expect the system to answer his question, because the system didn’t have much personality and basically didn’t communicate with survivors.

But this time, the system actually answered him:

[Dear survivors, the final task is to fight against the invasion of foreign forces, please prepare for battle. 】

“Is it really a battle… It seems that my preparations are in the right direction… But this is also a good guess. The system has always been cultivating our combat effectiveness.”

Hearing that the final mission is to fight, Zhou Chen immediately felt relieved, he knew himself, he was not good at doing some brain-consuming things, but he was too skilled in fighting. After more than a year of subterranean cultivation, although his realm failed to break through , but the combat power has improved a lot compared to the original.

“Try to break through again tomorrow, and have a good rest for the next two days.”

The war was imminent, Zhou Chen adjusted his arrangements. He was going to continue to practice for a long time, but since the final task is coming, he has to arrange a rest time for himself, because the future situation is uncertain and may not be so leisurely. time.

Zhou Chen then asked the system a few more questions about the final mission, but the system didn’t answer him again. He knew that the system was in a state of pretending to be dead again, so he didn’t ask it any more questions. He sat in the snow and began to adjust his breath.

The scene of this white desolate snowfield remains unchanged for a long time. The only thing that changes is the alternation of day and night. When night fell, Zhou Chen, who was still meditating, sensed a figure approaching.

Judging from his breath, he knew that Vera was here.

On this lonely snowy field, Vera’s figure suddenly appeared in the air, holding a large thermal insulation bucket in her hand, and the lid of the thermal insulation bucket was steaming hot.

She slowly approached Zhou Chen’s direction, but stopped more than ten meters away, did not disturb Zhou Chen, but waited quietly.

A few minutes later, Zhou Chen finished meditating for a week, opened his eyes and looked in Vera’s direction with a smile on his face,

“What good things did you bring today?”

These days, Zhou Chen seldom left this snowy field, nor did he bring food, so Vera would come over from time to time to bring him something to eat.

In fact, at Zhou Chen’s level, even if he didn’t eat for a year, it wouldn’t have any real impact, but Vera couldn’t help but feel uneasy, so he learned how to cook and deliver meals.

“It’s chicken soup. Didn’t you say last time that you wanted to drink Blue Star Dragon Country’s chicken soup?”

Seeing Zhou Chen’s voice, Vera knew that his practice was suspended, so she handed the heat preservation bucket in his hand to him.

Zhou Chen was not polite, opened the lid of the thermal insulation bucket, and directly used the spoon inside to start scooping the hot chicken soup and chicken.

“It’s a beautiful thing to drink hot chicken soup in the snow!”

The chicken soup, which was close to a full thermal insulation bucket, only lasted for a few minutes in Zhou Chen’s place. With his current physique, his appetite and digestion ability are extremely amazing.

“I’ll come back in three days, what do you want to eat?”

Seeing that Zhou Chen had wiped out all the chicken soup and chicken, Vera continued to ask and agreed on the next meal.

“My practice will end tomorrow, you can do other things and wait for the food I made.”

Zhou Chen handed the insulation bucket to Vera and replied.

“Really? Your practice this time is finally coming to an end… But I’ll do the cooking…”

Vera was pleasantly surprised that Zhou Chen ended her practice, but she didn’t seem to trust his cooking skills.

“Hehe, dare to underestimate my craftsmanship, the day after tomorrow, I will let you know that the priesthood of the Lord of Mercy includes cooking!”

Seeing Vera’s reaction, Zhou Chen immediately responded.

However, these were just a small episode in his practice life. Vera quickly launched space teleportation and left here, and he began to practice again.

Day two.

“Whether it works or not, try this one last time.”

I saw Zhou Chen sitting in the snow-capped snowfield at this time, with all kinds of brilliance faintly flowing on his body. These brilliance gradually changed from dim light to vivid shadows of coiled dragons, circling around him constantly, sending out Liao Yuan’s words. Dragon roar.

These Coiling Dragon phantoms are exactly the phantoms of the Eight Desolates Coiling Dragons that Zhou Chen has cultivated after integrating his own martial arts will into the true power of the Eight Desolations. What he has to do now is to sublimate the phantoms into entities and achieve the real Coiling Dragons of the Eight Desolations. Legal phase.

This process is very difficult. In addition to having enough Eight Desolate True Power as a foundation, it also requires practitioners to truly understand the core profound meaning of the Eight Desolates Panlong Profound Art, which cannot be accomplished without great wisdom.

As Zhou Chen started the Dharma phase method, the phantoms of the Eight Desolate Coiled Dragons around him became faster and faster, and the sound of the dragon’s roar became louder. went to the world.

But just on the threshold of the completion of the final dharma, Zhou Chen felt a lot of pressure, his Eight Desolate True Power was not enough to support him further, making him only one step away from success, but this one step seemed like a moat.

“The direction of progress is in the right direction, which means that I have no problem with comprehending this super-quality exercise technique during this period of time, but after all, the cultivation time is too short, and the kung fu is still a little bit worse…”

At this moment, Zhou Chen confirmed that he really couldn’t successfully break through to the realm of immortals, unless he was given two more years.

“The final task is imminent. I need to improve my combat power. It’s time for the last fight…”

Thoughts flashed in his heart like electricity, Zhou Chen made a decision at the last moment of this breakthrough:

“Divine power, improve my skill!”

He used all the divine power of his external godhead, and also used all the reserve powers he had specially prepared to break through the tiny godhead to help him break through the realm of immortality.

In the previous breakthrough attempts, he never did this, because he hoped to rely on his own cultivation to become a Martial Dao Renxian, which would be more fulfilling, but now that the final task is coming, he has a hunch that the enemy will be very powerful, so he will The divine power used to break through the realm of the gods is used in this regard, which can be said to be a kind of cheating, or not.

Because these divine powers were gradually accumulated by promoting his beliefs everywhere, what he wanted to accomplish with divine powers was not to directly break through the realm. In that case, these divine powers would definitely not be enough. He just let these divine powers strengthen his skills and reduce some of the time of penance. Such a requirement is relatively easy to implement.

As Zhou Chen mobilized all the divine powers he had reserved for more than a year, he found that these divine powers enveloped him, making the Eight Wilderness True Powers, which he was already struggling with, inexplicably stronger. After a smooth breakthrough, the eight Eight Desolate Coiling Dragon phantoms that circled around him at a high speed completely turned from illusory to real, becoming the real Eight Desolate Coiling Dragon Dharma Signs!

With Zhou Chen as the core, a stalwart aura that was too powerful to describe in words appeared from him, and the eight circling Eight Desolate Coiling Dragons ripped apart the surrounding space, making Zhou Chen seem to have broken through the barriers of the world. The descending gods and demons!

“Is this the realm of the Martial Daoist Immortal… I finally succeeded…”

After consuming more than half of his reserve of divine power, Zhou Chen finally succeeded in breaking through, achieving the realm of immortality that he had been aiming for.

At this moment, he realized a lot and understood the deep philosophy of this super-quality exercise.

“The Eight Wilderness Panlong is not a real dragon, it actually represents one’s own essence… Cultivating the Eight Wilderness True Power is to strengthen one’s own essence… Mastering the change of nature is to conform to the laws of the outside world… Practicing it The phantom is spiritually sublimated… the achievement of the Dharma is truly transformed, comparable to a mortal becoming a god!”

As soon as Zhou Chen’s thoughts moved, the eight Eight Desolate Coiling Dragon Dharma Signs that circled around him and tore apart a large space instantly disappeared without a trace. These Dharma Signs are the extension of his strength and the embodiment of his spirit, which can disappear with his mind. And appear, attack and defend, such as arm finger.

“I feel that my body has undergone earth-shaking changes and has become a lot stronger…”

Feeling his great progress, Zhou Chen opened his personal panel to check:

[Name: Zhou Chen.

Title: Assassin.

Extraordinary Occupation: Warrior (human fairyland), **** (weak divine power), card maker (primary).

Constitution: 1015.6.

Agility: 1011.3.

Spirit: 1013.5.

Talents: Passive predator, pure Yang hegemony.

Active Skills: Popularity II, Holy Light I.

Passive Skills: Space Affinity Ⅶ, Apocalypse Ⅵ, Physical Enhancement Ⅵ, Spiritual Enhancement Ⅵ, Agility Enhancement Ⅵ, Life Recovery Ⅵ, Body of Steel Ⅵ, Stun Ⅴ, Damage Amplification Ⅴ, Feast Ⅴ, Anti-shock Ⅴ, Copper Skin Iron Bone Ⅴ, Brutal Strike Ⅴ, Sharp Ⅴ, Forge King Ⅴ, Fire Source Ⅴ, Plague Ⅴ, Disease Immunity Ⅴ, Force Ⅴ, Gravity Control Ⅴ, Earth Might Ⅴ, Rock Ⅴ, Suppression Ⅴ, Great Strength Ⅴ, Summons Strengthen V, Fire Resistance V, Freeze IV, Corpse Poison IV, Mirror IV, Blue Silk IV, Evil Touch IV, Shield III, Rage III, Fortitude III, Light Energy Transformation III, Man of Steel III, Germ Resistance III, Apocalypse Resistance III, Dragon Skin II, Dark Vision II, Dynamic Vision II, Thirsty Blood II, Beastmaster II, Danqing II, Low Light Vision I, Underwater Breathing I, Breath Holding I, Limb Regeneration I.

Summoned object: female ghost in red (intermediate silver level).

Overall evaluation: Saint-level primary. 】

“My three major attributes have all increased by more than a thousand points!”

With just one glance, Zhou Chen could see the biggest change on his panel. His attributes had skyrocketed. From the original double digits, he had become a hundred times stronger!

“The comprehensive evaluation has changed from the middle-level gold level to the primary level of the holy level. It turned out that the top level of the gold level was the holy level.”

With this breakthrough, Zhou Chen once again completed the level jump, skipping the gold-level high-level, and directly reaching the holy level.

“Very well, my divine power is well used. Such power should be enough to deal with the next challenge.”

Although Zhou Chen’s use of divine power to assist is not particularly large, but he is close to exhausting his reserve of divine power, but he feels it is worth it, because now he is more than a thousand times stronger than before!

Stepping into the fairyland is more than just the fact that the attributes have become stronger. The power of the martial arts and immortals cannot be displayed on this panel one by one. This can be seen from the sudden upgrade of the comprehensive evaluation to the holy level.

“Now, I can regenerate the power of breaking the law, and the nuclear bomb will not hurt in the slightest. It is normal to move mountains and seas, and it is not a problem to blow up a planet. The lifespan is greatly increased. …but that’s not enough, I can get stronger and have real longevity.”

Having completed his long-standing goal, Zhou Chen has set a new goal in addition to his great satisfaction, and he wants to keep moving forward.

This road is difficult, but he is confident, because he is only twenty years old, and his lifespan is 10,000 years, so everything can be done.

For the next three days, Zhou Chen took a good rest and spent a pleasant time with Vera, and then three days later, the final mission came.

The system transported him to a dark void boundary, where a fortress that cannot be described in words is being eroded, and an indescribable terror is about to break through.

“This is my enemy? It looks very strong…but I like it!”

The enemy was unprecedentedly powerful, but Zhou Chen was not afraid at all. He went all out, and after the body of the human being and immortal suffered some injuries, he succeeded in destroying the strange enemy who had broken through.

After this battle, the system informed Zhou Chen that the reward for this mission was that he was free, the system would untie him, and he was no longer a survivor under the system.

“System, who are you? What is your intention to train survivors?”

Before unbinding, Zhou Chen asked the system this very confusing question.

Rarely, the system responded to this:

[Dear Your Excellency, this system is the manifestation of the will of the multiverse. The purpose of cultivating survivors is to deal with the invasion of the outer domain of the multiverse. The invasion just now is only the beginning. In the future, the entire multiverse will gradually fall into greater disasters. The wisdom of all the worlds All living beings will face severe survival challenges, and this system will also begin to expand the training range of survivors. 】

“Is that so… There is another question. I came here and felt that it was too smooth. Is there a non-luck factor?”

Zhou Chen also asked the system, a question he didn’t understand. He has grown up all the way. Although he has worked hard, the most important thing is to acquire the powerful talent of passive predator, which allows him to grow faster than others. He had some doubts that he was not really lucky to get this talent.

Maybe it is to be unbound, and the system also responded to his question:

[Dear Your Excellency, since it is detected that your soul is from outside the outer domain, it has a higher anti-pollution advantage when fighting the outer domain. In order to deal with the upcoming invasion and gain more development time, this system has taken certain preferential treatment for you. Strategy.

After answering, start unbinding, your talent will be permanently retained, I hope you will gain a lot in the future against foreign invasions! goodbye! 】

After the last sentence of the system was finished, Zhou Chen felt that a connection had disappeared from him, and he disconnected the attention of the system.

“The reason for all this is so simple? I thought there was some terrifying conspiracy.”

Zhou Chen had long suspected that the system had ulterior motives, but he felt that since he couldn’t resist, he simply accepted it.

But now, he found that things didn’t seem as complicated as he thought.

The system is just the product of this multiverse that came into being when fighting against outside invasions. The system treats him preferentially because of his special soul, and wants to train him quickly to deal with the first wave of disasters.

“No matter what, the soldiers will block the water and cover the soil. There is still a long way to go. No matter what happens, I will protect everything I cherish!”

Entering the teleportation channel left by the system, he returned to the world he was in before. Zhou Chen started his first day as a non-survivor. He knew that there would be many challenges in the future, but he was not afraid and determined to rely on his own Power to protect everything you hold dear.

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