I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 920 - Chu Xia’s Answer to Su Yang

Chapter 920: Chu Xia’s Answer to Su Yang

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Su Yang touched Chu Xia’s feet and realized that they were so beautiful.

‘Her small feet are like a piece of white jade, soft and smooth.’

Su Yang started to play with it.

Seeing that Su Yang was about to start acting up again, Chu Xia gently patted Su Yang’s hand and said coquettishly, “Stop messing around! My parents are still next door.”

Su Yang chuckled and let go of her. “Why don’t you come to my room then?”

Chu Xia rolled her eyes at Su Yang and pulled the blanket closer to her. “No way I’m going, God knows what you’re going to do when I get there?

“I haven’t seen you in half a year, but I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person.”

With that, Chu Xia pouted and turned her head away angrily, ignoring Su Yang.

Seeing that Chu Xia was really angry, Su Yang did not dare to continue playing around. He carefully leaned in front of Chu Xia and turned his head to look at Chu Xia’s face.

In the end, he realized that the girl did not look angry at all. Instead, she was suppressing her laughter.

How could Su Yang not know that he was being played at that point?

He shouted, “Well played! How dare you trick me!” Then, he moved his hands to tickle Chu Xia.



Their suppressed laughter was especially heartwarming in the small room.

After fooling around, the two of them laid on the bed side by side. Su Yang hugged Chu Xia’s shoulders and rested his head on Chu Xia’s pillow. He looked at the ceiling and said, “Chu Xia, I’m sorry it’s been hard for you over the past six months.”

Chu Xia snuggled in Su Yang’s embrace like a cute kitten.

She shook her head and said softly, “It’s alright, I know you have something important to do.

“Although I don’t know what’s so important, I believe you.”

Su Yang patted Chu Xia’s head and smiled. “Thank you.”

Chu Xia snuggled in Su Yang’s embrace again and found a comfortable position.

Su Yang looked at her cute face and whispered, “Did I scare you just now?”

Initially, Su Yang was just being polite. However, Chu Xia actually nodded seriously and said, “That’s right. I didn’t expect you to become a pervert after not seeing you for half a year. That was so scary.”

Su Yang blushed and pretended to be angry. “I can’t believe you actually think that way! Just you wait and see how I deal with you!”

Chu Xia covered her mouth and giggled.

After laughing, Chu Xia hesitated for a moment. Then, she raised her head and straightened her neck, avoiding Su Yang’s gaze. She then said “arrogantly”, “I can see that you’re insisting on staying in my room tonight, so I’ll make some things clear first. You can sleep with me, but you’re not allowed to do anything bad at night.”

After saying that, she pushed Su Yang away and moved to the left, creating a clear boundary between the two of them. “This is our line. You… You’re not allowed to cross it at night.”

After saying that, Chu Xia added guiltily, “Anyone who crosses this line is a little puppy.”

Looking at Chu Xia’s cute expression that was getting redder as she talked, how could Su Yang not know that this was Chu Xia’s hint?

Or perhaps… Chu Xia’s own conflicted and hesitant choice.

Therefore, he nodded vehemently.

When Chu Xia saw Su Yang’s silly look, the blush on her face faded away. She cutely wrinkled her nose and smiled. Without taking off her pajamas, she covered herself with the blanket and lay down.

After lying down, she added, “Remember to turn off the lights.”

Su Yang quickly replied, “Okay!”

He got up and turned off the lights. When the room was dark, Su Yang gently got onto the bed and lay down on the right side. Then, his hand started to move towards Chu Xia inch by inch.

After some time, Su Yang’s hand finally touched Chu Xia’s shoulder.

Chu Xia’s shy voice echoed in the darkness, “What… What are you doing?”

Su Yang coughed and said, “I just want to see if you’re asleep.”

Chu Xia whispered, “I-I’m asleep….”

The moment Su Yang heard that, he rolled to Chu Xia’s side. Their young bodies were tightly pressed together and they could feel each other’s surging heat.

Chu Xia’s voice was trembling, “You, calm down please, my dear.

“Anyone who crosses that line’s a little puppy!”

“Cough, cough.” Su Yang coughed once more and did not care about his pride anymore. “Woof, woof!”

After that, Su Yang covered both of them with the blanket and went in, hugging Chu Xia tightly…

Chu Xia’s heart thumped loudly under the covers. She felt uncomfortable and confused, not knowing how to react.

She wanted to push Su Yang away, but she felt an indescribable sense of security and hope.

She wanted to hug Su Yang tightly, but she was afraid of this new “journey”…

Therefore, she could only clench her fists and close her eyes, pretending to be asleep.

After some time, a suppressed scream echoed in the dark room.

After a long time, the room was filled with the voice of a depressed girl that could make one’s mind run wild.

And the girl that’s being cupped in had her face turned to one side as she bit her lip lightly. Her small hands gripping the sheets, enduring this feeling she had never experienced before…

The skies of Shanghai were gloomy most of the time, but it was exceptionally bright that morning.

The morning sun shone through the window and gently shone into the room. It shone on Su Yang’s face, causing him to regain consciousness.

While he was still in a daze, Su Yang felt his nose itch. He scratched his nose lightly but after a while, he felt it being itchy again.

He mumbled, “Stop it, Little Hus.”

After that, he heard a pleasant chuckle.

Su Yang opened his eyes dazedly and saw a young girl wearing a negligee sitting next to him.

She was extremely pretty. Her skin was fair, and her face was small. She was as exquisite as a porcelain doll.

Su Yang tried to recognize her. As he regained consciousness, he gradually recalled that this was his girlfriend, Chu Xia…

Feeling his nose itch again, Su Yang scratched it again. Then, he realized that Chu Xia was gently sweeping his nose with a feather. As she did so, she giggled. It was obvious that this had become her morning game.

Su Yang gradually regained his senses. He grabbed the feather with his left hand and grabbed Chu Xia’s slender waist with his right. He pinned her under his body and said fiercely, “I was wondering who disturbed my sleep. So it was you, you little vixen!”

Chu Xia was so amused by Su Yang that she couldn’t stop laughing. As she laughed, she whispered, “Stop fooling around. My parents are waking up. I called you up because I wanted you to head back first.”

Su Yang then remembered that he spent the night in Chu Xia’s room.

‘That’s the first time I was at a girl’s house, separated from her parents as well…’

Su Yang patted his own head. He felt that he was a jerk. No matter how he thought about it, he still felt that he was a jerk.

Seeing Su Yang’s frustrated expression, Chu Xia chuckled again. “Are you just starting to feel guilty now? You didn’t even stop when you were pretending to be a puppy last night.”

Hearing Chu Xia’s words, Su Yang retorted, “Didn’t you pretend to be it as well?”

Hearing Su Yang’s words, Chu Xia’s face instantly turned red. She stammered as she argued, “That… That’s all because of you. You said that you’ve already barked like a puppy, and that I should do it too. Otherwise, you… You’d keep on doing it.

“I-I… I couldn’t take it anymore…”

Looking at Chu Xia’s pretty face, Su Yang felt as if the fire in his heart was ignited once again.

He gently caressed Chu Xia’s cheek, his eyes filled with love.

However, Chu Xia was clearly more rational than him. She patted his hand lightly and said, “Stop fooling around. My parents are really waking up.”

Su Yang looked at Chu Xia “grudgingly”.

Chu Xia whispered, “I’ll come find you later.”

Su Yang nodded happily.

Su Yang turned on his glass phone and was about to leave when he remembered something. He turned around and took Chu Xia’s bedsheets away.

While Chu Xia was screaming, “How am I going to explain myself if you take the bedsheets away!” Su Yang hugged the bedsheets and ran off without looking back.

‘What does that have to do with me… I just want to commemorate last night!’

After the yellow scan ended, Su Yang hugged the bedsheets and ran away.

A moment later, Little Deeny’s voice came from Chu Xia’s phone. “Sister Chu Xia, don’t worry. I’ll give you an identical bedsheet later. Congratulations, Sister Chu Xia.”

Chu Xia blushed and asked, “Little Deeny, how did you know?”

Little Deeny coughed as well. “Ahem, I… I felt it through the vibrations.”

After a while, a sheet was thrown out from the phone, and Little Deeny stopped talking.

Chu Xia blushed even more at that point…

In the next few days, Su Yang gave himself a break and brought Chu Xia around the world.

All over the world, there was the sound of their laughter and… Various voices.

On the last day of the trip, Chu Xia leaned against Su Yang and looked at the Eiffel Tower bathed in the sunset. She said softly, “Su Yang, these have been the happiest days of my life.”

Su Yang smiled and said, “It’s not going to stop there, you’re only going to feel even happier in the future.”

Su Yang then looked at Chu Xia and said, “Wait for me. Once I conquer the world, I’ll use the world as my betrothal gift and marry you.”

Looking at Su Yang’s affectionate gaze, Chu Xia hummed softly and said, “I’ll wait for you.”

As always, fun times would always seem short. After playing with Chu Xia for a few days, Su Yang once again immersed himself in his hard work.

The bidding for the Spring Festival Gala went very smoothly. Thanks to Su Yang and Jiadian Group’s huge financial resources, Jiadian Group won the bid for the Spring Festival Gala without any mishaps.

Because Chinese New Year was in two months’ time, the promotional work for Jiadian Group had started to be in full swing.

On the streets and alleys, advertisements such as “Jiadian would like to celebrate this year’s Chinese New Year with you all” started appearing on every app.

In fact, Jiadian Group had a very good image in the country during those years.

From the leaders of the country’s high-tech industry to the outstanding films that were produced by Jiadian Pictures, to the transparent public service that Su Yang was leading, everyone in the country knew about the company.

And now, Jiadian Group had taken over the top spot during that year’s Chinese New Year, and they were going to celebrate the new year with everyone. Everyone was curious about how the company was going to celebrate with them.

Indeed, Jiadian Group did not disappoint. After promoting for a week, they launched their own event, which was a very simple one… Collecting cards and winning cash prizes.

For example, that time, Jiadian Group directly turned the companies under their name into various cards, and then decided on their rarity, ranging from R, SR, and SSR.

The major corporations and important first-tier subsidiaries under the company, which were the SSRs, included companies such as Samsung, Hyundai, Jiadian Technology, and Jiadian Automobile.

The other first-tier companies and corporations were SR, such as Jiadian Healthcare, Jiadian Pictures, the Findme app, Samsung Electronics, etc.

The company directly under the company was an R card, such as Future, Xiaopeng, Samsung Heavy Industries, etc.

Other than these cards, Jiadian Group also made some special SSR cards.

They included, Lin Jiali, Han Yi, Yang Meiyue, “Wandering Planet”, “Wolf Warriors 2”, Jiadian, and so on. They were all the most influential celebrities, products, and works under Jiadian Group.

Even though there were many cards, the Jiadian Group’s game plan was very simple. No matter which card the public got, they would still receive a random red packet.

The amount of red packets increased with the card’s grade.

For example, the “most expensive” card that Su Yang had personally set, the “Jiadian Group”, would provide a fixed amount of 18.88 yuan.

As long as someone could obtain this card, they would receive a red packet of 18.88 yuan.

There was a fixed prize pool at each level. If they gathered all the SSR, SR, and R completely, they would get the cash from the prize pool!

This event could be said to be very sincere, because they were practically throwing money for nothing!

Furthermore, the money was thrown out in such a way that no one could fathom their reasoning.

‘Is this Jiadian Group’s advertising?

‘They’re indeed advertising themselves.

‘But isn’t this kind of advertisement a little too inefficient and Too expensive?

‘Also, it would be understandable if they’re promoting their company.

‘But what’s the point of promoting female celebrities and movies that have already been released?

‘What kind of trend is that going to attract?

‘Moreover, a single female celebrity is categorized as an SSR, and the red packet obtainable from drawing her is worth a few dollars. Are… Are they really not just burning money?

‘They’re just forcefully pushing their celebrities to fame, aren’t they?!

‘These female celebrities of theirs are definitely so happy that they could probably die happy!’

Su Yang did not know if Lin Jiali and the rest were really happy or not. With his current status, he no longer cared about such things. However, the film and entertainment industry were about to be overturned because of this.

Jiadian Group was originally large with many enterprises. However, there were only three artistes that were signed under them. All they had to do was expose themselves a little and they were set for some time.

For example, Lin Jiali was a celebrity that Su Yang personally chose.

Therefore, regardless of whether it was the advertisement from Jiadian Group or their subsidiary company, they would always look for her first.

She was just a B-list female celebrity, but she had earned a fortune that made people envious. Be it fame or income, she was no less than an A-list celebrity.

As for Han Yi and Yang Meiyue… Even less needed to be said for them.

Han Yi had her own resources, and now that she was internationally involved, she even had the endorsement contract for all the electronic products under Samsung, which was simply enviable

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