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Chapter 933 - Mother Zhuang's Identity! (5) 

Chapter 933: Mother Zhuang’s Identity! (5)

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Dazed, Zhuang Nainai stared at the photo.

It was a black and white photo that was taken more than 10 years ago. However, the photo was not damaged at all. When she touched it, she could tell that the paper was very sturdy and old. It was obvious that the photo’s quality was one of the best at that time.

In the photo, there was a girl in her teens and she was standing next to a man in his forties or fifties. Sitting in a black leather couch, the man looked imposing and domineering.

The girl resembled Zhuang Nainai slightly. There was a hint of willfulness and vulnerability in her face.

Right. These two different emotions could be strangely seen on the girl’s face, making it obvious that she wasn’t in good health. However, she was born into a well-to-do family, and thus, she had exuded a sense of superiority since she was born. Meanwhile, the man in his forties or fifties kept a straight face. He was an old-fashioned and conservative man who did not like to smile and talk. However, he was still considered a handsome man thanks to his thick brows and big eyes.

Actually, she had seen this photo before. However, whenever she asked her mother about it, she had always told her that she would tell her about it when she grew up. After she had finally grown up, her mother had fallen sick and could not recall anything of the past.

In that moment, looking at this photo again…

Suddenly, Zhuang Nainai’s eyes widened. Although she did not know the people in the photo, an idea popped up in her mind after she heard what Cheng Sizhe had said today.

This girl might be Xiao Muqing!

If that was so, the man beside Xiao Muqing must be Old Master Xiao, Xiao Qi?!

Frowning, she sat up straight.

What exactly was the relationship between Xiao Muqing and her mother? Why did Mother Zhuang not resemble Xiao Muqing?

Was there any hidden misfortune that occurred when Xiao Muqing left the Xiao family at that time?

Biting her lip, she felt as if there was a huge conspiracy net hanging over her head, which could fall and trap her at any moment.

What exactly… was going on?

Zhuang Nainai could not wrap her head around this. After sitting on the bed for a while, she suddenly stood up and started to tidy her mother’s room.

When she had tidied up the house in the past, she had stored all of her mother’s belongings into one box. She opened that box again and rummaged through her mother’s old belongings.

She did not have a lot of belongings other than this complete photo. Having rummaged through her belongings for a long time, she finally found another photo.

That photo seemed to have been burned by something as its edges were black and only half of the photo was left.

In the remaining half of the photo, there was that girl, which was seen in the other photo, as well as the heads of two other girls.

Her mother had hid this photo well. If not for Zhuang Nainai’s thorough search, it might not have been found at all.

Upon seeing the three girls, her eyes became glued to the photo.

Among the three girls, one of them was Xiao Muqing. Another girl looked very familiar. She was clearly Si Jingyu!

However, this girl looked much younger than Si Jingyu. Since the ages did not match, this girl must be… Ding Mengya!

The other girl in the photo seemed to look slightly older than the other two. Smiling in the photo, she looked very obedient and well-behaved. She didn’t look as striking as Xiao Muqing and Ding Mengya. Her looks were average. Standing beside the two of them, she seemed to look underwhelming.

Who was this average-looking girl with a seemingly decent personality? If she wasn’t Mother Zhuang, who was she?

Frowning, Zhuang Nainai rummaged through her mother’s belongings again. However, she could not find anything else thereafter.

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